OpenFlow in the access - pushing OpenFlow switches - Richard G Clegg


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OpenFlow in the access - pushing OpenFlow switches - Richard G Clegg

  1. 1. OpenFlow in the access – pushing OpenFlow switches to the last mile Richard G. Clegg ( University College London, Department of Electronic Engineering Talk to Brazil/UK conference 2014 (Prepared using LATEX and beamer.)
  2. 2. University College London – Electronic Engineering Communcations and Information Systems Group – 6 academics, 20 researchers, 10 PhD students. Optical Networks Group and Photonics Group – both similar size.
  3. 3. The ALIEN project ALIEN – Expanding the availability of OpenFlow Get OpenFlow working on new types of devices. Expand use of OpenFlow by making it useful for new platforms. Programmable platforms – NetFPGA and similar. Access networks – e.g. GEPON and DOCSIS. Optical devices – require OpenFlow extensions.
  4. 4. The GEPON (Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network) ONU ONU ONU End User machines Switch OLT Splitter ONU
  5. 5. Getting OpenFlow on GEPON Want to make whole system of switch, OLT, splitter ONU present as single massively distributed OF switch. Problem with making GEPON OpenFlow capable: Proprietary device, no knowledge of chips or drivers. Not intended as programmable. ONU cheap low power consumer unit. Solution: Make use of fact that OLT usually needs switch before it anyway. Give OLT Open Flow capable front end switch (xdpd on NetFPGA). OLT can switch to ONU on VLANs. Use a mapping to VLANs in lower level open flow switch. Controller sees only higher level abstract switch.
  6. 6. The GEPON with OpenFlow ONU ONU ONU ONU OLT xDPD MGMT GEPON OFC VLAN tags Internet OpenFlow enabled GEPON LLID tags xcpd control path daemon OF OF Note – approach is generic – could work for many access devices. Another partner is working on the generic approach of surrounding the non OF device with OF switches.
  7. 7. My oxther work on optical networks and SDN Non Orthogonal (Spectrally Efficient) FDM Traditional OFDM fixed relationship between symbol period and frequency separation. “Squeezing” results in interference but can recover the signal. Spectral efficiency increased up to 20% – software test done, hardware tests underway. A practical system for improved efficiency in FDM RG Clegg, S Isam, I Kannaras, I Darwazeh, IET Communications 2013. SDN for network resilience Often multiple routes from data centre to destination on Internet. OpenFlow used to tag packets at machine ingress. Tags used to route packets at datacentre egress. Quick failover in case of path failure. Software-defined network support for transport resilience JT Araujo, R Landa, RG. Clegg, G Pavlou, IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2014
  8. 8. Conclusions – Optical work at UCL ALIEN project In ALIEN we are working to get OpenFlow working on optical access networks. We are also testing CCN (ccnx) over the OFELIA testbed over a number of OpenFlow switches. Large-scale OpenFlow experimenation. Other work at UCL There is a large amount of other optical work at UCL, optical network testbeds, high end passive optical networking.