Creating a Student Online School Newspaper


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Creating a Student Online School Newspaper

  1. 1. Creating an Online School Newspaper What do we have to do?
  2. 2. Why?
  3. 3. Problem-based Learning Student Driven Real Life Project ChallengingOpen-ended Collaborative
  4. 4. Students enjoy it!
  5. 5. What does it look like? Go to slide 18
  6. 6. The Clarion 2010-11 October Jobs Chief Editor Photography/Movie Editor School News Editor Sports Editor Entertainment Editor Staff Position Eliza Rivers Porter Geer Sam Eason Sarah Pritchard Owen Navarro Colton Lodge Oversees all editors Oversees photography Is responsible for the school news stories Is responsible for the CDS Sports News Is responsible for Entertainment news Is responsible for working with editor Sets deadlines with Mrs. Perry and other editors Assigns photography, PowerPoint, and movie projects Communicates with CDS division heads to find story leads Meets with coaches to obtain story ideas Suggests story, cartoons, and polls; seeks appropriate students and projects Completes projects on time Brainstorms a list of story assignments with other editors Helps upload photos; manages embedding widgets into wiki Assigns stories to fellow students Assigns stories to fellow students Assigns projects to fellow students Collaborates with others Reviews work and checks to see that published projects meet design standards Creates appropriate captions for each photo Makes certain that stories are completed by deadline Makes certain that stories are completed by deadline Makes certain that projects are completed by deadline Writes stories, takes photos, and works to the best of one’s ability. Makes certain that projects are published by deadline Makes certain that stories are published by deadline Makes certain that stories are published by deadline Makes certain that projects are published by deadline Interested in working in each section of newspaper Catherine Maybank Mena Kerrison Matthew Leadem Etta Elliott Edward Thomas Lawton Burris Robert Lowery Etta Elliott Gwen Cox Penelope
  7. 7. Analyze: Identify Student Skills Tech skills Writing skills Collaborative skills Leadership skills
  8. 8. Survey Student Interests Newspaper sections—sports, news, entertainment Jobs interest students? Groups and teams?
  9. 9. Permissions Headmaster/principal Review parent/student permissions for online photos and publication permissions
  10. 10. Technology Standards National Technology Standards State School or district
  11. 11. Design: Mini Lessons …About the writing process – Investigative reporting—5 W’s – How to conduct an interview – Appropriate headlines – Colorful writing
  12. 12. Design: Mini Lessons/Tutorials …About the technology process – Creating a wiki banner – Formatting text – Uploading to wiki – Taking good photos – Inserting hyperlinks – Embedding videos, slide shows, polls – Design
  13. 13. Develop: Wiki Create the basic wiki Set permissions Manage settings for email, discussion Create tutorials Create and post handouts/how to guides Create accounts for each student
  14. 14. Implement: Collaborate With language arts teacher for editing student work With division heads to help guide school policy procedures With classroom teachers to gather information for school newspaper
  15. 15. Establish Procedures For writing articles For turning in work For uploading to wiki For keep newspaper current For creating teams
  16. 16. Evaluate Student evaluations Teacher evaluations Parent surveys Surveys from students in other grades
  17. 17. What does it look like?
  18. 18. Celebrate! First completed newspaper First quarter of publication End of the year of publication