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Activity 7 Day One


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Activity 7 Day One

  1. 1. Agenda: Day One0 Access to Blackboard0 Viewing your courses0 DL syllabi requirements0 Loading files0 Using the online filing system0 Connecting to online resources
  2. 2. Logging On to Blackboard Setting up or resetting a NetIDBegin by signing into JSU PAWS. You will find the logonfor PAWS on the JSU home page.
  3. 3. Go to the Main Menu and click on Activate NetID/ ChangeNetID Password
  4. 4. Suggestions for NetID passwords0 Your entire J-number is your NetID. You only need to create a password to logon to Blackboard. *Note: You will not be able to reset your NetID password at0 Your new pasword should be at least Blackboard Login window by seven (7) characters long and clicking on the "Forgot Your similar to the one of the following Login Information" link. examples: 0 Tiger09 0 tiger@09 If the password will just not 0 t1ger09 reset, first try giving the system 0 tiger09! a little time to clear out your previous attempts. Then if your0 Your password must include a second attempt does not work, combination of letters and numbers. call Distance Learning at 601- 979-0426 or 601-979-04260 Your password must include at least between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. one capital letter or symbol (for example, &, * @, #). Monday through Friday.
  5. 5. Student Online OrientationStudents are required toparticipate in a Blackboard To register for onlineOnline Student Orientation, and orientation, students will needquite frankly, it is a good idea for to go tothem to review the basics of course structure. nttraining/schedule.cfm.In this orientation, students willbe introduced to the differentBlackboard components, learn Shortly after registering,how to submit assignments, view students will receive an emailgrades, use the discussion board, with information on how tosend emails, and learn other log‐in to the orientation andelements that may assist them in instructions on the assignmentscompleting their online course to complete.successfully. Students will alsocomplete a Distance LearningAssessment.
  6. 6. Bb Logon pageTo access Bb, students can go to the main JSU page and click on Blackboard in the dropdown menu, to the Distance Learning page, or to a link you provide in your home page.
  7. 7. Viewing your active courses0 Once you have logged on to Bb, a screen containing your course list will appear.0 Notice that in the upper right hand corner of your Course List is a gear symbol.0 Click on the gear symbol to access the control panel for your Course List.
  8. 8. 0 To remove a course from your entry screen, unselect the box to the left of the course name.0 Don’t worry! The course will still exist in your hidden list.0 You can also select certain attributes of current courses to show or hide by selecting or unselecting the boxes to the right of the course names.
  9. 9. DL Syllabi Requirements0 System Requirements0 Other requirements 0 Computer hardware 0 Web browser 0 Browser Plugins0 Productivity Software0 Minimum Student Technical Skills*0 Technical Support*
  10. 10. DL Syllabi Requirements0 Course Presentation This course is organized into ## learning modules; each module contains assigned readings from the textbook and may contain a quiz, an assignment, and/or an activity. The modules presented on a 1-2 week basis. The module pages include information about all of the materials and assignments for that module. Each module may include multimedia lectures, readings, discussions, assignments, and/or assessments.0 Course Policies and Procedures (especially those related to online learning)• Netiquette• Online Rubrics (essays, discussions, blogs, etc.)• Safe Assign• Online Library Services
  11. 11. Choosing file typesOverview0 You have the option of attaching files to many different areas of a Course Web site, such as Content Areas, Assessments and Assignments. When a file is attached, a link to the file will be displayed to students.0 To attach a file the you may enter the file path within the course or click Browse to locate a file on his or her computer. When the file is attached, it is saved to the course Web site. If you remove the file from your computer, the attachment in the course Web site will not be affected.File names0 The characters a-z, 0-9, period ‘.’ and underscore ‘_’ are acceptable in file names. All standard ISO 8859 characters (not foreign characters or symbols) are also supported. All spaces will be converted to underscores ‘_’ in the name of the uploaded file. Special characters are not supported in file names.0 Longer, more specific names are better!
  12. 12. Recognizing file types If you use a file in your course, you must be certain that students can open that file. Extension File Type Programs associates with the file type .mpg, .mpeg Image Graphics program or Web browser Extension File Type Programs associates with the file type .moov Movie.aam Multimedia Macromedia® Authorware® plug-in .mov Video Movie or media player Note that the .aam file is the starting point .pdf Text Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® for a series of files that must be enclosed in a .ppt, .pps Slide show Microsoft® PowerPoint® and PowerPoint .ZIP file. Player®.aiff Audio Audio program .qt Movie QuickTime®.asf Multimedia Microsoft® .NET™ Show .ra Audio Real Audio Player™.au Audio Real Audio Player™ .ram Video Real Audio Movie™.avi Video Video player (not Macintosh® compatible) .swa Audio Macromedia® Shockwave® plug-in.doc Text Microsoft® Word® or other word processor .swf Multimedia Macromedia® Shockwave® plug-in.exe Executable .tiff Image Graphics program or Web browser.gif Image Graphics program or Web browser .txt Text Text or HTML editor, word processor.html, .htm Web page HTML editor or Web browser .wav Audio Audio program.jpg, .jpeg Image Graphics program or Web browser .wma Audio.jif Image Graphics program or Web browser .wmf Graphic Microsoft® Windows®.mpe Audio/Video .wmv Media/Audio Microsoft® Windows® .wpd Text WordPerfect® or other word processor .xls Spreadsheet Microsoft® Excel®
  13. 13. pdf and rtf: Universal Solvents Portable Document Format - Acrobat Reader - Saving documents as pdf files Rich Text Format - Allows students to access your files - Provides common ground in group work
  14. 14. Locating your files in BlackboardUnlike WebCT, Blackboard stores the files you uploadonly in your course (as opposed to in a general “filingcabinet” under your J-number).Note in the image tothe right that youcan locate the filesyou have uploadedthrough the controlpanel.
  15. 15. Connecting to online resources 0 Online Labs 0 Web pages 0 Videos 0 JSU Library
  16. 16. Afternoon Review AgendaTasks0 Set up NetID0 Logon to Bb0 Clean up active Course Menu0 Save different file types0 Upload files to Bb0 Create an Item0 Add link to Online Orientation0 Open Slideshare accountWhat you need for the afternoon session0 NetID and Password0 Electronic copy of your syllabi0 Links to additional online resources0 Several handouts or assignments that you want to convert for online use