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Reasearch questions

  1. 1. Claire P.<br />Narrative<br /> <br />Why has there not been a health care or medical care system that has been set aside just for veterans that have been injured or need a form of health related service?<br /> <br />First off, what leads me to compose this question was the curiosity of the privileges that the veteran's do or do not have. The articles that I have looked over seem to portray the image that the healthcare system for the veterans is not what it should be. Moreover, when they return home from war they are not given what they need or what should be given to them after just serving the country. However, for this particular question there was no video or pod cast that led me to it. What mainly made me want to research this question was the total curiosity that came over me when I got into the articles. In my opinion it is almost hard to believe that we as Americans and with the strong government that we do have cannot provide for the soldiers of America. Overall, that is the main reason that led me to pose this question. Similarly, thus far in my research process I do not think that there is a health care or medical care system that has been set aside. I think this just because of the simple matter that if there was a system just for veterans or for soldiers returning home from war then the issue of healthcare and medical care for them would not be present. I am looking forward and am very interested in what the real answer to this question is. However, what will be truly awing to me is if there is no system set aside, but through my research I hope that my assumption is incorrect. <br /> <br /> <br />  <br />Have the medical care issues of the veterans gotten to a point where they are out of control?<br /> <br />In the same way, I was also led to another question that really makes you stop and think how much the soldiers are really affected by the war. Have the healthcare issues gotten to a point where they are out of control? Do young men not even want to go to war just because of the simple matter that they do not know if they will be provided for once they return home after combat? These are all questions that I am very drawn to. The articles that I have been reading led me mainly to this question. Also, another source that has led me to pose this question was a video of soldiers finding relief the theater of war. In my opinion what I would consider out of control is when the soldiers have to look back rather than forward for help. By acting of what they have previously experienced can cause more distress than anything. I do not see how acting can be a form of health care that is provided. Therefore, what leads me to this question was the understanding of the measures that the soldiers take in order to provide themselves with mental stability. Overall, I personally do think that the medical care issues of veterans have gotten to a point where they are uncontrollable. However, many others may disagree.<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Is the issue of having a weak health care system so prevalent that an improvement needs to be made in the near future to current the problem?<br /> <br />Lastly, this question really made me stop and think. That is why I composed it. I really just thought for a moment about the current health care system that we do or we do not have set aside. If healthcare it is at a point where it is unstable now where will it be in the near future. Similarly, to the other questions what mainly directed me toward posing this particular question was the fact that the medical or health care system is so weak.  By the articles that I have read and continue to read they truly show the lack of support. However, some efforts are being made as steps in the right direction there are not many. In my opinion I think that in the near future a major correction needs to be made. If America as a whole is not providing the essentials to life, then we never will.<br />