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Washington Monument Field of Stars


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Washington Monument Ideas Competition entry by Catherine Peek

Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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Washington Monument Field of Stars

  1. 1. Field of Stars<br />Design Description<br /><ul><li>An electric charge is generated and stored when a person steps on a light ; the foot strike also sounds a mallet hitting a singing bowl.
  2. 2. Sounds link the immediate experience of the pedestrian with the energy generated.
  3. 3. The louder the bell, the more effective the charge generated by kinetic energy of the foot fall.
  4. 4. In the evening all the lights turn on, bright in proportion to the amount of foot traffic that charged each light.</li></li></ul><li>Field of Stars<br />Topography<br />How Idea Relates to Topography<br /><ul><li>Compressing and stretching the grid in steep areas north of the Washington Monument generates a geometry of points roughly equidistant from each other as experienced walking along the ground.
  5. 5. The array of lights on the mound originates from circular rosette geometry commonly found in Renaissance paving patterns of Italian piazzas such as Michelangelo's Campidoglio in Rome.</li></li></ul><li>Field of Stars<br />Long Term Vision for the Grounds<br />A field of lights expanded over the National Mall would stretch from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol Building; from the Washington Monument grounds to the White House.<br /><ul><li>Use evening light data gathered over time as a planning tool to determine hot spots of activity and successful venues for cultural events.
  6. 6. Energy generated on the footpaths could charge outlets for vendors at cultural events.
  7. 7. Special presentations and performances could program the array of lights in orchestration with firework displays.</li></li></ul><li>Field of Stars<br />Human Scale -vs- Monumental nature of Obelisk<br /><ul><li>The sometimes overwhelming scale of the monument is tempered by the human scale of the light spacing , which is around 10feet.
  8. 8. Juxtaposition of monumental and human scale elements sets the stage for an otherworldly environment.
  9. 9. Create an awareness of other people during the day through sound that encourages mindfulness, interaction, and play.</li></li></ul><li>Field of Stars<br />Symbolic Thinking in L’Enfant and McMillan Plans<br /><ul><li>The lights show the strength of involvement and interest in the government and act as a reminder that the source of power granted to the capitol is derived from the populous.
  10. 10. The idea visually supports the unified ceremonial core, the idea of DC as the seat of national power, and the strength of the US as a world power.
  11. 11. The lights and sound inspire mindfulness, patriotism, and a broader love of country. </li></li></ul><li>North-South Axis<br />From the White House to the Monument<br /><ul><li>The net of lights is expanded to encompass the grounds leading to the White House. They are bordered to the West by the walkway.
  12. 12. The spread of lights approaching the White House reconciles the off-center location of the Washington Monument.</li></li></ul><li>East-West Axis<br />From the Monument to the East<br />
  13. 13. Field of Stars<br />Foot traffic during the day – Resulting Evening Lights<br />
  14. 14. Click to return to daytime scene.<br />This is the last slide.<br />Click lights for daytime effect.<br />Click elsewhere for resulting evening effect.<br />
  15. 15. The End<br />