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Hans martin møller market potential for water


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Hans martin møller market potential for water

  1. 1. Market potential for foreign companies © Copyright, Grontmij A/S 2011 Denmark as a global water hub – a new ship with solutions
  2. 2. The Nordic Platform - Europes brainWATER ENERGY © Copyright, Grontmij A/S 2011 FOOD
  3. 3. Public, Private & Research Institutions…. creating a uniqe partnership 3  Combining technologies to solutions  New innovative network  From research to invoice © Copyright, Grontmij A/S 2011  Creating value for all stakeholders  A big potential for serious water business
  4. 4. Water 5.0 4 Integrated water solutions to megacities Groundwater as a drinking water ressource Technologies for mapping and moddeling geology and flowTechnologies for insitu mesuring of quality and flow Technologies for optimized pumping and resource management © Copyright, Grontmij A/S 2011Climate change – flooding and raising groundwater Energy and water Food and Water
  5. 5. Water 5.0 : World class showcase for watertechnology and god practice 5 © Copyright, Grontmij A/S 2011
  6. 6. Micro-Sieve/MembraneUtility 5.0 ReThinkWater MBR Incl. pre-sedimentation Membrane Bio Reactor Yellow water Anammox- N: 87% of load  CO2 neutral Reactor P: 50%  Producing Energy removing NH4  Producing phosphorous
  7. 7. Water & Energy – the golden possibility 7 Solar pumps – energy efficiency as simple as that  Life link  Cooling/heating  Pumped storrage  Energy efficiency
  8. 8. Climate change Global potential / Leading expertises concerning, e.g. - FLOOD risk management - Advanced FLOOD modelling - Modelling of rising groundwater - Climate adaptation strategies for water companies Fig. 1. Climate adaptation strategy Fig. 2. Advanced FLOOD modelling Fig. 3. Urban Flood management
  9. 9. Water and Food - Focusing on Water footprint The Nordic kitchen Agriculture & Food production
  10. 10. Every solution must always solvemore than one problem
  11. 11. The Danish Water technologiesmatches the global challenge 11Water is the golden egg in Danish cleantech