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  • Using TAV/TRV Data to Setup Focus Teams Ohio School Improvement Institute "Stepping Outside The Box" Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Hayes E Linda Kakish and Christopher Pashke Akron Firestone High School
  • Using TAV/TRV Data to Setup Focus Teams Ohio School Improvement Institute "Stepping Outside The Box" Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. Hayes E Linda Kakish and Christopher Pashke Akron Firestone High School
  • Transitions

    1. 1. Transition to High School,College and Life: Ideas for High Schools Presenters: Akron Firestone High School Linda Kakish, Christopher Pashke
    2. 2. Firestone BackgroundNumber of Students by Grade: Ninth: 312 Tenth: 304 Eleventh: 304 Twelfth: 267 Total: 1187School Type: UrbanRegion: NE OhioPerformance Rating: ExcellentAYP Status: MetSchool Improvement Status: OKJoined HSTW/MMGW: 2002Feeder middle schools: Litchfield Miller South
    3. 3. Firestone High SchoolComprehensive High School:• Visual and Performing Building• International Baccalaureate Program• Information Technology• Project Lead The Way• Marketing Education (DECA)• Cooperative Business Education (CBE)• Business Finance• Career Based Intervention (CBI)• Content Literacy Continuum• Fusion Reading(University of Kansas)• 100 Book Challenge
    4. 4. Firestone High SchoolTransition Programs:• Falcon Flight School• Career Education Programs: Information Technology, PLTW, AOT, Business Finance, DECA, CBI Career Based Intervention• Firestone Intervention R Enrichment• Credit Recovery• Community Open House• Senior to Sophomore• Post Secondary Options• Reality Check• College Knowledge• College Articulation Agreements
    5. 5. Falcon Flight School Agenda12:30 - 1:00 Registration in the Commons Students will pick-up their schedule and folder.1:00 – 1:30 Welcome and General Information in the Auditorium The principal will speak to students and parents.1:35 – 2:50 Classroom Visitation in the Classrooms Students will walk through their actual class schedule.1:35 – 2:35 Parent Meeting in the LRC Parents may attend an informational session.2:50 – 3:00 Assembly in the Gymnasium Students will learn about FHS assemblies.3:00 – 3:15 DismissalClassroom Visitation Schedule - Classrooms 1:35 – 1:45 1st period 1:49 – 1:54 2nd period 1:58 – 2:03 3rd period 2:07 – 2:12 4th period Lunch - snack 2:16 – 2:21 5 period th Lunch - snack 2:25 – 2:30 6th period Lunch - snack 2:34 – 2:39 7 period th 2:43 – 2:48 8th period
    6. 6. Falcon Flight SchoolOutline of each activity:Registration:Students receive a folder with the following: Orientation Program Schedule with map of school on back FHS materials – pencils, paper, etc. School help kit – helpful hints for each content area Student Pamphlet – How to Get Good Grades in High SchoolStudents may visit the various organizations that have a table set up for information.If a parent attends, parents will receive an FHS folder with general guidelines for the school, a pamphlet on how to help the high school student, and perhaps some informational articles on how to best help the school. Also included will be a PTSA registration form with basic information.
    7. 7. Falcon Flight SchoolWelcome and General Information:Principal: Welcomes students to FHS for their freshmen year introducing the assistant principals, counselors, teaching staff, and lastly the Freshmen class advisorThe Freshman Class Advisor will: Introduce other advisors Review program for the dayThe Principal will then dismiss students to their first period class.
    8. 8. Falcon Flight SchoolClassroom Visitations:Each student will: Go to each class, as though it were his/her regular school day.Each parent who remains for the orientation may walk the schedule with his/her student, or may attend informational meetings with teachers of the visual/performing arts, IB, or counselors.Each teacher will introduce himself/herself to the class, providing the general information on the course and class expectations for each student. (Also consider going over the help sheet in their orientation folder for future use.)
