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  1. 1. COMMISSIONER DONG ENERGY HALDOR TOPSOE Applauding green Clusters create Catalysing your collar focus s. 8 champions s. 14 future s. 32 Cleantech C o p e n h a g e n J o u r n a l C O P E N H AG E N C L E A N T EC H PA RK - P RO B A B LY T H E B E ST C L E A N T EC H LO C AT I O N I N T H E WO RL D # 1 VO L . 1 S U M M E R 2 0 1 1 CLIMATE MINISTER digs in at new cleantech beacon s. 8 COPENHAGEN CLEANTECH PARK Cluster and infrastructure milestone s. 18 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 1 P U B L I S H E D BY B U S I N E S S F RE D E RI KS S U N D I N C O L L A B O RAT I O N W I T H C O P E N H AG E N C A PAC I T Y A N D C O P E N H AG E N C L E A N T E C H C LU ST E R
  2. 2. Cleantech WELCOME TO C o p e n h a g e n J o u r n a l COPENHAGEN CLEANTECH JOURNAL #1 IN COLLABORATION WITH COPENHAGEN CLEANTECH CLUSTER OUR INVITATION TO JOIN FORCES TOWARDS A BRIGHT, GREEN FUTURE! EXECUTIVE EDITOR The future looks bright for global green growth, and we are thrilled that you have Peter Bo Andersen, MD picked up the first edition of the Copenhagen Cleantech Journal. CCJournal is designed to promote global cleantech visions and solutions, thus providing indus- PUBLISHER tries, research institutions and private and public organisations with a platform for Copenhagen Cleantech Park - discussing and encouraging best practice in cleantech locations as well as investment Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster partner and business partnerships. ADDRESS LET US WALK THE CLEANTECH WALK! Copenhagen Cleantech Park It is no coincidence that the CCJournal is being launched from Northern Europe’s and c/o Business Frederikssund Scandinavia’s unrivalled green hub – Copenhagen – where green, sustainable think- Havnegade 5, DK-3600 Frederikssund ing comes naturally. We are open for your suggestions, requests and environmen- Tel. + 45 47 31 37 01 THE EUROPEAN UNION tally clean business. We invite you to join us as we walk the cleantech walk with our The European Regional partners in the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster – probably the best cleantech location Development Fund Investing in your future in the world. TRANSLATION Ad Hoc Translatørservice A/S Peter Bo Andersen, MD, Copenhagen Cleantech Park and Steen Donner, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity, partners of PRINT Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster. 10.000 copies Steen Donner and Peter Bo Andersen Photo: Carsten Lundager PRINTING HOUSE CO2-neutral printing by KLS Grafisk Hus A/S GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTENT WATERFRONT Communications A/S COMMISSIONER DONG ENERGY HALDOR TOPSOE FRONT PAGE PHOTO OF LYKKE FRIIS Applauding green Clusters create Catalysing your Anders Birch collar focus p. 8 champions p. 14 future p. 32 MINISTER FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY TOPIC: THE ERA OF SCARCITIES p. 20 INVEST IN DENMARK: HAS A GROUNDBREAKING DAY p. 4 DENMARK IS THE BEST PLACE RAMBOLL: ENERGY EFFICIENCY IS A TO DO BUSINESS p. 38 THE IMPORTANCE OF FRAMEWORK COLLECTIVE UNDERTAKING p. 24 CONDITIONS FOR CLEANTECH AND COPENHAGEN CLEANTECH CLUSTER RENEWABLE ENERGY p. 12 CLIMATE MINISTER : “AN NEWS & MILESTONES p. 41 INSPIRATIONAL CLEANTECH CASE!” p. 28 MAYOR OLE FIND JENSEN: CLEANTECH DATES p. 43 THE CLEANTECH LOCATION CAPITAL REGION CHAIR: OF TOMORROW p. 18 THE GREEN REGION OF CHOICE p. 362 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 3
  3. 3. BY LARS ABILD PHOTO: LARS DALBY AND PREBEN PATHUEL MINISTER FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY HAS A GROUND- wealth of ideas, plans and applications that the green energy trend is genera- ting,” says Keld Lindegaard Andersen. BREAKING DAY HE TOOK THE COMPANY’S HELM IN 2005 and has developed Topsil into an enter- prise that has faced difficult odds only to become a hugely successful company, The first step is important. Also at Copenhagen Cleantech Park, where Denmark’s Minister for Climate and listed on NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen since Energy, Lykke Friis, broke the ground upon which the park’s first cleantech beacon will soon be up and running. 1986. Few Danish companies of Topsil’s size can match the financial performance of the company, whose revenues catapulted Keld Lindegaard Andersen from DKK 147 million in 2006 to DKK 456 million last year. Its earnings before inter- est and taxes almost tripled in the same Climate Minister Lykke Friis gets inspiration from Topsil management and green industries first hand period, soaring from DKK 33 million in 2006 to DKK 89 million in 2010. THE COMPANY’S GROWTH HAS IMPRESSED current in trains, for example. Obviously, THE MINISTER, herself a woman who likes the current intensity and voltage used When asked about the location of Topsil’s to work in high gear. Before the ground- vary greatly between train engines and chief competitors internationally, the CEO breaking ceremony, held in the Greenfield computers. Silicon is also used in wind named several countries, including Japan, part of the new commercial area Copen- turbines, and much of the silicon we pro- but said China is also seeing a rise in the hagen Cleantech Park, CEO Keld Linde- duce is used in industrial electric motors number of manufacturers. gaard Andersen gave a presentation about so they can run with maximum energy Topsil and a tour of its current domicile. efficiency. However, they lack the advanced tech- Since we are focusing on the emerging nology Topsil possesses, and the company TOPSIL PRODUCES ULTRA-PURE SILICON electric and hydrogen vehicle markets, will increase its advantage when it moves WAFERS ABOUT THE SIZE OF A CD. The wa- our company can clearly benefit from the into its new plant in the Copenhagen å fers begin as melted