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Super powers of enterprising teachers


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Super powers of enterprising teachers.

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Super powers of enterprising teachers

  1. Super power of enterprising teachers● Tíscar Lara - @tiscar – - Chapter 14 Inprendedores – book.● Translation – Delia Jiménez.● César Poyatos - @cpoyatos – - Presentation design.
  2. They use simple low-tech technologies.
  3. Internet is their natural working environment.
  4. Wikispaces, blogger, Google docs... are theirweapons.
  5. They look at themselves in the mirror of OpenSource.
  6. They perform efficiently in BETA environments.
  7. They transform the educational system within.
  8. They are not swept away by partners who areaverse to use ICT skills.
  9. They take part in project where they collaborateand learn as well.
  10. They motivate the teaching board they belongto.
  11. They are 2.0 learners.
  12. They share their learning experiences in andoutside their professional enviroment.
  13. Sometimes, they are invisible.
  14. They take part in pd2, DIT, DIWO projects.
  15. They are part of the global classroom.
  16. They spend their “free” time learning.
  17. They learn as part of a network and in the NET.
  18. Thanks ;-)● Tíscar Lara - @tiscar – - Chapter 14 Inprendedores book.● Delia Jiménez – Translation.● César Poyatos - @cpoyatos – - Presentation design.