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EVs and Home Energy


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EVs and Home Energy

  1. 1. GreenWave RealitySmarthome & EV.August 24th, 2011 1
  2. 2. GreenWave Reality Vision Empowering people to achieve an intelligent, energy-efficient home benefiting the global environment and future generations For Utilities: For Consumers: • Flexible, Scalable and Secure Residential • Enable monitoring and control of energy Energy Management Platform consuming devices in the home • Tools to assist with peak load balancing • Conserve energy, save money and make minimizing the need for new plants a positive impact on the environment • Enhance relationship with customers to Visual Networking experience • Deliver a great consumer maximize customer retention Communications lifestyle changes requiring minimal • Affordable Solution with Creative • Educate and engage consumers on how financing models (e.g., leasing) to be more “green”
  3. 3. Key Market TrendsGovernments Utilities ConsumersRegulation mandating residential Comply with Government Escalating usage and costsSmart Meters led by the EU Regulations Increased desire to be “green”Caps on CO2 emissions/incenting Connected Minimize Peak Demands and (i.e. recycling) Visual Networkingrenewables Capital for new plants Home Expect Benefit from Smart Grid CommunicationsIncandescent Lights banned Reduce customer churn of up investments Information to 20% caused by De-regulation
  4. 4. Consumers See No BenefitConsumers want to make a difference and conserve energy - Bills continue to increase - Don’t have visibility and control to reduce energy use - Unable to make a positive impact on the environment
  5. 5. Introduction VideoGreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  6. 6. GreenWave RealitySolution
  7. 7. Household Savings Up to 30% Off-Peak Electric Car Charging Awareness,Heating and Cooling Monitoring and Control of Devices Lighting GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  8. 8. GreenWave Reality Platform Monitoring / Control Devices Intuitive User Interfaces Monitoring, Control & Data Services Platform Ecosystem Compatibility Utility Portal
  9. 9. Focus on Ease of Use Consumer Relationship “Coach” Smart Controls Lifestyle Integration
  10. 10. Consumer Experience Web Experience Mobile ExperienceGreenWave Reality Company Confidential GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  11. 11. Standard based solutions GreenWave focuses on standard based solutions No Proprietary protocols 3rd party interfaces adopted to standards TCP/IPGreenWave Reality Company Confidential GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  12. 12. System Network OverviewUtility User Utility Server Z-Wave Smart GridGreenWave Z-Wave PLC/ZigBeeConnection 3G/GPRS Broker GWR Z-Wave Controller Metadata Smart Server Internet Meter GWR GWR ZigBee GateWay Light Bulb GWR Media Vault Z-Wave Service Provider WAN LAN GWR Router PowerNode GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  13. 13. Open Standards Solutions with Enhanced Security TCP/IP & Protocol Abstraction TCP/IPProtocol Zig-bee Std. Zig-bee Prt. TCP-IP X-10 Z-Wave RS-232/485 UPnPDevice Thermostat Smart meter IP Camera Motion sensor Power node Security panel Connected TVVendor Danfoss Landis & Gyr Linksys X-10 ADT Philips GreenWave Honeywell GE D-Link EagleEye Brinks Samsung AlertMe GE Kamstrup NetGear Everspring Securitas Vizio Echelon Panasonic SecureWireless Honeywell Sony GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  14. 14. Enhanced Security Security Utility Smart Grid Utility Server Gateway Internet Connection Broker SSL Using 2048bit RSA encryption Appliances Metadata Server AES based secure payload encodingGreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  15. 15. Security Renewable Fire EMS LightingAMI Demand Response
  16. 16. Product PortfolioEnergy Monitoring & Control Customer Experiences Lighting Platform Strategic Programs
  17. 17. Advanced Metering Infrastructure Solution
  18. 18. AMI PlatformMeet Regulations, Low Cost – In Home Display – Simplified Power PortalCompetitive Advantages – Industry Leading Cost – Single Home & Multi-Level Homes – Scalable PlatformScales to Complete Solution – Full Energy Portal – Smart Controls – Basic Heating / Cooling – Electric Vehicle
  19. 19. Past Bills
  20. 20. Energy Reporting
  21. 21. Demand Response Solution
  22. 22. PowerNode PRO Electric Car Charging Awareness,Heating, Cooling, and Monitoring and Large Appliances Control of Lighting Devices
  23. 23. DONG Eflex