polysilicon. Rods with seed crystal are dipped into the molten silicon and slowly extracted as large cylin- drical ingots. Once the ultra-pure silicon ingots have been sliced and polished into wafers with high electrical resistivity they ”WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE,” said a In view of Topsil’s exponential growth in developing at full speed, but so are its are ready for use in semiconductor manu- smiling Lykke Friis on a sunny day in early recent years, the plant is slated for com- rivals on the international market. As a facturing. April as, amidst much fanfare, she cut the pletion in a mere 18 months’ time and is result, Topsil is taking concrete action to first sod of Topsil’s new plant in Frederiks- being built to meet the need for expan- solidify and then enhance its position. “Our products are used in systems for sund, part of the Copenhagen Region. sion from the start. Topsil’s customers are regulating extremely high voltage Climate Minister Lykke Friis exploring ultra-pure silicon production4 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 5
  4. 4. MINISTER FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY HAS A GROUNDBREAKING DAY Clusters can play a crucial role as we col- its place at that vanguard. CEO Keld Lin- lectively realise the vision of a Denmark degaard Andersen explains that Topsil, without fossil fuels. A vision that takes although currently the sole of its kind in companies that can be at the vanguard.” Denmark, operates in an international forum, where competitors and customers AS THE PRIME MOVER OF THE COPENHA- alike are located elsewhere – in Europe, GEN CLEANTECH PARK, Topsil is taking the USA and especially Asia. KLIMAMINISTEREN TOG STIKKET HJEM “GODT BEGYNDT ER HALVT FULDENDT”, modstand, kan den bruges i blandt andet har skubbet på for at få Copenhagen sagde en storsmilende klima- og energi- cleantechindustrien. Cleantech Park etableret. minister Lykke Friis, da hun i april under ”Tre ud af fire af vores skiver ender i stor bevågenhed tog det første spadestik cleantech applikationer. Det giver god Nøjagtig det var den danske klima- og til Topsils nye fabrik i den kommende mening at skabe sammenhæng mellem energiminister også glad for, og hun Cleantech Park uden for Frederikssund. det, der driver vores marked, og det, som var derfor opmuntrende i sine ord til de driver Topsil. Vi skal lave en virksomhed, fremmødte: Som det er tilfældet med Topsils meget der er så miljørigtig og ren, som den kan hurtige vækst i de seneste år, er det blive. ”Selvom Danmarks grønne brand er nået planen, at den nye fabrik skal stå klar til over på den anden side af Atlanten, så er The new cleantech park will accomodate Topsil and its focus on growth and use of green energy indflytning om kun 12 måneder og fra VI KAN BEREGNE, HVORDAN VORES konkurrencen langt større end for bare starten være gearet til udbygning. FORBRUG AF VAND OG EL SKAL VÆRE. få år siden. Men når man som I er i gang å Cleantech Park, where it can perfect its WE HAVE BUILD A COMPANY THAT FULLY many players vie for a spot on the Hvordan skal luften være? Vi skal gøre med at skabe en cleantech-park, så er det production process with an optimised RESPECTS THE ENVIRONMENT and that international stage. In a speech addressing Topsils kunder har fart på, men det har det omkostningseffektivt og så lidt klart, at det er vigtigt med et fyrtårn som production flow and a new range of highly is as clean as possible. We can calculate the large gathering, including Topsil em- konkurrenterne på de internationale miljøbelastende, det er muligt. Vi skal i Topsil, der skyder op fra starten. specialised machines. our water and electricity consumption. ployees, politicians and prominent mem- markeder også. Derfor bliver der nu sat videst mulig omfang bruge alternative The quality of the air. We have to think bers of the business community, Lykke Friis ind, så Topsil kan holde fast og siden energikilder, og vi håber, at vi på den Det skal gøre det nemmere at få overtalt ”WE APPRECIATE THE STRONG FOCUS the in terms of cost efficiency and minimum said: “Although Denmark’s brand of forbedre sin position. måde kan inspirere vore omgivelser andre til at være med og slå sig ned i local authorities and Business Frederiks- adverse environmental impact and use al- cleantech has made it across the Atlantic, til at tænke i samme baner,” fortalte Copenhagen Cleantech Park. sund have put on promoting the Copen- ternative energy sources to the maximum the competition is also much stiffer than TOPSILS PRODUKT ER ULTRARENT Topsils administrerende direktør Keld Og det er vigtigt, når vi i fællesskab skal hagen Cleantech Cluster and establishing extent. In this way, we hope to inspire even just a few years ago. SILICUM i form af en skive på størrelse Lindegaard. realisere visionen om, at også Danmark the Copenhagen Cleantech Park. In a sense, other companies to follow our lead.” med en CD. Den starter sit liv som en skal blive fri for fossile brændsler. Det it lets us take our own medicine,” says CEO Consequently, having a company like Top- stang af polysilicium, der smeltes om. Han understregede samtidigt, hvor kræver virksomheder, der kan gå foran.” Keld Lindegaard Andersen, continuing: MINISTER FOR CLIMATE AND ENERGY sil that can serve as an attractive beacon Når materialet når en bestemt renhed vigtigt det har været, at Frederikssund “Three out of four of our wafers end up in LYKKE FRIIS has a keen eye on global clean- from the start clearly adds value to the og dermed en særlig høj elektrisk Kommune og Frederikssund Erhverv cleantech applications. Creating a link be- tech development. creation of a cleantech park like this one, tween the dynamics of Topsil’s market and Not only the opportunities it offers but thus motivating others to join the Copen- our company’s dynamics is a smart strategy. also the mounting challenges that arise as hagen Cleantech Cluster.6 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 7
