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R enew europe, charles nielsen

  1. 1. Making Denmark No 1 in the World on intelligent biomass utilization In Denmark for the World
  2. 2. Fossil Sustainable society
  3. 3. In 9 out of 12 scenarios developed by the US Energy Information Agency conventional oil production peaks before 2050There is an alternativeSource: Energy Information Agency, International Energy Agency
  4. 4. And the potential is enormous
  5. 5. The World is moving - we cannot waitGovernments invest in green growth (to name a few):• Germany € 2,400,000,000 in biorefining• Holland €115,000,000 in biorefining• South Korea € 65, 000,000,000 in energy and environment• Significant investments in China and USA
  6. 6. A joint Danish strategy could create…• New revenues and green growth• New export potential• A Biobased society• Preferred partner
  7. 7. Resulting in… 10,000,000 ton biomass Refining new productsDKK 50,000,000,000 sale/year 10,000 new jobs
  8. 8. The journey has already begunCommercially available 2nd G bioethanol
  9. 9. We want to take the next step…This initiative has another scope than a full scale ethanol production facilityWe intend to demonstrate new refining technologies
  10. 10. Our lead now• Biomass tradition• Associated research environment• Center for Biosustainability• DONG Inbicon• Market-leading companies within biorefining
  11. 11. Right nowWe have– First draft to a common 2020 ambition with a roadmap– Engagement from important stakeholders– Formalized organization– Demoscale facilities
  12. 12. Our roadmap2012National research programmesAccelerated innovation2013 - 2015Upgraded demo-facilities2015 – 2020DemonstrationExport technology & Know How2020Basis for full scale solutions all over
  13. 13. Renew Europe is…With BioRefining initiative we will:• Build a public and private neutral organization• Secure our intent - from oil to bio• Involve all stakeholders in 4 fast tracks: – High Speed technology innovation – International research programmes – Support to national and international Regulatory framework – Communication to all stakeholders
  14. 14. The founding partners will ensure• R&D activities (~ DKK 200,000,000 a year)• Finance of the organization• Demonstration facilities• Coordination of players• Association to experts• Partnering
  15. 15. Public sector as a partnerPublic partners can contribute by:• Use and develop the common national 2020 ambition for BioRefining• Be an active partner in the organization• Establish national research program – MDKK 300 a year• MDKK 200 for demonstration facility• Use the BioRefining Clusters and partners in international promotion
  16. 16. Organization Board Management National World Class R&T strategy DemocasesTask Forces Task Forces Task ForcesAgriculture Refining Fuel & materials
  17. 17. Founding partners Participants ActiFoods Amagerforbrænding AgroTech Mandag Morgen ATV Klimakonsortiet Cluster Biofuels Denmark Kalundborg EU Kontor Center for Systems Microbiology 3F DTU Biosustainability Center Fødevareministeriet DTU Institut for Kemiteknik Ingeniørforeningen DTU, RISØ Landbrug & Fødevarer DONG Energy Kalundborg Kommune, KL Haldor Topsøe Miljøstyrelsen, miljøteknologi Højteknologifonden Novozymes KU-LIFE Økonomi & Erhvervsministeriet Aarhus Universitet Center for grøn transport Dansk Naturfredningsforening Teknologirådet DI Bioenergi Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster SCANIA DANMARK Amagerforbrænding Niras Hansen PR
  18. 18. Your contribution Thank You! Charles Nielsen, Director R&D Dong Energy chani@dongenergy.dk Or contactPh.D. Morten Harmsen, Project Coordinator mohm@novozymes.com