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Agile tales of creative customer collaboration


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A tale of agility, effective communication, deliberate creativity

Published in: Technology, Business

Agile tales of creative customer collaboration

  1. Claudio Perrone
  2. Most IT projects fail Will yours?
  3. “ Software development productivity would skyrocket...
  4. “ …if the least effective 30% were fired tomorrow --- Neal Ford
  5. How do you get results?
  6. Sir, I urge Darling, Dude, check this you to revisit people matter technology out your process too!
  7. Once upon a time I was a successful software developer…
  8. My technical skills made me feel invincible
  9. Until one day…
  10. …I entered a world of deception
  11. It was Hell from day 1
  12. What would you do?
  13. I choked
  14. …but then, I decided to fight back
  15. This is what I tried: 2 Effective Communication 1 Agility 3 Deliberate Creativity
  16. 1 Agility
  17. I made a choice: from predictive... adaptive
  18. Fixed time-boxes help focus... Can you focus for 48 minutes?
  19. Short iterations enable everything almost Motivation Prioritization Feedback Reflection Creativity
  20. How do you express requirements?
  21. The 3 Cs of a User Story Card Conversation Confirmation (acceptance criteria)
  22. Card: role, feature, benefit Customer withdraws cash As a customer, I want to withdraw cash from an ATM, so that I don’t have to wait in line at the bank. Ref:
  23. How do you know you are done?
  24. Define an acceptance criteria (BDD) [Scenario title] Given [some initial context] When [an event occurs] Then [ensure some outcomes] Ref:
  25. Acceptance criteria example: context Scenario 1: Account is in credit Given the account is in credit And the card is valid And the dispenser contains cash
  26. Acceptance criteria example: event When the customer requests cash
  27. Acceptance criteria example: outcomes Then ensure the account is debited And ensure cash is dispensed And ensure the card is returned
  28. A little twist: Scenarios can be parsed…
  29. …and then “automated”! In Ruby: Given “the account is in credit” do # ... End In .NET: .Given(“the account is in credit”)() {...}
  30. Early success brought confidence…
  31. …but the project was still at risk
  32. 2 Effective Communication
  33. First… SHUT UP!
  34. Listen Don’t just hear
  35. Find their greatest need
  36. Commit to a ubiquitous language
  37. Establish trust
  38. Build a sense of ownership
  39. Keep your enemies closer
  40. We see things not as they are, but as we are. --- Anonymous Proverb
  41. Roles and perceptions plant Creativity implementer co-ordinator Task Direction completer resource /specialist investigator Detail Resources shaper teamworker Shaping Team monitor-evaluator Criticality
  42. How could we get smarter
  43. 3 Deliberate Creativity
  44. Unlocking creativity: From what and how to “what if”
  45. The creativity process Explorer Artist Judge Warrior
  46. Extract Concept (1/2) You have identified a concrete idea that addresses a given objective...
  47. Extract Concept (2/2) Therefore Extract a broader concept to facilitate the creation of alternatives.
  48. Connect all dots with 4 straight lines
  49. Connect all dots with 4 straight lines
  50. How about 3 straight lines?
  51. 1 line?
  52. Reverse assumptions (1/2) You want to generate alternative ideas by challenging your current assumptions…
  53. Reverse assumptions (2/2) Therefore List your assumptions Write the opposite of those assumptions Try to identify how to accomplish each reversal
  54. Parallel Thinking
  55. Six thinking hats
  56. So, what happened to the project?
  57. Amazingly, it succeeded
  58. Lessons learned... “ “ We moved from the Flintstones era to the future. I was part of something. I belonged. --- a developer --- an end user
  59. Thank you! Claudio Perrone