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Come Read With Me 5


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Powerpoint slides for Come Read With Me session 5 by Charles Paul Bazin Webster.

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Come Read With Me 5

  1. 1. Come Read With Me INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP École Elsie Mironuck School April 2008
  2. 2. Tonight’s Focus: ‣ Determining Importance* ‣ Synthesizing* ‣ How To Choose A Level Appropriate Book *Determining Importance and Synthesizing are taken directly from the “7 Keys of Comprehension” by Susan Zimmermann and Chrys Hutchins.
  3. 3. Review ✓Key #1: Sensory Images ✓Key #2: Background Knowledge ✓Key #3: Questioning ✓Key #4: Drawing Inferences
  4. 4. Our Focus • What is important in text and the ability to synthesize it. or • Determine the overall meaning and significance.