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Rad analysis


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Rad analysis

  1. 1. Magazine Name bold at top of page showing it’s a main focus. Font in a scruffy form showing the magazine genre just by the title and how it represented. By the music being see as hardcore and loud. Long Shot showing artist as the main focus of the magazine and he would effect audience members who like him and his music. He could be used by his success at the moment. His shirt could be off to show off his tattoos or to make female be attracted to him. Name Of Acts These pieces of text go with the image by fitting in the page covering up space. There in a red font to show that they are the bands and that they stand out on first site. Sub Heading Different font and different colour showing importance's in the magazine issue. Special Issue showing exclusive feature to this issue of the magazine. Background Different from main background because the magazine shows an important to the magazine, to highlight it. Main Background a dark colour to make the images and text on the page stand out and make the cover attractive. This showing news on a band by highlight the front man maybe to attract reader who are interested. Updates showing highlighted information on a new gig list.
  2. 2. This is the name of the magazine it’s the same effect but just minimized next to the other heading. Its placed on top of a black background to stand out from other features. Picture of an featured artist on the page to show some more featured articles include in the magazine. Mid shot This background is very useful to the audience by it being white it allows the black text and images to stand out more. This yellow text tells the audience its different from the rest of the page by it being in different colour. Bold, Bright This is more advertisement of the magazine promoting its delivery/Membership service for its magazine. The man in this picture is wearing all black and because of this his face stands out to the audience. These are screen shots of articles included in this issue of the magazine. These are main features included in the magazine they are highlighted in bold yellow lettering on top of a black background this allows it to stand out more. Bold, Bright This is a short summary of what's included in this weeks magazine issue.
  3. 3. This is the person which the article is based on. They show him to show that the article is about him and the audience will seem more connected to the story while looking at the artist. Close up The bold headline at the top of the page tell the audience the name of the artist and underneath in a different colour the band he's in. The red show this by making it stand out from other things. The text is wrote around a logo which could belong to the band. Then the text itself is bold and easy to read. The read shows the main focus of the quote. The background allows the text to stand out due to the background being a light colour. This is a key feature of this article is summing up in two short words of what this article could be about. This subheading shows the audience about what he’s thinking or feeling at this moment in time about what he’s doing. This is put in read to show a difference between the person and group it shows that he’s the story but he’s in this band.
  4. 4. Title Bold title to attract the audience, the blue stands out on first look due to it being bright and shadowed black behind the letters. Band Name of man on the front cover due to him pointing to it. Its highlighted in red to show its importance to the magazine issue. It’s the only colour that doesn’t match the magazine it was used for the purpose to stand out. These are names of other bands that are included in the magazine they are in different colour to show that they match the magazine colour scheme and that they bands are highlighted. The man of the front cover could be used because he’s been popular in recent days or that they’ve returned from a break. As quoted under band name, he must be the front man of his group by putting him in the cover it could interest females who find him attractive or just people who like his music. He’s wherein black to show he’s the man focus of the magazine. Medium shot These are other important stories that will be included in the magazine its show by there colour and font size. Also how they have a short summary of what the stories could be about under there names. These are selling points of the magazine by advertising free posters inside the latest issue. They are highlighted in yellow to attract you to by the magazine. Bellow them are the price of the magazine and issue number. The background colour is a plain dray with a pattern the colour itself is very dark and now with everything on top it makes everything stand out./
  5. 5. The picture size shows this persons importance to the magazine. One way to see his importance is the quotation beneath him. Medium shot This quotation is of the man above it shows that the magazine is putting his views out to the readers. Its show by it being put in a silver box so everyone can see it easy. This is the magazines name with the issue number and date beneath. This tells the reader if they need this issue or if it’s the latest one out. The subheading shows the magazines main features by listing them under ‘main features’. Its bold and on a blue background which allows it to stand out. These are band names which are features they are see quickly due to the text colour and size. Its bold and in white on top of a black background which makes it clearer to see. The background allows the person and text to be see clearly and on the text easy to read. Also that this colour is very common in these genre of magazines. The magazine colour scheme is blue, black and white these colour are used throughout this magazine page.
  6. 6. This piece of text is a quote used by the artist which he’s used to put out to the world by it featuring in the magazine. Its white colour allows it to be seen on a quick glance at the page. This is the image of the main feature of this double spread it allows the readers to see the artist while reading about them. He’s showing off tattoos and the fact he’s wearing which makes him stand out. Medium shot Dark, the background allows everything on top of it to stand out and make the audience notice it very easy. Also the text matches the background by them both being used a lot. Red. Dark blood looking it makes the magazine look dark and gothic by it looking like blood by adding it as decorative. The subheading allows the reader to know what the article is on. Its Bold and goes along with the colour scheme of white, black and red. Think lettering makes the text look attractive and loud so the audience would be attracted to it. Its white colour allows it to be bright by it being on black. The text is also in white allowing it to be matched with the headings. The tattoos could be shown to allow the readers to be attracted to the art or that they can relate to it. This piece of blood tells the audience what type of music he could be playing it shows darkness and some pain which could match the music taste.
  7. 7. The title is in white so it stands out from everything else within the text is a fine black lines with the same letter making the text more bold and stand out more The background is an old street with blue smoke this makes the women stand out alone with the text. This also matches the female appeal e.g. hair. The main focus if the magazine is the female she is centred and is wearing a revealing dress to attract people to here or here music. Long shot This is a main focus of the magazine issue because of its colour and how its size is presented largely on the magazine. This is telling the audience the name of the female on the cover its highlighted in white to match the title to show it importance to the magazine. The bar code indicates the issue number of the magazine and the price along with the date of release. These are names of bands which will be featured in this magazine issue. The are put on top of a black background to show it meaning and to away the audiences.
  8. 8. This logo it exclusive to this magazine and that it is bold tells everyone its important. Colour is very bright which allows it to be seen. The person shows what he could be like at home or with friends by him eating alone and looking greedy. Long Shot The sofa shows comfort, so the person on it is comfortable with what he’s doing. The colour is a very dark colour and the person is shirtless and this allows him to stand out. The food box is in bright colours red and white its another companies advertisement being used in the this magazine. It shows a sense of that the man doesn’t car of his appearance who how he’s seen. These mini subheading are telling the audience features included in the magazine. There white text on a red background allows them to be seen easy. This piece of text must be important by it being highlighted in red and the white text allows it to be see more so. This shows the magazines humour by them putting in joke like sentences to make the readers laugh and more so want to read on. This is the name of the man in the image its telling the reader who he is.
  9. 9. The bar code is for people with smart phones to scan this. This shows that this man could be very important to a story, why he’s laying down could be a reason. Close up/ medium shot These photos could explain the story in the article they show them in medical kits and badly wounded shows there music genre. The white text is placed on top of a red background making the text stand out to the audience. Bold white, the title shows what the magazine features and what its about The main title of the band is at the top both words are in different colours matching the magazine colour scheme of blue, orange and black and white. Its very bold and stands out to the audience at first glance. The bar code shows the magazine issue along with the date. Its placed in the corner out of the way. The band are show in a dark way by them being in shadow and wearing all black. So only there faces stand out a little for the audience to see. Medium shot This piece of text are in tree different colours highlighting the main features which would be included in this issue.