Effective learning


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This slide presentation is about Effective Learning. Today, students must know how to use search engines, online databases, and other technologies. Online learning helps students today find information easier. Learners can construct original research with new survey tools.

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Effective learning

  1. 1. Effective Learning By: Catherine Peranzo AIU Online
  2. 2. Effective Online Learning Online learning helps… • Finding information is faster and • Easier
  3. 3. Steps of Effective online Learning  Finding information  Using content  Bookmarking content  Verifying content  Following content  Contributing content
  4. 4. Effective Searching Development of Question • Topic should be narrowed down for research. • Eliminate unneeded information.
  5. 5. The use of Primary Sources Finding Resources •Appropriate resources need to be used when conducting research. • The main tool used to find information is the Internet search engine.
  6. 6. Popular Resources for effective online learning Other resources include: • eBooks • Online catalog • Videos • RSS feeds • JSTOR • Google (Wonder Wheel and Timeline)
  7. 7. The Importance of Verifying Sources Identify Valid Content Using sources such as Wikipedia, and blogs, one needs to make sure these sources are valid.
  8. 8. Strategies for Keeping Track of Fluid Sources on the Web To keep track of fluid sources on the web… • Sign up to a RSS feed (Feedspot) • Create a wiki (wikispace)
  9. 9. Contributing Content Once information is found and researched it should be shared or published so others can use your information. Some sites that you can publish on are: • Google Doc • Wikispace • Slideshare
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