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PTCAIA transitions


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Published in: Business, Education
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PTCAIA transitions

  1. 1. Leadershipdevelopment
  2. 2. Leadership Pipeline
  3. 3. Leadership Pipeline
  4. 4. •Vision•Values•Support development•Individual Ministry basics•Time / action management•Technical proficiency•Team play•Setting Priorities•Use resources well
  5. 5. Teaching•Planning•Delegation•Coaching•Motivating•Evaluating others•Team leadership•communication•Define and assign work•delegation•Team leadership•Enable direct reports•Staff evaluation•Coaching/mentoring•Feedback•Problem solving•Conflict management•Establish trust relationships
  6. 6. Teaching•Choosing good leaders•Training coaches•Assigning leadership work•Coaching managers•Strategic planning•Team/organizational leadership•Communication•Fund development•Select & train level 1 leaders•Developing managers•Hold L1 accountable•Strategic planning/thinking•Allocating resources•Managing relationships
  7. 7. Shifts in:ValuesTimeSkills
  8. 8. Lead Self Lead Others Lead LeadersValues •Personal proficiency•High quality•Accept PTC values•Results through others•Success of direct reports•Management work•Development of leaders•Global strategy
  9. 9. Lead Self Lead Others Lead LeadersSkills •Technical proficiency•Team play•Use of ministry tools•Planning – projects,budgets, etc•Job design•Selection of people•Performance monitoring•Coaching/feedback•Communication•Delegation•Select, train & empower 1stline managers•Hold managers accountablefor managerial work•Deploying resources•Fund raising•Delegation•Performance management•Team building•Strategic thinking
  10. 10. Lead Self Lead Others Lead LeadersTime •Daily personaldiscipline•Meet deadlines•Annual planning –budgets, projects•Time for subordinates•Set priorities for team•Communication•Some individualcontribution•Coaching•Strategic planning•Team development•Fund raising•Performance management