Volume 4 Issue 3 March 2012


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Volume 4 Issue 3
March 2012

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Volume 4 Issue 3 March 2012

  1. 1. The CPN GazetteVolume 4, Issue 3 March 2012Obama Signs $63B FAA Funding A Company’s Selling CampaignBill into Law Being EffectiveLong or Short Term ROIFAA Extensions Charisma Productions NetworkCharisma Productions Network Meetings, events, and different affairs are integral parts of aPresident Obama signed a $63.6 billion funding bill for the growing business organization. Success and failure of theFederal Aviation Administration in February, bringing to an events can produce positive or negative effects on theend a years-long fight over aviation funding that became industry position of a firm. Knowing how to prepare one socialengulfed in labor disputes. gathering is very vital; whatever types it is - massive, fancy or simple events must be prepared to please the guests.After a year of debate — and a two-week partial shutdownof the FAA — the House and Senate approved a multi- The guests in a company affair can differ in size and in theyear funding bill for the beleaguered agency for the first types of attendees. It can have thousands of guests or just atime since its last authorization expired in 2007, and the handful of important dignitaries. The guests could be peopleWhite House said that Obama signed the measure. of the high echelon of the business firm such as board of directors and investors or they can just be simply the workers, customers and suppliers. The aura could be lavishThe legislation, which would last through 2015, runs five or just intimate.months shorter than the string of 23 short-term extensions ofthe 2007 FAA funding levels. Transportation advocates But the variety does not extend to the result. There should beargued that, because of the piecemeal funding, it was hard just one outcome - a successful gathering. This will largelyfor the agency to develop long-term plans, such as its depend on the planners. There are companies that assignproposed Next-Gen satellite-based navigation system. their employees to do the planning, with occasional consultation with the boss. But this could be a risky approach.The FAA has long planned to switch the air traffic control Even if the employees are good and talented, the approachsystem from radar technology that has been used since of an expert is very much different and more reliable. It isWorld War II, but the agency said it needs consistent then advisable that every company should consult a companyfunding to develop the system, which would cost about event planner. Experience and talent of these professionals$22 billion through 2025. are always a guarantee for a successful social undertaking. Continued on page 2 Celebration of any company affair entails a number of things - the theme, the purpose and the general objective of the event. The expert planner will be able to devise the strategyINSIDE THIS ISSUE to make the event conform to the said theme and objective. They suggest the venue options, the food and the activities.1 Obama signs FAA Funding The food usually is one important aspect of any partys success. The event planner will meticulously attend to all the1 A Company’s Selling campaign details of the catering. This does not only involve the food, but the crew as well. Past experiences disclose that failure of2 Obama Signs FAA Funding Cont’d social events happen because catering fell short of the expectation. In any party, small or big number, there must3 Selling Campaign Continued always be enough or even more than enough food for all the guests. The timing of serving the food is also crucial.3 Capture A Big Crowd The venue should also be just right for the number of people -4 From Our Executive Chef not too big to disperse the guests. It should be noted that there should be enough room for them to circulate and5 From Our IT Department socialize. The decorations also create an impression. Therefore, these should conform to the chosen event theme.6 As a party coordinator has expertise, she can synchronize Final Thought the decorations, the theme and the program of activities. Continued on page 3 Newsletter 1
  2. 2. Continued from page 1Obama ContinuedFAA supporters applauded Obama for signing the bill Tuesday, saying it was a big deal for the aviation industry.“This is a great day for our National Airspace System and we thank the President and Congress for bringing this long processto a successful conclusion," National Air Traffic Controllers Association President Paul Rinaldi said in a statement."The FAA bill creates jobs, restores a fair collective bargaining process for tens of thousands of dedicated aviation safetyprofessionals and provides for a safer and more efficient air traffic control system," he said.The main holdup on the FAA bill had been union election rules for transportation workers that applied to those who werecovered under the Railway Labor Act. Republicans in the House attempted to overturn a rule adopted in 2010 by the NationalMediation Board (NMB) to force companies to stop counting non-votes in union elections as "no" votes, evoking a veto threatfrom President Obama.The stalemate lasted from the House passage of the bill in May 2011 until January, when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(D-Nev.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) negotiated a compromise that was approved by both chambers. Underthe agreement, the percentage of a company’s workforce that would have to be in favor of a vote on unionization would beincreased from 35 percent to 50 percent, and the National Mediation Board would have to hold public hearings before makingfuture rule changes in lieu of requiring them to be reviewed by judges.House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John Mica (R-Fla.), whom many Democrats blamed for theFAA shutdown last year, praised the signing of the appropriations bill for the agency Tuesday.But just as quickly, Mica blamed Democrats for the years-long delay."For four years, Democrats in control of Congress left the nation’s aviation system in the lurch by failing to pass a long-termbill to reform FAA programs and set national aviation policy and priorities,” Mica said.By contrast, Mica said “today we have in place sound multi-year policies that reform FAA programs, eliminate expensiveticket subsidies, modernize our air traffic control system, improve airport infrastructure, reduce air traffic delays, and createjobs."The White House was quiet Tuesday about the president signing the bill, releasing a statement that said only that Obama hadsigned H.R. 658 and another bill into law. During the FAA shutdown last summer, President Obama gave a speech in theRose Garden about the agencys funding situation, but some unions have expressed unhappiness with the labor electionprovisions in the appropriations measure for the agency.But some unions have expressed unhappiness with the labor election provisions in the appropriations measure for theagency even after the compromise. Newsletter 2
