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Generation c, are we


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Generation c, are we

  1. 1. Digital Fluency Generation C, are we ? Noah QUACH MBA 1C Group 2
  2. 2. Identifying the « generation C » • Generation C represents people that were born between 1984 and 1996. • C stands for communicate, collaborate, create • This young community uses social medias to express and share feedbacks on any kind of product, experience, though ...
  3. 3. Generation C aspects: i’m agree with (1/2) • Social medias are THE innovation of the 21st century: free and user friendly to use that it is accessible to every being. • In addition of that, mobile devices allows its usage everywhere. • Empowering each user experience by creating thousand of different communities. Human being tends to gather into social groups that share a same idea/ideal.
  4. 4. Generation C aspects: i’m agree with (2/2) • Social media is an opened door to the world and gives the chance to everyone to express himself in discussions involving interlocutors that share the same profile type. • This way of expression leads to a unique trend of creation : videos and music on Youtube, photos on Pinterest. • By the way, these supports are a very prolific showcase to get renown, as many 2.0 stars (singers mainly) have been revealed thanks to social medias.
  5. 5. Generation C aspects : what I disagree (1/2) • Social medias tends to be time-consuming for addicts, so it can lead to a desocialisation by the fact that these people will only interact with others on internet and much less in person. • The exposure on social media can be negative if the user don’t clearly identify the limits of public and private aspects of their lives. As instance, many facebook users have been fired since their employer checked their profile and found inapropriate pictures (like being on holidays when declared on sick leave).
  6. 6. Generation C aspects : what I disagree (2/2) • The reputation of an influent personnality (that could directly affect his company if he is the CEO) can be ruined in an instant by a simple inapropriate sentence, often on political or so subjetcs.
  7. 7. Experience argument Social media links Multilanguage site Manage reservation Realtime booking TripAdvisor link
  8. 8. Android, iOS, Windows Phone mobile application