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Polar zones


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polar zones

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Polar zones

  1. 1. World and European Climate Zones
  2. 2. Polar Zones
  3. 3. Location
  4. 4. Location  The Earth has two polar zones  They are determined by latitude  Polar zones are located near the poles  Countries with claims to Arctic regions are: the United States (Alaska), Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, and Russia.
  5. 5. Temperature
  6. 6. Temperature  Temperatures are very low and the winters are very long  Temperatures below 0ºC except in summer  Since the polar regions are the farthest from the equator, they receive the least amount of sunlight.  The large amount of ice and snow also reflects a large part of what little sunlight the Polar regions receive, contributing to the cold.
  7. 7. Animals in the Polar Zones Snowy OwlCaribou
  8. 8. Animals WalrusPenguin
  9. 9. Animals Arctic Fox Killer Whales
  10. 10. Vegetation in Polar Zones Antarctic Algae Antarctic hair grass
  11. 11. Vegetation in the Polar Zones Lichen Antarctic pearlwort
  12. 12. Tropical Zone
  13. 13. Location
  14. 14. Location  The Earth has one tropical zone  The tropical zones are a region of the Earth surrounding the equator  Determined by latitude
  15. 15. Temperature  It is hot all year long  There is no winter  Within the tropical climate zone there are distinct varieties based on precipitation
  16. 16. Vegetation in the Trocpical Zone Scaevola taccada bush, Maui
  17. 17. Vegetation in the Trocpical Zone Typical Caribbean vegetation in Cuba
  18. 18. Vegetation in the Tropical Zone Many plants that live on Mount Kenya, like this Senecio keniodendron, have to be specially adapted to the extremes in temperature.
  19. 19. Vegetation in the Trocpical Zone Tropical Vegetation, Pineapple, Ananas, Romblon, Philippines 
  20. 20. Vegetation in the Trocpical Zone Vibrant green hills in the city of Baguio, Philippines
  21. 21. Vegetation in the Trocpical Zone Lobelia flower, Mt Kenya National Park, Kenya
  22. 22. Vegetation in the Trocpical Zone Native to the subtropical wetlands on the East Coast of the United States in North Carolina and South Carolina
  23. 23. Animals in the Tropical Zone Toucan in the Colombian rainforest of northern South America. Indian tiger, kerala
  24. 24. Animals in the Tropical Zone Red-Eyed Tree Frog Rhinoceros, Nepal
  25. 25. Animals in the Tropical Zone Orangutans
  26. 26. Animals in the Tropical Zone Lemurs