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Cloudcamp London - Drones


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Cloudcamp London - Drones

  1. 1. Drones A flying Internet of Thingsand a coming regulatory nightmare? Chris Swan @cpswan
  2. 2. Drones are fun, and cool
  3. 3. Drones can help humanity
  4. 4. Drones also have more questionable uses
  5. 5. And use by terrorists has been forecast
  6. 6. The overreactions have begun
  7. 7. So is this what happens next?1. Drones become more and more popular as kids/hackers toys2. Eventually a drone is used in a real terrorist plot3. Our politicians over react and ban drones4. We all write tweets and blogs about what clueless morons our politicians are because the whole thing has been widely understood for some time5. Drones dont get unbanned for use outside of police/law enforcement because of whining from the hacker community
  8. 8. Thanks for listeningI’ll be around later if you have questions