  5. 5. PHOTO: KLAUS HOLSTING BY PAULA LARRAIN Connie Hedegaard, European CLIMATE COMMISSIONER Commissioner for Climate Action: “Experience shows that setting HEDEGAARD APPLAUDS long-term goals gives us some influence on where we want the market to go.” GREEN COLLAR FOCUS Long-term goals, investment in green collar education and more money to research. According to the EU climate action commissioner, these are Europe’s keys to remaining at the fore of clean technology. MORE RESEARCH AND SUPPORT FOR sector. As a result, the Chinese have “We can provide direct incentives through GREEN COLLAR EDUCATION recently drawn up a five-year energy research funding and better boost the This is the road Europe needs to take if it plan, earmarking USD 738 billion for development of ideas into marketable wants its cleantech industry to lead the investment. To have any chance of com- products. To this end, we can support world’s green charge. peting with that plan, Europe must act the frontrunners directly. However, we now to set goals and invest in its energy can also enlist the immense financial When it comes to energy efficiency, Euro- future. power held by most European countries’ pean Commissioner for Climate Action public sectors by getting them to focus on Connie Hedegaard has done a great “Looking 40 years into the energy sector’s purchasing green goods. This also offers deal to turn the market in its present future can seem abstract, but setting an indirect means of helping companies direction. She also asserts that continual long-term goals gives a rough picture of at the cutting-edge of green solutions,” improvement is a must. the direction in which we want to head. says Connie Hedegaard. Then companies start adapting to the “To keep our lead in the cleantech sector, plan, which in turn spurs investment Another means of both supporting we have to set some long-term goals and research,” says Connie Hedegaard, established industries and attracting new and invest in research and education. highlighting Denmark’s energy strategy, investors entails more closely regulating Similarly, we need to reward those who which takes the country all the way to the construction sector, a solution that dare to be in the vanguard. Experience 2050. Denmark has employed for many years. shows that setting long-term goals gives The commissioner feels that all countries us some influence on where we want the ACTION IS IMPERATIVE can focus more strongly on energy market to go,” says Connie Hedegaard. Companies need to know that politicians’ efficiency in the construction sector. actions speak as loud as their words, for Thanks in part to her tremendous which reason it can pay to pioneer green “In building construction, for example, it is personal efforts to get climate on technology. Politicians can galvanise possible to impose minute requirements the agenda, energy has become good investment by providing both direct and as regards the proper energy solutions – business. Many in Europe and beyond indirect support. right down to a particular pump known have realised that energy is a growing to be the most energy-efficient. You can å8 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 9
  6. 6. CLIMATE COMMISSIONER HEDEGAARD APPLAUDS GREEN COLLAR FOCUS momentum already at that stage. emerging economies like China, India the climate conference in Copenhagen two As I said, I always feel that development and Brazil might set climate goals for years ago, they first openly acknowledged a in this sector is inordinately slow. Still, themselves was only a remote desire. responsibility for climate change, and since just four or five years ago the idea that Today, they are all on the bandwagon. At then the world has made a distinct leap. KLIMAKOMMISÆR CONNIE HEDEGAARD: GRØN UDDANNELSE ER VEJEN FREM LANGSIGTEDE MÅL, mere forskning som den offentlige sektor har i de fleste Derfor er hun også stor tilhænger af PHOTO: SUGURDUR OLAFSSON - NORDEN.ORG og støtte til grøn uddannelse. Det er europæiske lande ved, at man i sine industriens indsats i Copenhagen vejen frem for Europa, hvis cleantech- indkøb satser på grønne varer og derved Cleantech Cluster. industrien skal blive ved med at holde indirekte støtte frontløberne”, anbefaler “Det giver helt klart en god effekt at pulje å also pose requirements to individual save vast amounts of fuel. Five years ago improvements and accelerate innovation.” fanen højt i forhold til resten af verden. Connie Hedegaard. kræfterne som i CCC. Jeg tror meget på, house-holds. All in all, a great many things that may not have counted for so much, Det mener klimakommissær, Connie at man via disse klyngesamarbejder kan can be done from the political side to help but, when I meet with them now, they GREEN COLLAR EDUCATION IS THE WAY Hedegaard, der om nogen har været med MEN EN TING ER EN KLIMAKOMMISSÆRS blive bedre sammen og komme hurtigere set development on the right course,” says have obviously joined the frontrunners FORWARD til at rykke markedet derhen, hvor det er i VISIONER. Noget andet er viljen blandt med innovation”, siger Hedegaard, Connie Hedegaard. by sailing in a more environmentally How is European industry meant to dag i forhold til energieffektivitet. medlemslandenes politikere og der samtidig slår et slag for mere sustainable manner. The next step is compete with countries like China now “Samtidig med investering i forskning industrien selv. “Grundlæggende vil jeg uddannelse. THE WILL IS THERE to spread awareness of these prime that they are close to achieving European og uddannelse skal vi belønne dem, der altid synes, at tingene går for langsomt, “Europa kan ikke konkurrere på skatte- A climate action commissioner’s