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Bitcoin – the short version


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A lightning talk overview of mining and the blockchain

Published in: Technology
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Bitcoin – the short version

  1. 1. Bitcoin – the short version Chris Swan @cpswan
  2. 2. The big hype – was last year
  3. 3. Currency – it’s just numbers VA0436214792 e5462b77da904d2898fb5 0e722a11cc9c328e7a7718 fb077083bc641f4ba32d4
  4. 4. New bitcoins made by mining
  5. 5. The mining arms race
  6. 6. At scale
  7. 7. Glory days are gone already
  8. 8. All that work goes into the blockchain
  9. 9. Truth by consensus With thanks to Michael Neilsen: ‘How the Bitcoin protocol actually works’
  10. 10. The Bitcoin wallet is just an app for the blockchain