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  1. 1. Mind Mapping the Challenge: #1 the Small SI’s Limited License Revenue from Partners Lack of focus on license sales Partners have some money for Marketing Campaigns No coordination between marketing activities TIBCO line of products is too big to master SI ’s looking for “big tickets” Partners are looking for services revenue Big ticket deals are expensive & complex Some relationship on Enterprise Accounts No pre-sales capabilities available on partners - or easy to build Lack of discipline on sales No structured demand (no prospecs calling on the phone...) Heavy dependency of TIBCO direct sales/pre-sales Long sales cycles depend on heavy investiment But And And Because Then But Then And But Then Then And Bundling aproach Adjust Revenue Expectations Cross-Partner Marketing Coordination Dedicated Channels Management & Support More predictable license revenue stream
  2. 2. Mind Mapping the Challenge: #2 the Medium & Big SI’s TIBCO perceived as a niche player SI ’s looking for “big projects” and repetitive revene streams No commitment with “any” software vendor Strong relationship on Enterprise Accounts Will drive & follow customer priorities Industry-specific practices & account management Position themselves as “ trusted advisors” Has positioning bigger ISV’s (e.g. Oracle and SAP) on its projects Industry-specific high-value added approach TIBCO’s direct sales engagement Alliances Management (awareness) More opportunities to work together