  3. 3. Continued from page 1Selling Campaign ContinuedEvent designing has much to consider and only an expert in the field can do the job perfectly and flawlessly. If the companyconsistently hold social functions, it is best to have a regular events planner. This way, the company is sure to render variations instyle which will make their parties enigmatic. Thus invited guests would come to savor another experience extraordinaire... Capture a Big Crowd with Your Captivating Corporate EventBusinesses to capture a big number of customers sponsor business events. The objective is to attract the attention of manyclients - existing and prospective. The type of events is usually promotional. So if this is the purpose of your company, you need totake care of several things to ensure its success and of course, the primary purpose of attracting the biggest crowd possible.The business event can either be indoor or outdoor. For both occasion, there is a need for exhibition set-up. In some occasions,there is a need for putting up booths. Whatever is established, you have only one ultimate purpose - get the patronage of clients.The event should have an appealing theme. And in many cases of business events, the attending guests expect a lot - food,freebies and promotional items. But you cannot go all the way in your give-a ways because there is a specified budget for thepurpose. You will have a hard time doing this. You can crack your head planning for the success of the event. To this, there is onesolution - a viable one that will attract the clients and satisfy all attendees. Arent these two the main purpose of the event?An experienced events planner can make your event the center of attraction. It will not only magnetize the crowd, it will evencharm them to have loyalty and patronage for the product your company is promoting. The events planner is an experiencedprofessional who knows how to fascinate guests. This is their expertise.The events coordinator knows what types of crowd to target. Would it be the masses or the people of the high echelon in thesociety? Or is this party for the middle class? The theme can be based on the customers. Banners and streamers are among thethings to be set-up. Your coordinator will know how to give to the venue an aesthetic appeal.The prime purpose is to gather as much guests as possible. The planner will take charge of the advertisements; she makes surethat people will know about the event. She will ascertain that a big number of guests will flock to the business promotional event.Every guest is a prospective consumer of the product being promoted. And with many consumers, there will be more sales andeventually more income for the firm.A secondary purpose is to satisfy the guests. The contentment of the guests will lead to sales. The planner knows this and she willendeavor to meet the expectations of the attending customers. And most of all she will attain the goal on the specified companybudget... Newsletter 3
  4. 4. From Our Executive ChefIn March we get the first taste of spring! The weather teases us a bit and we start to get that Spring Time itch, we see the sunshining and all we want to do to go outside and enjoy the weather. Well this chicken salad wrap is the perfect start to a wonderfulseason!!!Chicken Salad WrapIngredients:2lbs Thin Sliced Boneless Chicken Breast2 Granny Smith Apples diced2 large carrots diced1 large red onion diced2 celery stalks diced¼ Cup Mayo¼ Cup Miracle Whip1 tablespoon Spicy Mustard1 teaspoon honeySalt, pepper, garlic & onion powderSplash on Apple Cider Vinegar1 tablespoon butterTortilla Flour Wraps (I prefer spinach, sun dried tomato, or garlic)Grated Aged Asiago CheeseSeason the chicken breasts with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder. Cook in a sauce pan with the butter until browned. Oncecooked dice the chicken and place in a bowl. Add the other diced ingredients and give a light toss. Add the Mayo, Miracle Whip,Mustard, Honey and Vinegar. Toss until fully mixed, season to taste. Place 2 spoonfuls of the salad in your desired wrap, sprinklesome of the cheese on top. Seal the wrap and enjoy! Newsletter 4
  5. 5. From Our IT DepartmentOutlook Tip: Work across Time ZonesIf you make phone calls and attend meetings with people who are not in your time zone, whether they be across the countryor across the world, you know how tedious it can be to calculate what time it is in Sydney when it is 3pm in California, forexample. Luckily for global workers, Outlook 2007 makes this easy.Create a new appointment, click the Time Zone icon on the toolbar and, from the time zone list, choose the other personstime zone. For example, if your meeting is at 10am Sydney time, select 10am for the time and then choose GMT + 10Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney from the list. Your appointment will then be scheduled for the correct time in your calendar CPN Eventswhich, if youre in California, is 5pm the day before — but you dont have to work that out; Outlook does it for you. +1-805-241-0566 info@cpnevents.com Newsletter 5
  6. 6. CPN Air - a Division of Charisma Productions Network Informative, Inspiring, and EmpoweringLet the Charisma Productions Network become your one-stop solution for all yourcorporate meetings, events, conferences, air charter, and aircraft acquisition needs. For more information please contact info@cpnevents.com or visit our website www.charismaproductionsnetwork.com Newsletter 6