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Top Chef Meals - Expertly prepared meals for under $10


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Top Chef Meals are prepared fresh to order, with no preservatives, chemicals or trans fats.
Trying to live a healthy lifestyle or lose weight? Too busy to cook? Living paleo? ...
Our chef-prepared meals cater to every taste!
Join our 500 existing customers that reorder over 95% of the time.
Fill you and your parents' kitchen with locally made Top Chef Meals and easily eat
fresh and healthy cuisine without compromise or commitment.

Top Chef Meals is the brainchild of Paul Ghiron, a mesh of his unique experiences working as a caterer and conversations with his father. Paul found himself heavily involved in the corporate catering world back in 2010, as he worked as the President of The Crystal Spoon Corp. He employed numerous chefs and support staff who catered corporate and business get togethers throughout Westchester county. However, he always found it irksome that his staff was severely underutilized after the huge rush of business lunches they catered everyday.

One day, his father called him up frustrated by the lack of offerings for dinner that a single person is faced with and asked if he wouldn't mind bringing over dinner that night. During the conversation that ensued, the idea of Top Chef Meals was born! Top Chef Meals would use the Crystal Spoon's untapped chef talent to make meals for singles, couples or even families who were too busy to cook or who just wanted a fresh made, chef prepared, healthy, nutritious meal delivered to their home.

With its simple beginnings in Westchester County, Top Chef Meals now individually prepares affordable, restaurant quality meals, hand-plated by our own chefs and delivered throughout the tri-state metropolitan area. Our healthy and delicious meals provide a perfect nutritional balance and are perfectly suited for those on a budget.

With two ways to order you can either pick from our "pre-selected" PACKAGES or you can build each of your meals with the freedom to choose not only your entree, but each of your side dishes as well, in our unique CUSTOM MEALS builder.

Our brand new modern facility is located in central Westchester County in Elmsford, NY, just a short 20 minute ride to New York City:

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Top Chef Meals - Expertly prepared meals for under $10

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  5. 5. Top Chef Meals are prepared fresh to order, with no preservatives, chemicals or trans fats cc: jenschapter3 -
  6. 6. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle or lose weight? cc: wbeem -
  7. 7. Too busy to cook? cc: Paul Nicholson -
  8. 8. Our chef-prepared meals cater to every taste! cc: OPUS Hotels -
  9. 9. Delivered right to your home cc: -
  10. 10. Uniquely affordable at under $10.00 cc: @Doug88888 -
  11. 11. Order Pre-Selected Meal packages • Package # 1 - Try us out • Package # 2 - Gourmet Sampler • Package # 3 - Comfort Foods • Package # 4 - Seafood Lovers cc: P!XELTREE -
  12. 12. Design Your Own Meals Even add more protein cc: Λ |_ ν- Γ Ø - • Pick entree • Pick starch • Pick vegetable
  13. 13. Prefer to Eat Paleo? We have a large selection of all Paleo compliant meals to choose from cc: Boudewijn Berends -
  14. 14. You can also send a gift to another person cc: JD Hancock -
  15. 15. Top Chef Meal's philosophy is that every prepared dinner is an opportunity for a uniquely pleasurable and healthy culinary experience cc: Doha Sam -
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