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Linked USDL: a Vocabulary for Web-scale Service Trading


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Linked USDL is a comprehensive vocabulary for capturing and sharing rich service descriptions, which aims to support the trading of services over the Web in an open, scalable, and highly automated manner. The vocabulary adopts and exploits Linked Data as a means to efficiently support communication over the Web, to promote and simplify its adoption by reusing vocabularies and datasets, and to enable the opportunistic engagement of multiple cross-domain providers.

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Linked USDL: a Vocabulary for Web-scale Service Trading

  1. 1. A Vocabulary for Web-scale Service Trading Carlos Pedrinaci, KMi - The Open University! Jorge Cardoso, University of Coimbra! Torsten Leidig, SAP
  2. 2. – Christian Grönroos “Services are [economic] activities of an intangible nature […] which are provided as solutions to customer problems”
  3. 3. Services dominate the economic activity of developed countries
  4. 4. Services - Finding! - Comparing! - Bundling! - Trading ! - Consuming … are largely manual activities that in the best case only take place within silos
  5. 5. What offerings are available for me if I want - Broadband! - Landline ! - Mobile phone! - Movies on demand What are their characteristics?! Which one(s) is(are) best for me?
  6. 6. Describing Services ❖ Most earlier work concerned with technical concerns only: WSDL, OWL-S, etc! ❖ Business centric approaches:! ❖ Focussed on products ! ❖ Tackled subsets of the domain! ❖ Failed to support sharing and processing service descriptions over the Web
  7. 7. USDL ❖ Most comprehensive specification for service description! ❖ Led by SAP! ❖ Modelled in eCore! ❖ 9 modules with +125 classes! ❖ Failed to gain adoption due to complexity, difficulties for sharing and extending the model
  8. 8. Linked USDL ❖ A new vocabulary informed by USDL! ❖ Open! ❖ Support the engagement of any business entity across domains may it be for trading, brokering, bundling …! ❖ Web-based! ❖ Highly interoperable solution on a world-wide scale! ❖ Promote take up! ❖ Simplicity of adoption will drive take up
  9. 9. Design Principles ❖ Linked Data! ❖ Uniform representation, communication! ❖ Global identifiers! ❖ Interlinking (services, business entities, interfaces)! ❖ Semantics! ❖ Support automated reasoning but retain simplicity! ❖ Extensions! ❖ Reuse
  10. 10. Methodology ❖ Requirements Analysis! ❖ Identification of main topics and concepts to cover! ❖ Search for reusable and popular vocabularies! ❖ Reuse and modelling! ❖ Evaluation
  11. 11. Service Dimensions ❖ Functionality! ❖ Agents and Networks! ❖ Service Relationships! ❖ Operational and Delivery! ❖ Consumption ➡ What it does and provides! ➡ Entities involved! ➡ Bundles, enhancements! ➡ Availability, legal issues! ➡ Communication channels
  12. 12. Vocabulary and Data Reuse
  13. 13. Coverage
  14. 14. Supporting Tools
  15. 15. In use…
  16. 16. Ongoing and Future Work ❖ Pricing Module (coming soon)! ❖ Support for dynamic pricing models! ❖ Agreements Module (coming soon)! ❖ Support for capturing and analysing agreements and conditions behind service offerings! ❖ Tooling for automated bundling and comparison of cross service provider offerings
  17. 17. Thanks for your attention More information at:!! ! Vocabularies tools and libraries available at:!