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What I Knew

  1. 1. I-Search Paper:  What I Knew About My Topic<br />Claire P<br />Veteran’s Medical Care Issues<br />March 26, 2010<br />5th Period     My topic is the issues with medical care that the veteran's are faced with. I found this topic particularly interesting, because I find it amazing how a soldier can risk his or her life defending our country then to come home and not be provided for. If I were a veteran I would be very upset if I were to serve in war and were to get injured. I would feel this way not just because I was hurt, but just because of the fact that I would be worried whether or not I will be provided for. however, I do not feel that I do not have to be provided for by others and am not dependent upon the government along with my fellow community, but if I was no longer to fight any longer and was hurt to a point where I could not work I would not want to worry about how I am going to survive. Moreover, this particular topic speaks to me just because it puts me in shock that there is not better health care set aside for the people who really need it. These soldiers are risking their lives on the front lines so we don’t have to. Then when they return home not only do they not get a welcome they don’t even have a dependent system of healthcare that they can count on. I think that the medical care issues of veterans are important to research, because maybe with the knowledge that I gain I can influence other people to change the problems. if I were to gain knowledge on the topic I could better educate others, and knowing what is actually occurring could lead to change in the future for the better.     I do not know very much at all at the current moment concerning the issue of veteran’s medical care. I do know that it has occurred many times where veterans come home to a harsh life because they have no way of providing for themselves. Therefore, that is why this topic was of major concern to me. Overall, I do not have any base knowledge at the current moment concerning the topic. Through my research and project that I will be composing I am hoping to better educate myself along with others about the issues. So what I know and what I hope to learn are on two entirely different scales.<br />Edit this page (if you have permission) | <br />Google Docs -- Web word processing, presentations and spreadsheets. <br />  <br />