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Asia acsa

  1. 1. Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir, “Water Night”
  2. 2. The First Truly Global Civilisation ACSA 2013 Cameron Paterson
  3. 3. What Kind Of Asian Are You? dded&v=DWynJkN5HbQ
  4. 4. The Ho Chi Minh Trail:
  5. 5. “Great insight into an area of the war we often gloss over. How many wars have been won on the backs of engineers?!” “Very interesting. I’d heard of the trail but I had no idea how important it was to the outcome of this shocking war.” “i <3 pure, unbiased education. thank you TED” “Glad we're embracing the military might of both sides, not just the battles the west wins.” “Definitely great to get a new perspective of the Vietnam War!” “more informative than most of our constipatedamerican documentaries” “Thank you, this video made history easy to remember and it was done with good research. The information is presented clearly, in a very logical way.”
  6. 6. “I don’t often dislike the ted videos but this one was really biased. Little actual information with factual backup. And a clear one-sidedness on the recollection of the war. (Mel)
  7. 7. “Thank American for making gravel for us. Btw, Nice video, thanks. Greating from Vietnam ” (Minh Ngo) “Thanks from Vietnam” (Manh Cuong) “I’m proud to be a Vietnamese. And btw,very interesting video!” (thiendeptrai95) “Thank TEDEd for making this! Greeting from Vietnam ” (Krone Nguyen)
  8. 8. “I know this is supposed to be an unbiased history lesson but as a daughter of South Vietnam, who still calls her home Saigon, having lost family through communist re-education camps, and carries the yellow and red striped flag, I will forever have anger and resentment towards this “genius” trail for the painful price my family has had to pay.” (nhabu11)
  9. 9. The Americans weren’t beaten by a narrow dirt road, it had to be by “one of the greatest military engineering achievements of the 20th century”… (Nigel McKee)
  10. 10. Anzac Legend
  11. 11. “You have helped us understand the Turkish side to World War One, which we had no idea about. We learned how the Ottoman Empire shrank to being the size of Turkey. We learned how the Turkish people really want to remember the men and women who died in the war fighting for their country, and we also learned about Mustafa Kemal becoming president of the republic and creating a new political system and giving power to women. We are proud that Turkey and Australia are now such good friends.” My students’ response to Turkey
  12. 12. Year 9 Reflections 2012 We have worked with people worldwide We have seen different points of view We have seen what other countries think about history We have thought about stuff differently We have found unseen truths We have learned about both sides and views of wars We have gone beyond the textbook We have made global connections We have learned about how we glorify Australian soldiers We have learned that we only study history from an Australian point of view The Anzacs might not have been the legends that history makes out We have looked at different perspectives The Anzacs were not perfect
  13. 13. “I have definitely learned a lot about the other countries that the participants of this project are from. Through the text and pictures that others have shared, the stereotypes that I previously had of certain countries were broken. I have also learned a lot about how the world is all connected. Whether or not we are aware of it, our actions can affect other people on the other side of the world. This project really highlights that, and I have definitely gained new insight on how we are all part of a global community.” (Out of Eden student post)
  14. 14. Stage 4 & 5 History •Explain how the Asian society was changed by its contact with European power(s) •Identify features of the Asian society that were unaffected by contact with Europeans •Discuss the positive and negative consequences of contact between the Asian society and the European powers during this period •Assess the significance of ONE key event involving an Asian society and a European power, using sources to identify different perspectives of the event at the time •Outline the nature of the contact of the Asian society with European power(s) •Explain how Australia’s changing migration policies have affected relationships with other nations.
  15. 15. DeforestACTION:
  16. 16. Where to Start? ePals Global Community iEARN Skype in the Classroom TakingITGlobal GlobalEdCon Uclass Flat Classroom Project Out of Eden Learn
  17. 17. Learning challenges Stereotypes Ethnocentrism Confirmation bias Chimamanda Adichie, The Danger of a Single Story, TED talk: e_danger_of_a_single_story.html
  18. 18. “A fish doesn’t know what water is”
  19. 19. “How easy it is to dehumanise one’s adversaries when you peer at them through the lens of a drone, rather than work beside them in some common endeavour. And consider how many of our problems today are problems that cross national boundaries, and how easy it would be to share the burden and excitement of problem-solving as well.” Jeffrey Sachs
  20. 20. "We are witnessing the birth of the world's first truly global civilization." (Al Gore, The Future)