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TEL in HE teacher training


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Published in: Education
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TEL in HE teacher training

  1. 1. Technology for Learning and Teaching in the training of University teachers Dr Christine P Davies CPDv Consultancy
  2. 2. Rationale• Much variability in programmes for training of University teachers – also in TEL? (Technology Enhanced Learning)• Many recent HE enhancement activities for TEL – have these benefitted HE teacher training?• What is the impact of inconsistencies in TEL coverage?
  3. 3. Methodology• Interviews with programme leaders• Survey using Google forms, first to all Welsh teacher-training courses, then on SEDA e-mail list (total of 26 responses)• Questions covering responsibility for technology, time taken for instruction, actual technologies used
  4. 4. A range of programme titles! PGCPD in Postgraduate HE Certificate in CPDAcademic Practice Framework Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education Cert Advanced PGC Studies in AP Learning & Teaching
  5. 5. Lead Dept for programme other Staff Devel Rest of UK WalesLearning & Teaching Centre Education 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  6. 6. Area with responsibility for technology76543 Wales2 Rest of UK10 Lead Dept Trainees Learning & Staff Devel not integral for Course Subject Teaching to course Depts Centre...what are the implications of these observations?...what would be the ideal situation?
  7. 7. Delivery of technology training 25 20 15 Rest of UK 10 Wales 5 0 Learning Lead department Not sure Not answered technologists, much liaison is there between learning technologistsand Lead Department?
  8. 8. How trainees find out about technology None of these Trainees’ responsibility Information from mentor Mandatory training session Optional training session Mandatory module Optional module Induction course 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Wales Rest of much responsibility should trainees take for TEL?...should there be mandatory TEL components?
  9. 9. Extent to which technology coverage is linked to teaching subject987654 Wales Rest of UK3210 No particular link Definite link Trainees’ Not sure Not answered (subject dept) responsibility...are trainees generally responsible for applyingtechnology in their subjects? Implications?
  10. 10. Time Spent specifically on Technology76543 Rest of UK Wales210 1-2 hours A few hours 1 -2 days 3+ days No specific Not time answered much time should be spent on technology?
  11. 11. Technologies Covered Not answered Not sure otherRunning online /blended courses Twitter,, forums Rest of UK OER, online resources Wales Online assignments Pod/screen casting Blog, wikis VLE 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 ...which technologies should be covered?
  12. 12. Assessment of the use of Technology76543 Wales Rest of UK210 Essential component Expected in teaching Acknowledged in Not answered observations, not assignments but not mandatory compulsory ...should the use of technology be assessed?
  13. 13. Other points• Survey may not have adequately reflected certain programme structures/ practices• Respondents may have had different perceptions of technology and its role within programmes• All respondents indicated that courses conformed to new HEA UKPSF - but not necessarily re. technology requirement
  14. 14. Further issues to discuss1. Are these results reflected in your institution?2. Why are training programmes for University teachers so variable with respect to TEL?3. Is the situation changing?4. What is the potential impact of inconsistencies on teaching and learning?5. What are the best ways of addressing TEL within training programmes for University teachers?
  15. 15. Dr Christine Davies @christinepd CPDv Consultancy