Top 10 ways to increase google indexing very fast


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Top 10 ways to increase Google indexing Very fast
All the tricks are amazing and works for me
I immediately index all blog posts

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Top 10 ways to increase google indexing very fast

  1. 1. Welcome
  2. 2. Techobytes Steps into for Better Future
  3. 3. 10 Tips to Increase Google Indexing Superfast
  4. 4. Content is King • I already tell that Content is your Great Weapon.Content is King.Always write simple, easy language and unique content which is new for reader • Regularly update your Blog.I know that update daily is difficult the make a schedule and post according to this.Don’t post to much stuff a day.Keep Balance in posting
  5. 5. Size Matter • If you design and develop a new website.When Site is completed contain a large number of pages,you want to index all page.this is not a right way to index.This may be Google treat as SPAM. • If you have million of pages to Index,then your site must be amazon or Site Level.Know how your site found tell the Google about it
  6. 6. PageRank • Google Indexing to much Depends on Page rank.Website having Good page rank,indexed to much Fast.Comments on High Page Rank sites is best way to Increase Google Indexing
  7. 7. SiteMap • Submit website Sitemap to Google,Bing,yahoo webmaster Tool.Some report clear that clean simple or well structured sitemap helping Indexing.Google recommends submitting a sitemap file.Some recommends sitemap having each category or section of site
  8. 8. Fetch As google • In Google Webmaster Tool,there is option fetch as Google.In this paste your Link that you want to Index ,It is immediately Indexed. No need to wait.
  9. 9. Quick Blog Commenting • I hope that you aware of Commentluv.To increase Google Indexing,you need to comment on Do-follow Comments Blogs,remember that always comment on High PR Blog • Note: Don’t Create to many Links that Google treat as Spam.One Quality Backlinks is more effective than Span Links
  10. 10. Social Networking • Facebook,Twitter and Google+ are most used Social Networks.You can generate a huge Traffic from these social Networks and it will help you to Index your Blog Posts fast.
  11. 11. Ping Tools • There are many ping tools which helps to Increase Google Indexing fast.Ping tools tell to Google that you have posted new content on Blog.It takes almost some seconds to index your Blog Posts and you will see your Blogs in search results • Pind O Matic • Pingler
  12. 12. Speed • Always use Responsive and fast Loading theme.If your site have slow Loading Speed then Google Index it slow.I recommends that Use genesis WordPress theme .
  13. 13. Verify • Verify the Site with Google Webmaster Tool.
  14. 14. Thanks for Patience I hope that it will helpful for you Techobytes Steps into for Better future