Cerner CPOE PowerPlan Builder 101


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Jim Donohue, an international Cerner consultant, has worked on Cerner projects both in the US and the UK for The HCI Group. In this presentation Jim shares his insights on CPOE Cerner Powerplan Building 101.

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Cerner CPOE PowerPlan Builder 101

  1. 1.   Best Practice is to investigate and design the plan in advance on a spreadsheet or Word document. Once the orders/order details are completed then use of the powerplan tool can be used to prepare the orders for CPOE.
  2. 2. Log into Cerner Citrix  Open DCPTools>   Go to Order Management> Powerplan Tool Search for an existing plan…Right click on the folder in the upper left hand corner of the tool>
  3. 3.  Enter a title to search, for example here I used “Powerplan 101”…See that there are no matches for this name… Creating a new plan…go to Task>New Plan…default is to Single Phase…  Only Single Phase powerplans can be later converted to a sub phase so they can be embedded (nested) when creating a multiple phase plan. Whether a facility wants to create Single phase or Multiple phase plans is decided individually….
  4. 4. For training purposes  Name the plan; Keep the plan Single phase; select Plan type: “Medical “; Display Method: “Clinical Category”; choose status as “Testing”
  5. 5. Orders Tab  Add an order For example Vital signs  Here I’ve added some examples of other orders and how they display based on their clinical category…
  6. 6. Notes Tab  Notes are remarks you add for the ordering physician to see, while they are in the powerplan ordering phase… The Note will not be seen by the nurse once the plan has been ordered and initiated  Once it is added in the powerplan tool it will appear under the clinical category selected as shown here… 
  7. 7.    To move an order or a note within the category click on the item you wish to move and use the up/down arrows… Here I moved the NOTE to the top of the Patient Care Clinical category… To move it back down to press the down arrow
  8. 8. Outcomes Tab  Used to demonstrate an expected outcome to be monitored…Click on the outcome tab…select the details for your outcome…  See display like this in the powerplan tool, demonstrating an expected outcome to be monitored…
  9. 9. Order Sentence Tab  In some instances orders may already have order sentences built that you can select from a list…as shown here for the medication Ambien…  By selecting the sentence and moving it to the current list field, and adding…it will display as an available option in the list of sentences for the order…
  10. 10.   If a desired order sentence doesn’t appear as an option for the plan an individual order can be added to the plan… by RIGHT clicking on the sentence line…and adding… among other options…as shown below… Selecting “add” allows the builder to create customized order sentences…choose the order details and add…
  11. 11. Copy Components Tab  An alternative to adding individual orders to a powerplan, clusters of orders can be added all at once when you are aware of an existing plan or set of orders that you want to include in this new powerplan…  Select the source you want to copy… from caresets or plan components… In this instance we’ve selected components of an existing powerplan named Blood Administration…. 
  12. 12.   After selecting Copy/Import we see a list of order from the Blood Administration Powerplan those orders and the associated order sentences from the existing plan will be copied over…. Seen here in the new plan under the laboratory field are the PT and PTT order with their respective order sentences…
  13. 13. SubPhase Tab  To include subphases in a powerplan the subphase must exist as a single phase plan…  Select the Clinical Category and the Subphase by name…and select Add… The sub phase and all its components will display in the new powerplan…seen here with powerplan icons within the plan we are creating…You won’t be able to view the orders for these nested plans…but you may look them up separately… 
  14. 14. Prescription Tab  Click Prescription tab… Select the product in the Search Results box you want to add to the PowerPlan and move it from the search to the current list  Now you will see it displays as a prescription icon in the plan
  15. 15. “Include” or “Exclude”  By checking any box to the left of an order means that this particular order will always be included, without the clinician having to check it every time the plan is opened…  As seen here, where in every instance of this plan the Laboratory orders will be ordered with whatever else the physician selects for the patient…
  16. 16. Printing a Plan…  Once your plan is built, you can print an paper/electronic copy by selecting Reports>Print Plan… Finding the New Powerplan…  Subsequent visits to the powerplan tool will now display the newly created powerplan Validating a Plan as an User…  For validation of the build, go to the physician log on for the powerchart and search the name of your new powerplan.