vision examples, so other companies can see competence in wind turbine production? tager en chance og går i front. Det viser men der sker også en hel del lige nu. tryk, ferieuger, arbejdstid, lønninger osv., is one thing. Another is the will to the direct benefits of following suit.” sig nemlig, at når vi sætter langsigtede Danmark har sat sine langsigtede mål, men vi kan konkurrere og vinde på at implement that vision both among “Europe cannot compete on tax burden, mål, så er vi med til at trække markedet Sverige er i gang med at lave sine, og tilbyde bedre løsninger. Her er det meget the member countries’ politicians and How do you see the possibilities of holiday weeks, working hours, salaries, derhen, hvor vi gerne vil have det”, siger Storbritannien har også lige vedtaget vigtigt, at vi også sørger for at satse mere industry. What kind of will does the achieving results via clusters like etc. We can, however, compete and win Connie Hedegaard. en plan. På den måde er markedet og de på uddannelse. Det kan for eksempel commissioner sense exists? Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster? when it comes to offering better solutions. enkelte virksomheder allerede nu med være en opgradering af håndværkere To this end, we must ensure a stronger Det er afgørende, at man hurtigt sætter på, at der skal ske noget. Og de er også i forhold til energieffektiv renovering “Ultimately, I will always think that “Unquestionably, joining forces in a focus on education. For example, we could handling bag ordene, så virksomhederne begyndt at rykke af sig selv, fordi de kan eller på anden måde sørge for grøn development goes at too slow a pace, but cluster like CCC generates a positive effect. upgrade our contractors’ competences in kan se, at politikerne mener det alvorligt, se, at det allerede nu kan betale sig”, videreuddannelse. Her støtter EU allerede a great deal is also going on right now. The initiative was already in the pipeline energy-efficient renovation, or provide og at det derfor godt kan betale sig for pointerer Connie Hedegaard. gennem den sociale fond”. Denmark has set its long-term goals; back when I was minister for climate other forms of green collar education. On dem at være på forkant. Den udvikling Sweden is in that process; and the UK has and energy and we were considering this front, support is already available kan politikerne skubbe fremad med både also adopted a plan. how to take advantage of Denmark’s from the European Social Fund.” direkte og indirekte støtte. So, the market and the individual com- leading-edge position. We met with some panies already understand the need for reluctance, and everyone was focused on What has paved the way for the unique “VI KAN BELØNNE DIREKTE MED action. Moreover, they have also begun to individual areas of expertise. However, we market situation prevailing in the energy FORSKNINGSMIDLER og i højere grad move independently because they can see asked very candidly: sector at present, and are you surprised sørge for, at vi kommer hurtigere fra that gains are already to be made. Where are we at the forefront? What that it is nonetheless developing so rapidly? de gode ideer til produkter, der kan Maersk Line’s decision to start sailing happens if the whole water sector gå på markedet. Her kan man støtte its container ships more slowly has an cooperates? What about biofuel? “In Denmark as in Europe, politics have frontløberne direkte. Men man kan også extremely positive impact on carbon And what about all those people been the driving force. The oil crisis in bruge den enorme økonomiske magt, emissions, but this may not be the com- in renewables? I firmly believe that the 1970s was the first wake-up call, pany’s sole consideration. Indeed, they these clusters can engender collective and energy efficiency began gaining10 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 11
  7. 7. BY JAKOB BUNDGAARD, M.SC., PH.D., PARTNER AT MOALEM WEITEMEYER BENDTSEN AND HONORARY PROFESSOR AT AARHUS UNIVERSITY The section below presents some recent start of operation of each new qualifying investments in renewable energy. In general, THE IMPORTANCE OF FRAMEWORK CONDITIONS FOR approaches to creating renewable energy incentives. plant. As a recent example, Bulgaria has increased its feed-in tariffs (FiTs) regarding the new rules are intended to improve and simplify the conditions for individuals who CLEANTECH AND RENEWABLE ENERGY RECENT EXAMPLES renewable energy sources. With a decision dated 30 March 2009, the State Energy and invest in renewable energy plants (“REPs”). Renewable energy includes wind power, In Sweden, a recent example of direct sub- Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) biogas, biomass, solar power, wave power INTRODUCTION and demonstration facilities, among other for renewable energy sources is based on sidies is the 2009 contribution for solar adopted a new feed-in tariff applicable and geothermal heat. The basic deduction In 2009, Shawn Lesser of Sustainable World things. These elements are shaped by the political objective of improving the panels, which contributed as much as until 1 April 2010. Significant changes were pursuant to the new rules is DKK 7,000. Capital took a global look at cleantech and different means. Legislation and regulation technology and the market potential. An 60% of the investment cost within certain also introduced that extended the term of Thus, only REP-derived income that exceeds ranked the top ten cleantech countries. have a critical impact on the pace at which optimal incentive structure takes into limits for businesses, organisations and renewable energy contracts, e.g. up to 25 DKK 7,000 is liable to tax (marginal tax rate Denmark came in number one. His rankings economies undergo change or conversion account the existing dynamics of the