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  • Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia used all over the world; it provides people with 16 million articles containing various information presenting a basic overview of a subject. Anyone with access to a computer with internet can use it. It is very easy to use.
  • Wikipedia allows virtually anyone to edit pages adding whatever content they would like. While this may help to expand the articles horizons it also serves as a problem for those individuals who choose to post unreliable content.
  • Wikipedia poses as an unreliable source because of people like the man in this cartoon. This mess around with the system as a joke. Seeing as it is a universal medium people of all ages and IQ’s read the information and interpret it to be true. They will then relay this information to other people, what was once a made up definition by a bored person or sometimes just an error is now know as a fact to other people. Given there are experts who edit the pages there still are many errors missed or ones they have not had time to see yet.
  • If Wikipedia is unreliable why is it that it is still commonly used? There is a simple answer, it is free. With the economy today no one really passes up anything that is for free. Other reasons are because it is fast, you do not have to be too intelligent to comprehend what is written in the articles. Essentially everyone can use Wikipedia which is why this site has become so popular.
  • As we progress into the future technology advances are increasing and we are becoming more intricate in all parts on life. For example I know throughout my day I get very short tempered with things that are not quick and easy. This may partly be because of the fact I grew up around cell phones, whenever I need to talk to someone or remind them of something it can be done right at my finger tips. Instant messaging, facebook, and texting all shorten our capacity for deep learning. Studies have shown academic performance has decreased while obesity and laziness have increased due to social media technologies. In reference back to the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr here is a picture of the astronaut killing the supercomputers circuitry. I believe if we keep increasing these social media technologies our importance will be less significant because we will lose a part of ourselves to technology. We created this equipment to help and better us but we will always be superior to it because we can feel and have emotions.
  • While Wikipedia is unreliable the creator, Jimmy Wales, has created a new website called Citizendium which is similar to Wikipedia except some improvements have been made. This website will also contain the edit button except identification must be given which will help because the main reason people mess with it today is because they know they will not get caught so to them it is just funny to mess around with. But now that they must divulge information about themselves they will be less likely to screw with it if they know there will be consequences. Also, it will be checked by many more experts than Wikipedia is checked with now. When we are informed of how reliable our sources are they can actually benefit us when used correctly.
  • Beginning with a simple invention, the sundial, our world was opened up to this premise of time. It completely changed people because they know centered everything on this ideal of time, scheduling and organizing our days efficiently. As technology progressed into what rely on today it is easy to see while they may be efficient and help us utilize resources we are more fixated on proficiency and professionalism than easy, enjoyable things in life. We have turned into a “dot-communism” referred to in the article “The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society is Coming Online.” Everyone today is technologically savvy and we rely on equipment, tools, and machinery for everything.
  • Wikipedia

    1. 1. Wikipedia
    2. 2. Overview • Universal Medium • Easy To Edit • Unreliable • Why it Still Works • Complexity • Citizendium • Technological Advances
    3. 3. Universal Medium
    4. 4. Easy to Edit
    5. 5. Unreliable
    6. 6. Why It Still Works
    7. 7. Technology Makes Life More Complex • Decreases cognitive performance
    8. 8. New & Improved
    9. 9. Advances