The ABC of IoT


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The ABC of IoT


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  • The IoT refers to any device enabled with Machine-to-machine communications system
    IoT capabilities can be added to just about any physical object including clothing, jewelry, thermostats, medical devices, household appliances, home automation, industrial controls, even light bulbs.
  • connected = number of smartphones, smart TVs, tablets, wearable computers, and PCs combined
  • Quantified self : Misfit wearable, OMSignal, CityZen sciences, Medivo
    Connected home : Nest, WeMo, August, Lockitron
    Smart City : Streetline, Smart Belly by Big Belly Solar
    Industry : Smart structures,, en-Gauge monitors and tracks critical life safety equipment (fire extinguisher
    Environment: Air quality egg, Tracck Invisible Tracck is a wireless device being used in pilot programs to help combat illegal deforestation taking place in the Amazon.
  • ARM : developed embedded systems in Fitbit and most smartwatches
    Bosch : Launched the Internet of Things & Services labs in 2012 in partnership with University St Gallen in Switzerland
    Cisco: Develops software and hardware to enable the internet of things
    Google and its numerous acquisitions
  • Light Fidelity
    From cars to drones, they could reduce traffic & energy consumption, improve safety & monitor our environment
    Strong authentication : remote authentication or without the transmission of a password like Ionosys esp. for e-commerce, but also sharing economy)
  • Wearables and soon implants: to collect information about you and your body (e.g. FitBit, Netatmo, withings), to control your environment like gesture control devices (Nod)
  • The ABC of IoT

    1. 1. The ABC of the Internet of Things May 2014Helene Andre
    2. 2. As simple as ABC From computing devices to an everyday devices’ connectivity • Miniaturization & nanotechnologies partially enable the growth of the Internet of things • As sensors become a low-cost technology, it is cheaper and cheaper to add them to any device  Machine-to-Machine communications begin to power billions of everyday devices, from parking meters to home thermostats
    3. 3. As simple as ABC Three market segments in the IoT Hardware Devices & sensors Software Computing power Network Telcoms & IoT platforms Arduino Raspberry Pi Nike+ API
    4. 4. IoT & Big data The virtuous circle Big data is high volume, velocity & variety information Connected devices create, collect & communicate big data The present model works with specific sensors communicating with a single specific cloud application  The future will see an Internet of Things where billions of devices are connected to each other, all sharing data via the Internet
    5. 5. • An increasing number of connections • VC funds invested over $1 billion in IoT startups in 2013 1.9 billion connected devices today 9 billions in 2018 Business insider, Here's Why 'The Internet Of Things' Will Be Huge, And Drive Tremendous Value For People And Businesses, Dec. 2013 CB Insights, Internet of Things Companies Haul In More than $1 Billion in Venture Capital in 2013, March 2014 A tremendous market
    6. 6. Quantified Self & eHealth Connected Home Smart City Environment Industry To infinity & beyond A myriad of applications
    7. 7. Biggest players Corporates with $1 Billion+ in market cap
    8. 8. CB Insights, Internet of Things Companies Haul In More than $1 Billion in Venture Capital in 2013, March 2014 Smart lock $8 Million raised in Series A Chef Orange, a smart food scale $3 Million raised in Seed Funding Platform & app connecting smart devices $12.5 Million raised in Series A Hearing help $5.7 Million raised in Series A Personal weather station $5.7 Million raised in Series A Some coveted players
    9. 9. • Li-Fi technology Philips’ & LIFX’s light bulbs Mobile apps developed by Oledcomm • Automated vehicles Driverless car by Google Automatic Link to monitor your car & its engine The possibilities of drones • Strong Authentication Tokens developed by Ionosys Bionym’s Nimy heart rate authentication Hottest opportunities
    10. 10. • Wearables, & soon Implants Gesture Control devices like Nod Fitbit trackers Smart health devices by Withings • Beacons Developed by Apple, Qualcomm, Estimote Applications in CRM, targeted advertising, Connected home Hottest opportunities
    11. 11. • Here's Why 'The Internet Of Things' Will Be Huge, And Drive Tremendous Value For People And Businesses • The Five Most Disruptive Innovations at CES 2014 • An internet of things • Forget wearable tech, embeddable implants are already here • Bosch's Home Connect app will control competitors' appliances Bibliography & Links