system, individuals. years for photovoltaic projects. of approximately 55%). were based on key factors like government and on the prevalence of new technologies. the removal of barriers and the lifecycle of Spain has introduced a special tax regime In South Korea (R.O.K), a recent bill initiatives and programmes, major invest- Only when a stable framework exists can the given renewable. Eager proponents of for solar power investments, including fixed introduced certain enhancement incentives, PERSPECTIVES ment mandates and entrepreneurial inno- research and investment decisions be made the “send-more-money” philosophy need to tariffs, accelerated depreciation (up to 30% one being a 50% tax reduction regarding This article has endeavoured to shed light on vation, as well as on cultural and social with a long- term commitment. be realistic about this. per year) and an upfront 6% tax credit (to be SME start-ups for the first four years after the need for a stable regulatory framework drivers. Denmark topped the list because it carried forward for 10 years). incorporation. Moreover, Green Funds that can optimise the framework conditions has made fossil fuel independence a goal, Cap-and-trade systems constitute an impor- Incentives for using renewable energy The United States economic stimulus have been established that allow a certain for renewable energy and cleantech pioneered the cleantech industry, taken tant instrument, as they limit maximum sources can be designed in a variety of package (the American Recovery and amount of the invested capital to be solutions. We have discussed the existing on the role as Europe’s largest exporter emission rates while also providing for ways. It is a well-known fact that taxation Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009) includes a deducted and provide for a tax exemption approaches to designing such a framework of energy technology and made financial tradable permits (Emission Allowances). is a key instrument of climate and environ- range of energy incentives, including an from Green Fund dividends. and specifically illustrated various design support a possibility. Lesser observes Such a system has been introduced by the mental policy. There is even scientific evi- extension of Production Tax Credits and In Denmark, there are fixed tariffs regarding strategies such as grants, FiTs and tax that Denmark is a paragon of cleantech, Kyoto Protocol and in the EU. In theory, this dence showing that taxes send the right Investment Tax Credits and the introduction electricity generated from renewable energy. incentives – all of which various countries with public-private sector partnerships system should create a market situation investment signals to innovators and ensure of a new tax credit (the Advanced Energy Wind turbines can receive FiTs. The actual have used widely in recent times. As global that encourage knowledge sharing and where renewables become a more attractive innovation more successfully than direct Investment Credit), the latter being 30% payment depends on the date the turbine competition grows in the time to come, we entrepreneurship. alternative if fossil fuel prices are high at the government support based on policymakers’ of qualified investment on any qualifying was connected to the grid. For instance, will see a major leap in incentive schemes same time. guesswork about where to focus innovation advanced energy project. The act includes turbines installed after 2008 receive a for renewable energy and cleantech In another survey, Copenhagen Cleantech An energy taxation directive exists in the activities. an expansion in the amount of New Clean tariff of DKK 0.25 per kWh for 22,000 hours. solutions. Cluster (CCC) has yet to reap the full benefits field of taxation. The directive includes Taxes may be levied on pollution and Renewable Energy Bonds and Qualified Biogas plants can receive a fixed tariff of of its Danish status, ranking only no. 5 minimum rates for energy products and has emissions (discouraging), or special taxation Energy Conservation Bonds. The act also DKK 0.745 per kWh or DKK 0.405 per kWh, among the world’s clusters. In the long run, set the partial harmonisation of duty rates incentives may be introduced (encouraging). includes a provision for increasing the when used in combination with other I ARTIKLEN undersøges betydningen af the success of the cleantech and renewable as a target, with the aim being to realise Taxes can even be used to internalise tax credit for qualified energy efficiency fuels. Biomass plants are eligible for a grant gunstige rammevilkår for succesen og energy sector depends on a credible and the EU’s internal energy market. Parallel to environmental externalities. A number of improvements and certain residential of DKK 0.15 per kWh. Other renewable udbredelsen af cleantech. stable regulatory regime. This brief article this, a number of countries have introduced different tax incentives have been tried: energy property expenditures. installations, including wave power, solar En række forhold skal være på plads will review the key features of a good frame- specific environmental taxes, including The Chinese province of Guangzhou has power and fuel cells, may receive a fixed samtidig herunder innovation, work for the cleantech industry. carbon taxes. • Subsidies/grants (tax exemption) introduced a specific tax exemption for tariff (including the market price) of DKK forskning og udvikling, adgang til • Reduced corporation tax rates cleantech companies, which includes a full 0.60 per kWh for the first 10 years and DKK finansiering og generel stabilitet i DESIGN OF FRAMEWORK CONDITIONS A number of approaches to the existing • Tax holidays corporation tax exemption for the first 0.40 per kWh for the next 10 years. Solar rammevilkårene. Herefter undersøges Many