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MELE: Access to Inputs


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This presentation on microfranchising dairy input shops for SDVC in Bangladesh was delivered at the Market Engagement and Learning Event, September 2012.

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MELE: Access to Inputs

  1. 1. Microfranchise Initiative September 3, 2012
  2. 2. Key Input and Services required to enhance Dairy production• Treatment & Medicine• Feed and forage• Breed upgrade• Information and consultation
  3. 3. The Challenges• Poor delivery system of input suppliers.• Lack of access and high price of quality inputs and health services.• Market saturated with counterfeit products.• Inconsistency and mistrust
  4. 4. Working mechanism of the model INPUT - Place bulk product orders SUPPLIERS -Provide Sales Commission Sales Rep - Collect input orders -Supply products & promo - Sales and capacity building -Collect money - Assist in collecting money Input Shops -Product orientation & capacityFiled Ast. Provide Quality InputsFiled Fac. - Marketing & Facilitation - Awareness - Demand generation - New prod info & capacity
  5. 5. How has CARE worked to integrate womenin this effort?• Concentration in recruiting and engaging women service providers• CARE trained them with utmost care and able to make them role models for others.• Advocacy with guardian & community leaders• Media campaign (video documentaries as a role model)
  6. 6. What our farmers are saying?
  7. 7. What challenges remain to be overcome?• Hundreds of companies with strong Marketing force• Minimum government regulation over agro sector• Inconsistency over pricing of input suppliers• Huge variety of product range is difficult to maintain by the franchisees.• Lack of dedicated workforce might hamper the system• KU is still not attractive to some suppliers.• Adding product range required huge financing.
  8. 8. Our Brand
  9. 9. Branding Strategy• Brand promotion• Shop decoration• Brand campaign• Demonstration• TV, Radio, miking and print communication• Link with mobile operators (ROBI, GP, Banglalink)