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London (Pasillos Interactivos)


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Actividad Pasillos Interactivos. Letur. Curso 2012/2013.

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London (Pasillos Interactivos)

  1. 1. MONDAYLondon is the capital city While you are walking in London, you can see some the typical of the United Kingdom. symbols of the city: This is its flag: The red bus, the black taxi or the underground can drive you to the monuments. You can phone you friends from the typical red phone box. The Royal Houseguards can’t smile! They are always serious! They are soldiers of the British Army and they protect Buckingham Palace.
  2. 2. MONDAY THE TRADITIONAL BRITISH BREAKFAST: It consits of eggs, bacon, sausages, fried bread, FISH AND CHIPS: baked beans and mushrooms.Fish’n’chips is a typical British meal. Nowadays, people don’t have this breakfastIt consists of different types of fried during the week. They usually have milk, coffee, fish coatted in eggs or flour. cereals, toast or the traditional porridge. You eat the fish with chips. THE YORKSHIRE PUDDING: It is made of eggs, milk and flour. It’s not a dessert!
  3. 3. TUESDAY  The Tower of London was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century.  In 1483, the prince Edward V and his now, it’s a brother Richard disappeared in the It was used as a prison and n see the Tower and they were never found.touristic pla ce where you caCrown Jewels.  The Tower Bridge was the only bridge crossing over the Thames. It is a bascule bridge.  The beefeaters are the guards of the Tower of London.
  4. 4. TUESDAY  Buckingham Palace is where the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family live. you  When the Queen is at home, g on top can see the Royal Flag flyin of Buckingham Palace.  The Palace has about 600 rooms, 78 bathrooms, 92 offices, a cinema and a swimming pool. Five regiments of Foot Guards guard thePalace. They wear black trousers, a redjacket and tall black hats called bearskins.There is a ceremony called the Changing ofthe Guard from May to July at 11.30.
  5. 5. WEDNESDAY  The Houses of Parliament are the seat of the Government of the United Kingdom.  The Houses of Parliament are also called the Palace of Westminster.  They are next to the River Thames. The Big Ben is the bell in the Clock Tower.It is one of the most famous monuments inLondon. In fact, it can be the most famousclock in the world. The Clock Tower was completed in 1859.It took 16 years to build it.
  6. 6.  The British Museum is one of the most  The National Gallery is in theimportant museums in the world. famous Trafalgar Square.Here, you can see the Egyptian Here, you can see a lot of famousmummies, Greek Statues or strange paintings. Van Gogh, Leonardo Daartefacts from China or Africa. Vinci or Boticelli paintins are here. Both, the British Museum and the National Gallery, are FREE!! You don’t have to pay money for visiting them!
  7. 7.  It was open in March, 2000.It was designed by the architecs David Marks and Julia Barfield.It is also called the Millenium Wheel.The wheel moves at half a mile an hour. It takes 30 minutes to complete a fullrotation.There are 32 capsules, carrying 25 passengers each one.