    9. 9. Falcon Flight SchoolFirst period teachers will distribute planners and locker cards, collect locker money and emergency information.Eighth period teachers will instruct students how to get to the gymnasium and where to sit for a PM Pep assembly.Lunch Period staff will review with students the procedures and guidelines of the cafeteria.Study Hall staff will inform students of the procedures and guidelines for study hall.Staff members with no freshmen classes will be assigned to assist teachers with freshmen, lunch period staff, study hall staff, to monitor hallways and direct students to their destinations.
    10. 10. Falcon Flight SchoolAssembly:At the end of eighth period, students will be directed, via PA to the gymnasium.The Freshman Class advisor will inform students about traditions of an FHS Pep assembly – cheers, spirit stick, and behavioral expectations.Cheerleaders will lead students in traditional cheers.
    11. 11. Falcon Flight SchoolDismissal:Students will be dismissed from the assembly, and are encouraged to walk around the building and return to the commons to visit the activity tables for further information.Necessary Information/materials:Letter to Freshmen and parentsLetter to organizations available to present info at the orientation.Orientation ProgramFolders with materials: school supplies, handouts, pamphlet, scheduleStudent Schedules with maps on backTeacher instruction, assignment sheetHomeroom class listClass lists – possible but not necessaryLocker materials
    12. 12. Career Education ProgramsStudents enrolled in Career Education Programs have opportunities to develop academic, technical, and leadership skills.• AOT/ Business Finance• Pre-Engineering: PLTW (Project Lead The Way)• Information Technology• Marketing Education: DECA (Distributive Education Club of America)• CBI Career Based Intervention
    13. 13. AOT & Business FinanceThis program is designed for the student who plans to enroll in a business field in college, or one who plans to won their own business. Students learn the basics of keeping track of business transactions involving the exchange of money for goods or services.• Business management• Accounting• Business Finance I & II• Administrative Office Technology I & II (Employment)
    14. 14. Project Lead the WayPLTW is a standards-based pre-engineering 4 year program. The curriculum challenges students to solve real-world engineering problems by applying their knowledge and skills in mathematics, science, and technology.• Introduction to Engineering Design• Principles of Engineering• Digital Electronics• Computer Integrated Manufacturing• Engineering Design & Development
    15. 15. Information TechnologyInformation Technology (IT) is a 4 year challenging, highly technical, hands-on program. This program provides students with the essential competencies to pursue further study in information technology.Students develop skills & knowledge to succeed in the areas of Network Systems, Interactive Media, Information Support and Services, Programming, & Software Development.The junior and senior year specialization focus is geared towards Interactive Media.
    16. 16. DECA Distributive Education Clubs of AmericaThis program is designed to help college bound & career oriented students prepare for careers in marketing and management. All marketing education students are members of DECA, which enhances the curriculum by providing students with the opportunity to develop interpersonal communication and leadership skills through managing the DECA store, chapter projects, competition, and leadership conferences.The DECA program is driven by four points of the DECA diamond. Leadership Social Responsibility Civic Consciousness Vocational Understanding
    17. 17. International BaccalaureateThe International Baccalaureate program is designed to meet the highest standards required of any high school student in the world. The IB Program is committed to the full development of power of the mind and integration of learning with service.There are only 2,121 schools in 125 countries throughout the world offering this program to students. Firestone is one of only 555 member schools in the United States and one of 13 in the state of Ohio.Firestone is in its 11th year of the International Baccalaureate program.During that time, 82% of students earned the prestigious IB diploma.The world average for this period was 79%.
    18. 18. Advanced Placement Advanced Placement courses offered:• English Literature• French & Spanish• American & European History• Biology, Chemistry, & Physics• Calculus & Statistics• Studio Art/Design & Photography
    19. 19. Visual & Performing ArtsThe Visual and Performing Arts Program is designed for students who have a strong interest and talent in any of the following arts areas: dance, drama, visual art, or vocal/instrumental music.This program prepares students to pursue an arts career or to enhance their creative abilities no matter what area they choose.