  24. 24. Demand ResponseImmediate Infrastructure Needs – Balancing Energy Use – Meet Forecasts, Reduce Peeks, Utilize Renewable EnergyKey GreenWave Products – PowerNode PRO Demand Response – Utility Platform & Load AlgorithmsInvestment scales to Energy Management and Service Offerings DR Example Manual Steering Smart Controls
  25. 25. Integration ExampleDONG Energy - Data Flow Pricing and Energy Availability Consumer Devices Heating / Cooling EV Charging • Consumer Preferences • Charging Schedule • Charging Controls • Consumer Behavior Charging Controls are Set andGrid Load Monitored
  26. 26. GreenWave Utility Portal Monitor and Manage GreenWave system – Integrate GWR tools into one Portal • Epoxy, Roxy, Nagios, and Customer UI Access – Send Utility branded Messages and Conservation Alerts Visual Exploration of Installations – Monitor regional and individual home power usage real-time – Flexible map visualizations and powerful search capabilitiesSystem Administration – Create and Manage Utility and Customer Accounts – Report Energy Usage, Trends, and Utility and GWR Metrics
  27. 27. Rich and Text Messaging
  28. 28. Energy Management Solution
  29. 29. GreenWave ProductsGreenWave Reality Company Confidential GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  30. 30. Sample Starter Pack GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  31. 31. Display Overview GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  32. 32. Danfoss Thermostat Thermostat Announced Shortly – Home Level Control – Individual Room Control – Web, iPhone, Display Integration Web Interface Display Interface
  33. 33. Aircondition UI Overview
  34. 34. GreenWave Lighting Platform & Bulbs
  35. 35. GreenWave Lighting Program Multiple Standards OEM Lighting Gateway andGreenWave LED Bulbs Application for Bulb MFGs and Others Compatibility with 3rd Party Products (CFLs, Sensors) for Full Product Line
  36. 36. 3-Level Residential Lighting Solution LAN Local Area Network Level 2: LAN/App Support WAN Wide Area Network HAN Home Area Network Level 1: Simple, HAN Only Level 3: Internet/Remote Access
  37. 37. Lighting Gateway Overview Cost Optimized Gateway – Single radio, Single Antenna – No USB, No I/O Expanders – Low power -> ~0.4W in Operation IPv6 – Complete IP Ecosystem Lighting Software Platform – SSDP Discovery – Simple Web UI for settings and firmware updates – Generic API for IP Clients (iPad, iPhone, Android, Google TV, Apple TV, Mac App)Basic Application – Free Application – iPhone and iPad Optimized Applications – In Home (LAN) Setup and ControlUpgrade to Remote Access – Enable Monitor and Control From anywhere
  38. 38. GWR & Partners – Complete Product Line 7W to 20W 2W to 120W CFL LED Popular Form Factors Additional LED Form Factors
  39. 39. GWR Smartlight
  40. 40. TCP CFL‟s GreenWave LED LSG LED (Google Bulb)TCP PAR30/38 LED‟s
  41. 41. iPad and iPhone Lighting Applications Full Lighting Control – Individual Bulbs – Rooms – Smart Controls – Similar Experience to EMS Two Access Models – LAN only by default – Paid upgrade to WAN access / control
  42. 42. My Lights Product Image Icons – Consumers can change to photography Lighting Control – Tap On / Off – Slider for Dimming – Fixture Grouping Room Control – On / Off / Dim
  43. 43. Creating Fixtures
  44. 44. Managing Rooms
  45. 45. Easy device adoption using GUI assets and GreenWave GOP API iPhoneGoogle TV Android Web Browser
  46. 46. Android Mobile Application Release: On Android Store
  47. 47. Portal Branding
  48. 48. Pulling It All Together
  49. 49. Foundation for the “Smart Home” Plug Loads / Metering and Consumer and Heating and Lighting Control Utillity Interfaces Cooling Networking and White Goods Home Security and Media & Internet EMS Communication Fire Packages Services Package Communication
  50. 50. DOE EV Freedom car
  51. 51. US Electrified Vehicle Goal1,000,000 Plug-In Vehicles by 2015 • This goal includes BEVs and PHEVs. Technologies enabled by Lithium Ion battery technology advances. • Announced OEM production plans total 1.2 M EVs by 2015 cumulatively (further OEMs are expected to market EVs). • DOE‟s actions: Investments (R&D and productions), Demonstrations and Incentives. • 3 and 2.4 billion dollars investment loans in Battery Facilities and support for EV component. “With more research and incentives, we can break our dependence on oil with biofuels, and become the first country to have a million electric vehicles on the road by 2015” President Barack Obama, 2011 State of the Union Benefits: • Reduced petroleum dependence • Environmental stewardship • Green collar job creation GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  52. 52. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingHistorical Perspective on Connector Standards: • In 1913 there were 30,000 EVs in US GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  53. 