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I search[1]


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final reflection

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I search[1]

  1. 1. I Search: What I learned<br />Claire P.<br />May 10, 2010<br /> <br />     During my research process, I composed a few research questions to learn what I did not previously know on the topic of the medical care issues of veterans once they return home after serving in the Iraq war. All throughout my research process, I have found the answers to many questions. Also, I have gained more knowledge along the way. To begin with, my first research question was why has there not been a health care or medical care system that has been set aside just for veterans that have been injured or need a form of health related service. My original hypothesis as compared to the actual answer to the question was entirely different. Overall, my personal conclusions were the opposite of what I found in my research because when I first began my research process I was under the impression that, overall, veterans did not have a source of healthcare. Moreover, I also thought that the veterans did not have a certain medical system to provide accurate treatment for them. However, through my research I have found that the veterans do have the opportunity for proper medical care. There are VA hospitals working in many various locations to provide support and medical care to soldiers who have served in war. Similarly, what led me to originally assume that the veterans were not properly provided for was an article that I came across from msnbc. In the article, the VA secretary was personally taking the stand for veterans in order to improve their healthcare demands. Therefore, from reading the article, I was given the impression that the veterans return home to no source of medical care, and, as a result, they are not properly provided for. In conclusion, the opposite was proven to be true.<br /> For better explanation, I conducted a personal interview with Mr. Ron Hackney. Mr. Hackney is employed by the VA hospital located in Marietta Georgia. Also, he personally works with veterans who are returning home from any service in the war. I asked Mr. Hackney a very similar question to the research question that I previously addressed. I acquired, if there was a health care system set aside for veterans once they return home from war, and if not why? Overall, Mr. Hackney’s results left a very positive outlook on the issue. Mr. Hackney informed me that the veterans are provided for if they are injured in any of the lines of duty. However, the only reason that the veterans would not be given the medical care for their problem is if they do not personally register to receive the medical attention. If the VA hospitals do not know if a veteran is injured, and if he or she has returned home from service they cannot provide care to the victims. All in all, I found that everything is being done at the current moment for the veterans, in the means of health care. VA hospitals are set aside as a system of ongoing medical care for veterans returning home from war all over the world. <br /> In the same way, I composed an additional research question that I was pondering while completing my research project. Have the medical care issues of the veterans gotten to a point where they are out of control? The direct answer to this question at the current time and state is no. The health care and medical needs of veterans are being provided for to the highest standards at the current moment. Additionally, the content and the answer to this research question correlates with my previously discussed question. <br /> Through extensive research I have found that the medical care issues of veterans have a very positive outlook. Therefore, the medical care or health care issues concerning the veterans have not yet gotten to a point where they are out of control, in any means. Overall, my thoughts on the answer to this question gave me hope. Although, I am not personally a veteran who has served in war and I also do not have any firsthand experience on what it is like to serve in the line of duty it is very reassuring to know that the veterans are properly provided for. My first thoughts when I began my reaserch were that the veterans were not provided for, and that something had to be done immediately to alter this ongoing problem. However, as I previously stated the veterans are provided for in the means of medical and healthcare. In summary, the health care needs of veterans are not in any means out of control. In fact the opposite is true.<br /> Also, during my research project I feel that I have personally accomplished many tasks, which I would not have thought I ever would have. Some of which include the successful completion of an ongoing and updated Google site, along with the creation of a personal Netvibes page for public viewing. Moreover, I am most proud of completing a personal interview with an expert on the medical care issues of veterans once they return home from war. Overall, I found the interview that I conducted of the upmost important to me during my research process. I used the information that I gained as a source of constant information during my final presentation, as well as in many reflections. Additionally, not only did Mr. Ron Hackney take the time to participate in my interview he provided me with very descriptive and well planned answers that did nothing but better inform me on the topic. All in all, the knowledge that I gained from Mr. Hackney along with research skills and the formation of technology that came directly as a result of the requirements I will never forget and will refer back to them frequently in the time to come.<br /> In the same way, if I was given the change to complete this research project again I would not change anything in the means of finishing it. In means of accomplishment I took vigorous strides forward from the beginning in getting everything developed, and turned in on time to the best of my ability. Also, I achieved every assigned goal to the best of my ability to reflect my research process and what I was trying to find out along the way. As a result, my hard work had a very positive influence on me as a learner. I benefited an enormous amount because I was fortunate enough to acquire information that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, to also better inform others. Therefore, there is nothing that I feel that I did not learn during my research process. From the beginning of the project I had an open mind on the topic and really did not have any form of base knowledge. Therefore, it was completely up to me on how to go out about my research and find many various articles concerning the veterans and the many opposing viewpoints on the topic. However, that is why I was immediately drawn to the topic. Furthermore, later down the road I did refer back to the articles that I skimmed in the beginning to acquire knowledge on the medical care issues of veterans. Now I can determine the fact from fiction as a result of the knowledge I have gained.<br /> Together with, I also thought about how I personally would rate myself in means of completion and accuracy of this project. With the time that I spent in class along with the time that I put into my research at home I would definitely give myself an “A” in the means of effort and work completion. I was an active participant of the literature circle meetings that were held on the novel What Was Asked of Us. I also always came prepared with a posted blog ready to share with my fellow lit circle group. Additionally, I was ready with questions and comments to my fellow classmate’s blogs on what they had to say concerning their personal exert from the assigned reading. In the same way, I would also say that I have improved tremendously in the means of the quality of my work from last semester. In the past I would have completed everything required and put my best foot forward; however, now that it is my second time completing such an influential project and I also got to personally chose a topic that was of interest to me, I along with many others I am sure could tell that the quality of my work is just on an entire different scale. Lastly, I would have to say that my investment of my time along with every other aspect of my efforts have been put into the sole of this project. In the beginning the medical care issues of veterans was just another issue facing the world; however, now I am personally involved and I am informed on the issue. As a result, if anything were to occur in the future I would do my absolute best to work in means of improvement to better help the veterans of America.<br />  Lastly, the digital elements of my project would reflect my personal research process from the beginning to where I am now, the end. Through my research I have found many new sources of information such as: videos, blogs, news paper, news writes, and web sites. All of which have provided me with information that I would have never even imagined. Therefore, all of these elements are demonstrated in my digital areas and personal sites in my project. If I were to view what I have accomplished as a student this semester I would look back and even from just the viewing of my personal Netvibes page be able to become better educated on the medical care issues of veterans. Also, the viewer would be able to use the information that I have collected to better their selves in means of what they do not know. Therefore, my digital elements better tell the experience of my project because they consist of everything that I have accompanied along the way. In conclusion, now that I have successfully completed my research process I move on from the tasks and the work; however, I move on with the knowledge that I have forever gained along the way.<br /> <br /> <br />