    20. 20. Credit RecoveryA building initiative to identify and assist failing students in the subjects of Language Arts and Mathematics. The course allows the students the opportunity to make up the credit while keeping the students on the successful track towards graduation.• Students are identified for failure in Language Arts or Mathematics• Students meet with counselor• Letter sent home to notify parents/guardian of failure and option of credit recovery.• Parent/guardian are scheduled to meet with counselor & building principal.• Students and parents sign credit recovery contract.• Students are scheduled into the course.• Students use Plato software in mathematics section of credit recovery.
    21. 21. FIRE ProgramA building initiative to identify and assist failing students. The program allows the students the opportunity to be paired with a college student from The University of Akron or Kent State University for individual tutoring and mentoring to keep the students on the successful track towards graduation.• Students are identified for failure in the first nine weeks .• Students meet with counselor and Mr. Christopher Martin, Assistant principal• Letter sent home to notify parents/guardian of failure and option of FIRE program.• Parent/guardian are scheduled to meet with counselor & Mr. Martin.• Students and parents sign FIRE Program contract.• Students are assigned a Mentor from UA or KSU.
    22. 22. FIRE Program• Mentors and student meet and discuss what types of problems the students are having in the classroom.• Mentors shadow and watch the student in the classrooms.• Mentors then meet the student on set times for individual tutoring and on how to use study skills to help improve student performance.• Mentors meet several times with Mr. Martin and their College Professor to discuss student performance and techniques on how to help the students.• Mentors are Education Major Students at their Universities..Success• 40 tenth graders were selected. (20 African American Male and 20 African American Females)• 37 completed the year and were promoted to Eleventh Grade.• Minority achievement gap was 12% now down to 8%
    23. 23. Community Open HouseA building initiative to inform the surrounding community and local community members and businesses on our successes and the many programs and opportunities for student success at Firestone High School.• Setting up a steering committee• Come up with theme (Excellent Education Tuition Free)• Illicit volunteers from student body, PTSA, athletic programs & school clubs• Set up brag sheets, develop fliers to distribute (advertisement), budget, along with a strategic plan for implementation• Collect former student and parent statements on how and what Firestone High Schools has done to assist in their/son’s or daughter’s success.
    24. 24. Senior to Sophomore ProgramAn Akron Public Schools and University of Akron initiative to provide the opportunity for students to earn 24 college credits in just one year.• Established in 2008• Seniors who meet specific criteria are entered into the program at the request of student and parent/guardian.• Students ONLY pay $105.00 for University of Akron application fee the remaining balance is covered by the institution of higher education.• All classes are taken at the University of Akron. The student may return to his/her home high school to participate in all activities.
    25. 25. Postsecondary Enrollment Options ProgramThe postsecondary Enrollment Options Program was created by the Ohio Legislature to allow high school students around the state to enroll in a college or university. This program is available to qualified high school students enrolled in a high school eligible to receive postsecondary funding.• 9th & 10th grade requirements: 3.75 cumulative g.p.a, 26 ACT composite or 1150 SAT composite, letter of recommendation, pass ALL parts of the Ohio Graduation Test, must have grade of B+ in all English courses, and write a 500 word essay on reasoning behind enrollment into program. Students can only enroll in one course per semester.• 11th & 12th grade requirements: 3.30 cumulative g.p.a., 24 ACT composite or 1110 SAT composite, letter of recommendation, pass ALL parts of the Ohio Graduation Test, may enroll in 14 credit hours per semester.
    26. 26. Other Transition InitiativesReality Check: A program where the students are given an occupation, salary, and family structure where they need to develop a financial budget that meets the needs and demands of the real world.Career passports: A collection of samples of student work that has been completed in the students 4 years of high school. (e.g. written work, artistic projects)College Knowledge: An initiative for both parents/guardians and students to gain knowledge on the entire process of continuing into an institution of higher education. (Financial aid application, universities visits, application processes, transcript procedures, one on one college representative visits)
    27. 27. Other Transition Initiatives• Students for Students• NOW (No Opportunity Wasted) – At risk students• Intervention and Assistance Team – Targeting IEP student
    28. 28. Contact Information:Akron Firestone High School 333 Rampart Avenue Akron, Ohio 44313-6497 330-873-3315 Fax: 330-873-3318 Principal: Larry Petry – Linda Kakish – Christopher Pashke –