situations make investing in re- challenges can be taken to provide better • Investment allowances and tax credits three years and a 50% exemption for the cell panels can be used to store energy on særligt udformningen af en række newable energy difficult, one of many opportunities for renewable energy and (tax reductions based on the amount of subsequent three years. the grid, which in turn entitles the producer tilskudsordninger, feed in tariffer og reasons for this being the continuing cleantech. There are two overarching investment and granted in addition to Germany has introduced very favourable to use a similar amount of electricity skattemæssige incitamenter. existence of a performance span (supply) approaches: technology push and demand normal depreciation) fixed tariffs regarding electricity from without paying certain consumption Det udledes, at skatter er et velegnet compared to fossil fuels. Volatile fossil fuel pull. These can take various forms, ranging • Accelerated depreciation (allowing renewables. In 2000, the Erneuerbare- taxes. In addition, Denmark has adopted instrument til at styre adfærden, og at prices (demand) also make investment from direct economic grants and subsidies businesses to write off depreciation more Energien-Gesetz (EEG) was launched. The a system of Tradable Renewable Energy en række favorable ordninger er blevet difficult. If, in fact, externalities are inter- to various kinds of tax incentives for R&D rapidly) EEG introduced a number of changes, Certificates that can be traded as financial introduceret i de senere år i adskillige nalised and reflected in the price of a fossil- activities and/or investors. Obviously, • Exemptions from indirect taxes, such as including differentiated tariff rates instruments. The certificates are issued lande. På baggrund heraf er det for- based product, then renewables become a number of other issues need to be import tariffs on inputs. depending on the renewable energy type, to renewable energy producers, who may ventningen, at vi i de kommende år vil more competitive, as they do not cause such addressed before we can realise the goal • Export processing zones (special zones for size and site. It also extended the range of sell the certificates and make additional se flere sådanne tiltag internationalt externalities. of optimum framework conditions for exporters); enterprises in such zones are technologies to be covered and replaced the profits from renewable energy projects. On i takt med, at konkurrencen stiger i The success of the cleantech industry rides renewable energy sources and cleantech typically exempt from all indirect taxes StrEG’s percentage-based rates with fixed 17 September 2010, the Danish legislature intensitet. on innovation, access to financing, R&D solutions. Any government support granted and, in some cases, all direct taxes. rates over set periods – 20 years from the adopted new rules regarding individuals’12 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal THE AUTHOR IS AN INDEPENDENT ADVISOR TO CLEANTECH COMPANIES AND INVESTORS ON LEGAL AND TAX MATTERS, INNOVATIVE FINANCING AND STRUCTURING, EU EMISSION ALLOWANCES, CDM AND JI PROJECTS. CONTACT: JBU@MWBLAW.DK Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 13
  8. 8. BY PAULA LARRAIN PHOTOS: DONG ENERGY AND COPENHAGEN CAPACITY CLUSTERS CREATE Denmark holds a leading position CHAMPIONS in offshore wind power due in large part to Danish companies’ ability to join forces on projects. Even big companies like DONG Energy benefit from partnering with other enterprises in the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, such partnership enabling the company to provide sustainable, total solutions based on customers’ energy needs. TAKE A HEAP OF ORDINARY WASTE. To be are currently working on a project with “In a project like this one, we at DONG specific, Copenhageners’ household waste Novozymes. We can contribute a great can do one aspect of the venture, but the deposited at the Amagerforbrænding deal to the project, but we cannot do it all. other 10, perhaps 20, aspects require that incineration plant. Heat the waste up Thus, Novozymes supplies the necessary we team up in a consortium and supply a in a large tank and add some enzymes. enzymes, and the entire pilot project will total solution,” explains Eldrup. Voilà, you have a new source of income hopefully culminate in a product that we for Denmark and an energy solution that can subsequently sell out in the world,” OFFSHORE WIND POWER IS ANOTHER takes the concept of sustainability to says Anders Eldrup. EXAMPLE. At present, Denmark holds unprecedented heights. a leading position, due in large part to OVERALL, DONG ENERGY IS WELL AHEAD Danish companies’ ability to join forces It may sound like a revolting mixture, OF THE GAME. The energy provider is a on projects. Retaining Denmark as a but it is a recipe for the fuel of the future. major player in Denmark and a force at key player will depend on even greater Non-polluting bioethanol is the liquid the European level as well. To succeed cooperation. that runs from the tap at the other end of globally, however, DONG Energy has to Anders Eldrup, CEO of DONG Energy the heating tank at the waste treatment cooperate closely with other companies, “Denmark’s continued place at the fore- and chairman of CCC plant, a liquid that offers a useful solution including the companies with which it front of this sector requires that several to all the world’s problems with waste. projects. This is what we have done normally competes for customers and companies join forces. Vestas, Siemens And petrol. with Amagerforbrænding, where we technology. Wind Power and a slew of sub-suppliers have made us frontrunners in the field ALTHOUGH STILL AT THE TEST STAGE, the of wind turbines. Wind power is a major project is close to realisation, thanks industry generating many jobs. to the cooperation taking place in Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (CCC) – a Until now, however, the industry has new way of thinking business. CEO of operated on the basis of the principle that DONG Energy, Anders Eldrup, who is also each company runs its own race. People chairman of CCC, heads the project. have seen themselves as competitors, but globalisation has brought us to a “To keep abreast of international new crossroads. Today Vestas may be the competition, we have to pool our world’s largest, but with the great interest resources and come up with joint the Chinese are showing in wind power, å Biomass at Amagerforbrænding incineration plant14 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 15
