SAS and the environment


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SAS and the environment

  1. 1. SAS and the environmentCopenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps Seminar August 2009 Martin Porsgaard Director Sustainability & Environment /
  2. 2. SAS Airlines: •Production OSL •Production STO •Production CPH •Blue1 •Wideröe + ground: Technical Cargo SAS in brief: • 1,200 daily dep • 140 destinations • 34 countries • 20.000 employees • 30 mill passengers • Europes most punctu
  3. 3. The global environmental challenge • Greenhouse gas emissions are an effect of airline operations • Today aviation 2–3% of global CO2 emissions • Air travel is expanding (over time) • Critical opinionSAS and the environment
  4. 4. Facts about aviation Aviation • represents 8% of global GNP • generates 32 million jobs worldwide • is a safe, global mass transit system • Connecting people, business and goodwillSAS and the environment
  5. 5. Striking a balance – the challenge of aviationSAS and the environment
  6. 6. SAS and the environmentSAS Group and the environment 2008
  7. 7. Principal strategic targets• 20% lower emissions by 2020-traffic growth incl.• 50% lower emissions per unit produced by 2020.• Possibility to fly with 0% greenhouse emissions 2050 SAS and the environment
  8. 8. SAS’s environmental strategy targets for 2020SAS and the environment
  9. 9. SAS/IATA’s vision of possibility to fly with zero emissions by 2050SAS and the environment
  10. 10. SAS environment goals 2008 – 2011SAS aims to• be seen as the most environmentally conscious airline in Europé• have certified environment management systems in accordance with ISO 14001• have the industrys most efficient fuel saving program• be among the first airlines to blend in alternative fuel when approved and available• have a long-term plan for aircraft fleet that leads to a significant CO2 reductionSAS and the environment
  11. 11. Technological progress Strong industry track record Over the last 40 years • Soot has been eliminated • Noise reduced 75% • Fuel efficiency improved 70% Further 25% by 2020 • ATA 30% by 2025SAS and the environment
  12. 12. Emissions containment instruments Technological Infrastructure Operational Economic progress improvements measures instruments ACARE NUAC Fuel saving ETS New technology Effective flight programme Taxes, Charges Alternative fuel management Green approach and Regulations Improved Single sky aerodynamicsSAS and the environment
  13. 13. Sustainable traffic growth and reduced environmental impactSAS activity list:• Fuel saving programme, target: 3% reduction in 2007–08 and 6–7% 2010• "Green approach", potential saving every landing approx. 350 kg CO2• Fly slower – tests show 860 km/h to 780 km/h = reduced CO2 by 420 kg on Bergen–Oslo• Improved flight planning• CO2 offset programme. Customers to buy CO2 reduction equalling emission• All SAS duty travels CO2 compensated• Reducing weight – e.g. new seats• Eco-cruise (distance, position and time allowing). Start June 2007, STO, OSL and CPH• Continuous pressure on EU to establish the Single European Sky – 12% potential reduction• More direct and efficient flights through EU/Nordic project (NUAC)• SAS pressure and dialogues with aircraft and engine manufacturers, and suppliers of alt fuels SAS and the environment
  14. 14. SAS Group and the Environment “Flying High with a Green Approach”SAS and the environment
  15. 15. Operational measuresSAS Group and the environment 2008(Arlandas goal is to achieve 80% green approaches – transatlantic flights included – by 2012)
  16. 16. Sustainable biojet fuel development timelineSAS and the environment
  17. 17. SAS and the environmentCOP15 - and the environment focus in DK 2009:Official airlineGreening partnerSpeak on conferencesEngagement together with IATADialogue partners, providers,decisionmakersImpact the process and deliver SAS and the environment
  18. 18. Inspiring Innovation Solar ImpulseImage of Solar Impulse…Paul has it