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Mod6 January 2015


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Mod6 January 2015

  1. 1. National Child Passenger Safety Certification Training Program Module 6 Lower Anchors & Tethers for CHildren 6-1
  2. 2. 6-2 Module 6 Objectives • Describe lower anchors and tether anchors. • Recognize lower anchor and tether anchor symbols and locations. • Explain lower anchor and tether anchor best practices to caregivers.
  3. 3. Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren • LATCH is an alternative system to install car seats in vehicles using 2 lower anchors and 1 tether (only lower anchors usually required for rear-facing). • When used together, lower anchors and tether = LATCH. 6-3
  4. 4. LATCH System (continued) • The car seat must have a set of lower anchor connectors that attach to the vehicle’s set of lower anchors. • Each LATCH set in the vehicle is made up of 2 lower anchor bars and 1 tether anchor. 6-4
  5. 5. LATCH System (continued) • LATCH in the Center Seating Position: - Some vehicles offer standard LATCH in the center. - Others allow LATCH in the center, by using the center anchors from the outboard positions. - Not all car seats allow borrowing the center anchors for LATCH attachment. - Check both owner’s manuals if there isn’t a standard center LATCH position. - Two lower car seat connectors should never be attached to one lower anchor in the vehicle. 6-4a
  6. 6. LATCH System (continued) • NEVER use the seat belt and LATCH at the same time to install a car seat • ALWAYS check the vehicle owner’s manual to identify LATCH positions • A seating position with only a tether anchor is not called LATCH. • Tether is used with lower anchors or with seat belts. 6-4b
  7. 7. Tether • Holds the back of the car seat (some booster seats) against the vehicle seat • Reduces the amount of forward/side movement • Reduces the distance the child’s head moves forward in a crash by 4 to 6 inches. 6-5 • Encourage caregivers to use tethers whenever possible.
  8. 8. Truck Tethers • Pickup trucks may have webbing loops used for tether anchors. 6-5a
  9. 9. Tips for Discussing LATCH • Lower anchors and tethers have weight limits. - If not stated in the owner’s manual, do not use lower anchors or tethers if the child + car seat weight more than 65 pounds. - Vehicle LATCH weight limits can be found at • If there are no lower anchors in the center position, use the seat belt and tether to install the car seat. 6-5b
  10. 10. Universal LATCH Symbols • If an anchor is hidden behind the fabric or a cover in the vehicle, a symbol near the anchor location should identify its position. 6-6
  11. 11. Tether Anchor Locations 6-7
  12. 12. Visible & Hidden Lower Anchor Positions • Labels, buttons, or tags identify lower anchor locations when hidden. • Most vehicles cannot be retrofitted with lower anchors. 6-8
  13. 13. Tether Anchor Locations 6-8a
  14. 14. Practice Activities Locate LATCH and Tether Anchor information in Owner’s Manuals Locate lower anchors and tether anchors in vehicles 6-8b  
  15. 15. 6-9 Common Lower Anchor & Tether Anchor Errors
  16. 16. Key Questions Related to LATCH • Does the caregiver’s vehicle have LATCH? • Which seating positions allow the use of LATCH? • What is the importance of tethers? • Where can you find lower anchors in a vehicle? • What might indicate lower anchors in the vehicle? • Which is safe and preferable to use for a car seat – lower anchor connectors or the seat belt? 6-10
  17. 17.  Progress Check Answer these questions in your TG: 1. What should you tell caregivers regarding where to find all the tether anchors and lower anchors in their car, van, SUV, or truck? 2. What can you tell a caregiver who has a 1998 Chrysler 4-door Sebring with no tether anchor and who wants to have one installed? 6-10a
  18. 18.  Progress Check (Continued) Answer these questions in your TG: 3. The vehicle has a lower anchor and tether anchor weight limit to 40 pounds. The car seat is rated to 65 pounds. At what weight limit would you need to install the seat using a seat belt instead of lower connectors? 6-10b