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Cleantech conferences and Exhibitions

  1. 1. CICEF Copenhagen International Clean Energy Fair International Exhibition & Conference Energy Efficiency & Cleantech Bella Center, 9 – 11 October 2012CICEF ApSSven Thy ChristensenGWACTG Cleantech WorkshopCopenhagen, 24 August 2011
  2. 2. Agenda• GWA Seminar - background• Copenhagen – a leading sustainable city• acknowleged industry needs• our visision• our objectives‟• introducing Copenhagen Int‟L Clean Energy Fair – CICEF • Profile, offerings, what to learn, promotion, needs reflected• relevant sectors • visitors and participants• the conferences• the exhibition• international outreach and references
  3. 3. GWA Seminar 2011 • rapid changes – faster than ever • evident impact of globalization • act globally and connect locally • our common goal: • to promote Copenhagen as a „world class city‟
  4. 4. What makes Copenhagen a leader in sustainable energy?• it is the home of numerous global suppliers of clean and sustainable technology• it offers practical and applicable solutions for most energy needs• it has a proven track record in the development of clean cities• it is a hub for test and demonstration• it is the home of a world leading Cleantech cluster• it offers a high level of experience in technology transfer• it has demonstrated efficient solutions with proven functionality
  5. 5. Recent industry statements…..…….. what we need is:• a place where we make business• a high profile market place• a place where we meet clients, sector colleagues• a leading platform for promotion of technologies• to keep it simple for people with hands-on experience• a place for where we find and negotiate proven, applicable and competitive technologySource: Own development based on telephone conversations and interviews with Danish industrial companies in the energy and, marine industries. Spring 2010.
  6. 6. Our vision “The sustainable profile of Copenhagen - combined with the industry‟s need and the increasing global demand for energy in developed and developing countries - presents us with the opportunity to let the city host a yearly high profile platform for the exchange of clean energy technology”
  7. 7. Joint objectives for Copenhagen and Cicef • to develop and strengthen the commercial and scientific activity of the Danish energy Cleantech sector • to support the local and international goal of a clean fossil free energy • to provide a global meeting point for clean energy in Copenhagen • to establish a platform for global partnerships with an international outreach • to make North European technology visible and available in developed and developing countries
  8. 8. CICEF profileThe Copenhagen International Clean Energy Fair will be a globalmeeting place for professionals in the trade and interchange of cleanenergy technologies for the futureCrossing sectors, reflecting the local industry and hereby creatingcritical mass, the event will present the latest solutions for energyefficiency and clean technology together with their practicalapplications
  9. 9. What will CICEF offer• focus on sustainable energy generation for a clean and intelligent development of our cities and a transport sectors• meet the global expectation of a strong global growth, i.e. • sustainable use of conventional technologies • renewable energy and intelligent technology• provide a forum to network with • experienced high tech companies, typically suppliers of • large projects • cutting-edge products • and single niche components.
  10. 10. What will you learn more about at CICEF?• sustainable solutions for conventional technology• energy efficiency• biofuels and other sustainable alternatives• emission control and reduction• onshore and offshore wind power, geothermal, hydro, solar -• clean & smart cities• sustainable ship propulsion, airplanes, trains, cars …
  11. 11. Promoting Copenhagen and local competencesThe technology seekers The international technology seekers will visit Copenhagen in search of technology, interchange of knowledge, and to buy products and solutions and make partnerships. Together we will create a platform where all sector related services are represented. Gradually we all together will consolidate Copenhagen position as a leading cluster for cleantech
  12. 12. Cicef reflects industry needs and will….• be supported by leading industry and trade organisations• be a place to meet clients, sector colleagues, scientists,…• become a leading platform for promotion and trade of clean technologies• be – and already is - strongly promoted internationally• a tool for the development and interchange of clean technology• become a meeting point for the sector´s domestic and foreign players
  13. 13. Sectors
  14. 14. Who will you meet at the CICEF event?• CICEF will be a global meeting place for professionals in the trade and interchange of clean energy technologies for the future• CICEF will provide a forum to network with numerous experienced high-tech companies that are leading suppliers of large projects, cutting-edge products and single niche components• you will have the opportunity to attend high-level, technical and economic conferences covering the latest findings in clean and sustainable energy• you will find state-of-the-art, sustainable energy solutions and meet potential partners• you will have the opportunity to initiate research with leading universities and scientists
  15. 15. Participants
  16. 16. Our partnersCooperation partners: • Copenhagen Capacity • Kotra (South Korea) • FICCI (India, in negotiation) • Mediehuset IngeniørenMedia partners • Ingeniøren • QE International (India) • Energetica (International)
  17. 17. Conference ProgramAs per 24 August 2011 Generation & Emissions Energy Efficiency Green City Financing & Policy Renewable Conventional* Transport Buildings Clean City Financing models Sustainable & Political tools Combustion Urbanism Emission Reduction & Management • Biofuels • Gas • Vehicles • Metering • Clean City • Corporate Finance for Infrastructure sustainable development • Wind • Oil • Logistic • Lighting • Cross boarder • Project Finance for Cooperation sustainable development • Hydro • Coal & alternatives • Toll-roads • District Heating • Sustainability from • Global, EU and centralized energy supply domestic initiatives for a in high-density cities sustainable energy supply • Solar • Emission Control & • Sustainable • Sustainability from • Political tools for a Management Manufacturing decentralized energy sustainable development supplyi n high-density cities • Geotherm. • Emission Reduction • Sustainable Health- • Sustainability care from decentralized energy generation in households and communities • Other
  18. 18. FairsMajor international fairs visited by CICEF and partners Sept 2010 – Aug 2011 Event Place Event Place SolarSec √ Valencia, Spain PV Rome Mediterranean √ Rome, Italy Husum Wind √ Husum, Germany PowerExpo √ Zaragoza, Spain World Future Energy Sum. √ Abu Dhabi, UAE Solar Power International L.A., USA PV Taiwan Tapei, Taiwan Direc √ New Delhi, India Expobioenergía √ Valladolid, Spain Power India √ Mombai, India CanWea Montreal, Canada India Electricity New Delhi, India Energaia √ Montpellier, France Intersolar √ Mombai, India EBW Bio Energy London, UK Energy India Mombai, India Renewable Energy Exh. Lyon, France Energy & Environment New Delhi, India Egética-Expoenergética √ Valencia, Spain EWEA √ Brussels, Belgium Hannover Wind/ Energy √ Hannover, Germany WWEC Cairo, Egypt Solar Expo √ Verona, Italy PowerGen √ New Delhi, India Genera √ Madrid, Spain PowerGen Europe √ Milan, Italy Intersolar √ Münich, Germany ExpoElectrica Mexico DF, Mexico Sireme √ Paris, France R-Energy Buenos Aires, Argentina Eur. Future Energy Forum √ Bilbao, Spain Intersolar √ San Francisco, USA Solarcon Hyderabad, India Etc.
  19. 19. Thank you for your time and attendance!CICEF ApSSven Thy ChristensenGasværksvejDK-1656 Kbh Vtel: +45 3812 4362 e-mail: