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Towns and cities


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towns and cities

Published in: Education
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Towns and cities

  1. 1. Towns and cities
  2. 2. City
  3. 3. Cities are very big The streets are long and wide The buildings are tall. There is a lot of people and traffic. They are very noisy
  4. 4. The streets are long and wide
  5. 5. The buildings are tall
  6. 6. There is a lot of a people and traffic
  7. 7. Cities are very noisy
  8. 8. Towns and villages are smaller than cities. A village is smaller than a town. The streets are narrow. The houses are low. There isn't a lot of traffic. They are quiet.
  9. 9. They are quiet
  10. 10. There isn't a lot of traffic
  11. 11. Narrow streets
  12. 12. Low houses