53. DOE Freedom carSmart Grid Development • US initiatives for electrified vehicles: a driver for Smart Grid Development • Plug-in Electric Vehicles Initiatives • EV and charging Demonstrations • Smart Grid Communication and Metering Components • UMAN • Compact Metrology • Home Getaway • Codes and Standards for Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging • Electric vehicle codes and standards play a key role in deployment of interoperable charging and communication infrastructure. • Harmonization of those standards on a global basis, even though they are not identical, ensures that they are compatible. GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  54. 54. Smart Vehicle-Grid InterfaceRequires standard connectivity/communication protocols to minimize impact on automotive industry and utilities/grid operators(cost, complexity, reliability) GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  55. 55. FreedomCAR Grid Interaction Tech Team (GITT)Support a transition scenario to large scale grid-connected vehicle charging with transformationaltechnology, proof of concept and information dissemination • The GITT addresses connectivity between light duty plug-in vehicles, the charging infrastructure and the electric power grid, focusing on the following: • Reduced Cost of Electric Charging Infrastructure • Harmonization of Global Connectivity Standards • Enabling Technology Development • Enhanced Viability of Fast/Consumer-Friendly Charging • Managed Vehicle Charging Loads Consistent with Smart Grid GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  56. 56. Home GatewayIssue • Home area networks (HANs) will utilize smart meters and appliances with communication and control capability (e.g., Zigbee) to manage/balance loads; PEVs are essentially a large appliance must be compatible with the „gateway‟ (i.e., SAE J2847 compliant messaging)Objective • Develop a test fixture to verify compliance with SAE J2847, focusing on vehicle-gateway communicationApproach • Emulate EVSE communication with a production gateway to be provided by a supplier; expand to include the utility, EVSE and vehicle as the balance of the system hardware becomes available. GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  57. 57. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingEach type of vehicle has unique charging needs: • Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) • Very limited electric range –small battery 5-10 kWhr • Charge power 1-3 kW • Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) • Increased electric range –medium battery 10-20 kWhr • Charge power up to 6 kW • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) • All electric range –large battery >20kWhr • Charge power > 6 kW GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  58. 58. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingSAE J2953 EVSE-PEV-EUMD-Utility Compatibility • Many Combinations of EVs, EVSE and Utility Region Installations GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  59. 59. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingCodes and Standards – Drive for Harmonization • Test Procedures, Hardware, Communication Protocol…)
  60. 60. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingAC Charging Connector Options GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  61. 61. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingDC Charging Connector – “Fast Charge” • Working to harmonize • Type 1 or Type 2 “core”, adding DC contacts • DC contact location and other physical features are common • Common control signals GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  62. 62. Codes and standards for plug-in Electric Vehicle ChargingLooking Forward: SAE J2954-Wireless EV Charging • Customer transparency and seamlessness for EV/PHEV charging without having to physically connect. • Smart Grid programmability • Global Harmonization for wireless power transfer Inductive Charging Magnetic Resonance Electromagnetic field used to transfer energy Based on coupling when two objects exchange between two objects in close proximity. energy oscillating magnetic fields. Occurs when A charging station sends energy through inductive natural frequency each object is approx. the same. coupling to an electrical device, which stores the Two idealized resonant magnetic coils, shown in energy in the batteries. yellow. The blue and red color bands illustrate their magnetic fields. The coupling of their respective magnetic fields is indicated by the connection of the Color bands. GreenWave Reality Company Confidential
  63. 63. Thank you GreenWave Reality Company Confidential 67