  9. 9. CLUSTERS CREATE CHAMPIONS å those days are likely to be numbered. Alternatively, we can join forces to ensure that we make the best products, thus still winning the competition,” says Eldrup. DONG ENERGY: KLYNGER GØR OS TIL VINDERE THIS VISION HAS ALREADY BEEN REALISED. DONG Energy with Anders Eldrup at its SELV STORE VIRKSOMHEDER SOM MEN DER SKAL ET ENDNU STØRRE SAM- helm has helped establish a new test DONG ENERGY nyder godt af at gå ARBEJDE TIL, hvis det skal lykkes at holde centre for wind turbines. The centre is sammen med andre i Copenhagen fast i lederrollen, påpeger Eldrup. intended to prevent the high demand for Cleantech Cluster (CCC). På den måde wind power from churning out defective kan virksomheden med udgangspunkt i Han fremhæver samarbejdet omkring wind turbines that ultimately have a kundernes energibehov levere samlede et testcenter som vejen frem for at catastrophic impact on the environment. og langtidsholdbare løsninger, fortæller klare sig i den globale konkurrence. administrerende direktør, Anders Eldrup, Her er konkurrenterne Vestas, Siemens, The offshore renewables centre, called der også er formand for CCC. Vattenfall og DONG gået sammen om at LORC, includes Vestas, Siemens, DONG and opbygge fælles faciliteter, hvor de hver Vattenfall – companies that are usually Om relativ kort tid, vil danskerne for sig kan afprøve nye produkter. fierce competitors but which must be kunne køre til tankstationerne og købe able to build a future based on their bioethanol baseret på affald. Projektet Også i forhold til uddannelse, kan common interests. However, partnering ligger fortsat på forsøgsstadiet, men er konkurrenterne fremover bygge videre with university researchers is equally years to complete can be made in a single Bioethanol based on another waste tæt på at blive til en realitet takket være på fælles interesser, mener Eldrup: important – in this case the University of month. product, namely straw, is available samarbejdet i CCC. Det er en helt ny Southern Denmark. Germany already has this kind of centre nationwide. måde at tænke forretning på, og allerede ”En af de ting, som konkurrenterne that is only now becoming a reality in nu ser Anders Eldrup store perspektiver forsøgsprojektet skal så forhåbentligt i et sådan samarbejde kan gøre i “For one thing, competitors cooperating Denmark, a fact that can irk DONG’s CEO. BUT ORDINARY HOUSEHOLD WASTE for sig. munde ud i et produkt, som vi fællesskab, er at sikre, at vi fremover in this way can team up to ensure that “This is just what can happen if we do not IS BETTER, the explanation being that efterfølgende sammen kan sælge ude i har den uddannelsesbasis, der skal til. in future we have the required basis cooperate. Somebody overtakes us on the the processing enables substances like “HVIS VI SKAL KLARE OS I DEN INTER- verden”, fortæller Anders Eldrup. For eksempel ved at få universiteterne for education. For example, by getting inside,” says Eldrup. phosphorus to be reused. Then you NATIONALE KONKURRENCE, er vi nødt til at uddanne folk, der er skræddersyet universities to give people an education suddenly have two products in demand. til at slå pjalterne sammen og finde på Et andet eksempel på, hvordan til industriens behov. På den måde har custom-tailored to the industry’s needs. For this reason, cooperation – especially fælles projekter. Som i tilfældet med samarbejdet på tværs af virksomhederne vi alle muligheden for at vinde i den This gives us all the chance to be winners,” on the waste project – is foremost in the “In other words, this all embodies huge affald og bioethanol, hvor vi lige nu kan føre til mere eksport, er globale konkurrence”. says Anders Eldrup. CEO’s mind. The perspectives are immense international perspectives and a strong arbejder på et projekt med Amager havvindmøllerne. Danmark har på simply seen from the vantage point of the global business potential for us in future. Forbrænding og Novozymes. Vi kan nuværende tidspunkt en førerposition, EACH OWNER HAS A SHARE IN THE TEST impact of cars on the environment and The worst we can do is to sit on our levere en hel del til projektet, men vi og det skyldes langt hen ad vejen de CENTRE, but conducts its tests indepen- the climate in recent years. hands and close ourselves in. Rather, kan ikke det hele. Novozymes leverer danske virksomheders evne til at gå dently and can thus still compete with let us be open to business partnerships således de enzymer, der skal til, og hele sammen om opgaverne. the others. The advantage of a test centre However, Danes can already now fill and welcome competition with all its is that tests currently taking one or two their petrol tanks without emitting CO2. challenges.”16 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 17
