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Presentation 3ro b

  1. 1. Seattle: the Emerald City
  2. 2. Pike Place Market• Pike Place is a farmers market that overlooks a bay. It has been in Seattle for more than one hundred years!• Pike Place is a popular destination on the weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays, it is full of tourists and also Seattlelites.
  3. 3. Pike Place Market• Inside the market you can find bookstores, record stores, antique shops, bakeries, and flower shops.
  4. 4. Pike Place Market• You also see street musicians playing their instruments for money.• They are usually playing the guitar, the harmonica, the piano, or the violin.
  5. 5. Fish Throwing at Pike Place• Fishmongers (fishermen who sell fish) have a tradition in Pike Place called fish-throwing.• It is simply throwing and catching the fish the customer has bought before it is wrapped and taken.• /watch?v=9rdUnZVvoD0
  6. 6. Space Needle• The Space Needle is a symbol of Seattle. It is a 42-meter tower that offers you panoramic view of the city.• At the top of the Space Needle, you can find a gift shop and a rotating restaurant!
  7. 7. Other Interesting Things• Close to the market, you can find the bubble gum wall. It is literally a wall in an alley where thousands of people have put their chewing gum!• In Volunteer Park, you can find the doughnut, a granite sculpture by a Japanese artist . If you look closely, you can see the Space Needle through the inner circle!
  8. 8. Seattle Music• For many years Seattle has had a vibrant rock music scene. The city holds large annual concerts, like Bumbershoot and the Block Party.• There are famous jazz and rock musicians who were born in Seattle or started their musical careers there.
  9. 9. Seattle Music• Some of these musicians include: Quincy Jones (jazz producer), Jimi Hendrix (guitarist), and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana frontman).• Seattle was the birthplace of Grunge music: a form of hard rock with personal and sometimes dark lyrics.• PearlJam:http://www.youtu lhM
  10. 10. Capitol Hill: Where the fun is• Capitol Hill is the neighborhood with the best dance clubs. The clubs that stay open past the legal time are located in this neighborhood!• In Seattle clubs, people usually dance techno, house, and hip- hop. Latin American music, such as salsa or bachata, is played in a few places or on specific nights.
  11. 11. Capitol Hill: Where the fun is• One of my favorite places to go dancing in Capitol Hill is called Neighbors. It is open until four a.m. and always plays electronic music!
  12. 12. My Neighborhood: University District• When I studied at the University of Washington, I lived in the University District.• The U-District has many restaurants restaurants (mostly from China, Vietnam, and India), stores, and bars. It’s full of coffeeshops where students do school work or hang out with their friends.• The main avenue is called “The Ave” . It’s always full of students and it is where you find most of the businesses.
  13. 13. My Favorite Bar• My favorite bar in the U-District is called Flowers. It has that name because it used to be a flower shop before it became a bar.• Another bar my friends and I go to is called The Crescent and has karaoke!
  14. 14. Sports• Seattle has baseball, football, and Soccer teams.• Their baseball team is the Mariners, their football team is the Seahawks, and the Soccer team is the Sounders.
  15. 15. Sports• Two of the best Sounders players are the forward Freddy Montero (born in Colombia) and the goalkeeper Kasey Keller (also a goalkeeper of the national team)• Freddy: ch?v=tgGMBTgoA2E• Kasey: ch?v=qMIWjEGDcQA
  16. 16. Festivities• Seattle has some annual festivities and events. Some of them are three- day concerts like the Capitol Hill Block Party and Bumbershoot. Others are very unique events, like the Summer Solstice Parade. And others, like HempFest, have a controversial and political character.