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Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. Canada is the 2nd biggest country in the world It has 10 provinces and 3 territories The capital city is Ottawa We have 2 official languages: English and French We have a prime ministernamed Stephen Harper He lives in Ottawa andworks in the ParliamentBuildings
  2. 2. Banff National Park Whistler Niagara Falls Saskatchewan wheat fields
  3. 3. Canada from aboveIce hockey in Windy Arm, Yukon Northern Lights in the Yukon
  4. 4. Many different animals live in Canada. WhereI live you can see these animals all the time: Beavers Canada geese Coyotes
  5. 5. Deer Moose Raccoons ....and skunks!!! Gross.
  6. 6. Polar bears live in theArctic region They need coldtemperatures, ice, andsnow to live They mostly eat seals Polar bears are indanger of dying becausethe ice is melting. Wemust always take care ofthe environment to helpstop this fromhappening.
  7. 7. In the north of Canada, people use huskies asa means of transport. The Inuit people choose 8 to 12 dogs to form a dogsled team and use them to travel from place to place
  8. 8. The Ogopogo is a famous sea monster that lives inOkanagan Lake in British ColumbiaMany people have said they have seen the monsterbut no one has taken a good picture of him... Do youthink he’s real?
  9. 9. Canada has VERY cold winters! There’s alwayslots of snow. The temperature is usually -20°Cbut sometimes reaches -60°C. Brrrrr.
  10. 10. In 2004, the province of Newfoundland got this much snow in February!
  11. 11. Canada also has very warm summers. In Julyand August, many people travel ‘up north’ totheir cottages to relax and go swimming
  12. 12. The most popular sport inCanada is ice hockey. In 2010Canada won the gold medalin ice hockey in the WinterOlympics when SidneyCrosby scored the winninggoal. Canada went crazy.
  13. 13. Canadians also lovebasketball. Basketball wasinvented by a Canadiannamed James Naismith. JoseCalderon, who is from Spain,plays for the Toronto Raptors.We also love baseball too!Lots of kids play baseball(and soccer!) in the summer.
  14. 14. The most popular kind of food in Canada iscalled poutine I think it’s DISGUSTING
  15. 15. Nanaimo bars Maple Syrup Beaver tails And drink our milk from a bag
  16. 16. Native Americans were the first people to livein Canada There are many different groups of NativeAmericans that believe in different things. Eachgroup is called a ‘tribe’ Today, Native Americans live like the rest ofCanadians but still practice their own traditions.One example is the pow wow:
  17. 17. In the past, some Native In the Arctic, some NativeAmericans lived in houses Americans lived in igloos,called tipis, made from sticks made from snow and ice.and the skin of an animal.
  18. 18. Hello out there Were on the air Its hockey night tonight Tension grows The whistle blows And the puck goes down the ice The goalie jumps And the players bump And the fans all go insane Someone roars “Bobby scores!" At the good old hockey game Oh the good old hockey game Is the best game you can name And the best game you can name Is the good old hockey game (Second period) Where players dash With skates a-flash The home team trails behind But they grab the puck And go bursting up And theyre down across the line They storm the crease Like bumblebees They travel like a burning flame We see them slide The puck inside Its a 1-1 hockey gameThe Hockey Song
  19. 19. Oh the good old hockey gameIs the best game you can nameAnd the best game you can nameIs the good old hockey game(Third period, last game of the playoffstoo)Oh take me whereThe hockey playersFaceoff down the rinkAnd the Stanley CupIs all filled upFor the chance to win the drinkNow the final flickOf a hockey stickAnd a one gigantic screamThe puck is inThe home team winsThe good old hockey game