  10. 10. BY PAULA LARRAIN PHOTOS: PREBEN PATHUEL , PETER RAHBEK AND MUNICIPALlTY OF FREDERIKSSUND THE CLEANTECH LOCATION FACTS ABOUT FREDERIKSSUND OF TOMORROW Frederikssund is in idyllic North Zealand, famous for its gently rolling hills, forests and lakes. The town overlooks Roskilde Fjord, where Den- mark made its largest find of Viking ships. This puts the town along the Vikings’ legendary sailing routes and nearby the ostensible site of Den- mark’s first capital. Established in 1810, Frederikssund itself is a young market town, but it has long provided the backdrop to the annual, Mayor Ole Find Jensen is proud of his municipality. He says so when politely asked. But you do not actually open-air Viking plays, celebrating their 60th anniversary this year. need to ask. His face automatically lights up when the talk comes round to his area, region and its story. Frederikssund local authority, North Zealand’s second largest in terms of area, offers spectacular landscapes and easy access to the coast and ”I AM ALWAYS THRILLED WHEN NEW- NONETHELESS, FREDERIKSSUND AND to nature. Located an easy hour’s drive from the capital of Copenhagen, Frederikssund is an attractive local authority area in which to settle. COMERS PRAISE OUR AREA. It is beautifully COPENHAGEN CLEANTECH PARK HAVE A clean and green here. And must continue CLEAR HEAD START. Frederikssund’s trade Frederikssund’s vision is to be a strong, sustainable and development- to be. Striking a good balance between organisation made the local authority oriented part of the Greater Copenhagen region and a centre for inspi- natural and urban spaces will always be aware of the possibilities, a foresight that ring housing and commercial development. important to us, as will clean businesses. in the mayor’s view propelled the town Frederikssund in 2011: The area should offer an aesthetically towards becoming a world-renowned Number of inhabitants: 44,182 pleasing environment. Also for the people cleantech location. Labour force: 23,285 we hope to see moving here over the next “The development process has also con- Number of km2: 248.63 30 years. Frederikssund has become a nected us with a network of talented Source: Local Authority of Frederikssund Mayor Ole Find Jensen key player in the Copenhagen Cleantech researchers and key energy players. This Cluster.” the new motorway,” says Ole Find Jensen. gives us an immediate means of specifi- Copenhagen Cleantech Park, located just Frederikssund will move mentally even cally defining terms like sustainability so outside the town, saw its first sod cut in closer to a central international location we can walk the cleantech walk. The sup- the spring of 2011, an event that also her- alded a new future for the area between when the new, planned motorway from the Oresund region becomes a reality. This port offered by our new cluster network is invaluable,” says the mayor, who looks FREMTIDENS CLEANTECH LOKATION Roskilde Fjord and the Oresund region. combined with the new fjord connection forward to new growth. Controlled green BORGMESTER OLE FIND JENSEN ER STOLT blev taget i foråret 2011, og det blev forbindelse over Roskilde Fjord skal den When the park is completed, the mayor will create a modern infrastructure that growth, that is, with full respect for the AF SIN KOMMUNE. Det bekræfter han samtidig startskuddet til en ny fremtid moderne infrastruktur trække flere store envisages that about 5-6,000 new jobs will attracts businesses. surrounding environment. høfligt adspurgt. Men man behøver for området mellem Roskilde fjord og virksomheder til. emerge from the area’s cleantech venture. egentlig ikke at spørge. Ansigtet lyser Øresundsregionen. Når det hele er på However, infrastructure is more than new “The beautiful landscape around us is a automatisk op, når talen falder på plads, forestiller borgmesteren sig, at der INFRASTRUKTUR ER DOG MERE END BLOT ”TODAY FREDERIKSSUND IS A COMMUTER roads. The local authority must also be able salient feature of Frederikssund. We want kommunen, området og hele historien: vil komme 5-6.000 nye arbejdspladser ud VEJE. Kommunen skal også kunne tilbyde TOWN. In other words, most people to offer the best business framework. On it to remain so. We must not merge with “Jeg bliver altid så glad, når folk kommer af områdets satsning på cleantech. de bedste rammer for erhvervslivet, og her commute to work somewhere else every this front, the mayor is aware that his town the capital, but rather be an alternative. A herud og roser vores område. Her er også er borgmesteren bevidst om, at det skal day. Presumably this will change over time, will be competing with many other towns highly desirable place to live.” fantastisk flot. Og det skal her blive ved “Frederikssund er i dag en pendlerby. Det ske i konkurrence med mange andre byer and a crucial step in that direction will be regionally and internationally. med at være. En god balance mellem vil sige, at der er langt flere, der pendler - regionalt og internationalt. natur og by vil altid være vigtigt for os”. ud i det daglige. Det vil formentlig ændre For der skal være noget pænt at se på. sig med tiden, og en af de mest afgørende Frederikssund og Copenhagen Cleantech Også for nye tilflyttere, der forhåbentlig tiltag bliver den nye motorvej”, fortæller Park har dog et klart forspring. Allerede strømmer til over de kommende 30 år, nu Ole Find Jensen. på et tidligt tidspunkt var byen gennem hvor cleantech erhvervsområdet er blevet sin erhvervsorganisation opmærksom på en central spiller i Copenhagen Cleantech Mentalt set kommer Frederikssund mulighederne, og det har i borgmesterens Cluster. endnu tættere på at være en central optik været en stor gevinst for hele international beliggenhed, når den nye, processen mod at blive fremtidens fore- FØRSTE SPADESTIK TIL COPENHAGEN planlagte motorvej fra Øresundsregionen trukne cleantech lokation og et globalt CLEANTECH PARK lidt uden for byen Xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx med en ny er en realitet. Og sammen anerkendt område for cleantech.18 Copenhagen Cleantech Journal Copenhagen Cleantech Journal 19