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CCC Annual Conference 2012


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CCC Annual Conference 2012

  1. 1. The LeadingCleantech Cluster in the world
  2. 2. Choosing the green way…
  3. 3. One GiantLeap…
  4. 4. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps,the end of the beginning”
  5. 5. DTU contributions to CCC activities Cluster management Business Development R&D collaborations supportTake part in CCC Innovation and R&D project collaborationgovernance EntrepreneurshipMatchmaking, e.g. Smart 15 GAP- funding projects Test & DemonstrationCities Workshops so far, e.g. - EV test center Polymer solar cell Roll-to-roll production Optical detection of chemical compounds
  6. 6. The challenge is Polymer Solar Cell Researchrising energy Challenge: An energy gap of ~14TW by 2050consumption Need: Installation of ~1 GW per day until 2050 Solution: A scalable energy technologyPolymer solarcellsA potentialsolutionTechnology cons Short lifetime, low PCE, still too expensive, necessity for process and test development.Technology pros Very low cost potential, fast production, scalability, low energy payback time, high energy return factor, environmentally friendly.Approach Think, develop, design and build the necessary tools for research.CCC fundedprojects Technology developed by Frederik C. Krebs, Mikkel Jørgensen et al. DTU.
  7. 7. Abeo A/SAlexander Wulff, Co-founder
  8. 8. Safety & Helping The WorldsPerformance Customers First … +50% faster -30% energy Lower price +35% range
  10. 10. We address complex environmental challenges through co-creation .What is ‘Complex Cleantech Solutions’ ?• Enabling international opportunities for Danish companies through innovative collaborationHow do we work ? Market Analysis • Global Cleantech report Relationship Building • International and domestic stakeholders Co Creation • Co-create solutions with local content for these challenges Implementation • Private sector takes the leadExamples:• Developing and implementing a solid waste program for a municipality in Brazil• Executing the energy efficiency programs for a city in Russia• Developing an energy efficient technology park in China