Life of Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati


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  • Died in 1883 after poison was given to him in Jodhpur.
  • Life of Maharishi Dayananda Saraswati

    2. 2.  At that time, BharatMata was under Britishrule Country wasunder economicbackwardness, socialevils like Sati tradition,un-touchability, childmarriage, blind beliefs,illiteracy, belief inmiracles etc.
    3. 3.  Birth on Phalgun KrishnaDasmi 1881 VikramSamwat i.e. 12th Feb,1824 Village Tankara,Gujarat. Name – Mool Shankar Mother – Amrithbai Father – Karsan Ji Tiwari,Tax collector & richperson
    4. 4.  Father was religiousperson & staunchdevotee of Lord Shiva &wanted his son also bea religious person At age 8, MoolShankar‟s Upnayan(Sacred Thread)ceremony wasperformed
    5. 5.  On Father‟s inspiration,Mool Shankar decided tokeep fast & keep awakewhole night on Shivaratri But when he observed arat running on the idoland eating the offerings,he was surprised as tohow come the idol isShiva, if he can‟t removea rat. He understood the futilityof idol worship & decidedto seek darshan of trueShiva.
    6. 6.  Turning point came inhis life with death ofyounger sister & uncle,which made him thinkabout agony of deathand purpose of life. He started thinking ofrenouncing worldly life. So, later when his familyplanned his marriage,he left his home in 1846,with an intent of neverto return back.
    7. 7.  Having started hisjourney in search of trueShiva, Moolshankar metsome thugs. They persuaded him torenounce the costlyitems which he did andproceeded on hisjourney on high mission. He started in search oftrue yogi but most ofthem had aim only tomisguide ignorantmasses.
    8. 8.  Stayed at Kot Kangrafor 3 months & gotname as BrahmchariShudh Chaitanya. Went to Sidhpur fair forsearch of true Guru buthis father reached there& took him back tohome in Tankara. On third night, whenguards were in deepsleep, he ran away fromhome.
    9. 9.  Swami Purnanand Jiinitiated him as „sanyasi‟& gave him name as„Swami DayanandSaraswati‟. He got yog vidya fromYogi Shivanand Giri andYogi Jwala Nand Giri atChanod. He was offeredpriesthood of Uhki-Muth,which had big income& large property but herefused as his aim of lifewas to attain Salvation.
    10. 10.  In search of true Guru,he travelled extensivelyon foot. From Gujarat toRajasthan to Haridwar,he started his journey toHimalayas. In forest of Narmadavalley, a big black bearrushed to attack himbut instead, heattacked the bear withhis thick stick & bearreturned back to forest.He was fearless sanyasi.
    11. 11.  Heard about SwamiVirjanand Ji, hereached Mathura. But Guru told him toforget all he hadlearned till now & startafresh with the bookswritten by great rishis. As a student in ashram,he got duties to fetchwater from riverYamuna and clean theashram with broom.
    12. 12.  Swamiji was able todefeat other students inreligious discourses, asGuru saw him as the onlystudent who could do„Ved Prachar‟. He offered cloves in GuruDakshina. But Guru saidthat the whole country issuffering from ignorance,blind belief and othersocial and religious evils.Take the light of truth ofVedas and enlighten thehumanity. This will be yourGuru Dakshina.
    13. 13.  Swamiji started workingon social issues &discussed cow-slaughterwith British officers & got apetition sent to QueenVictoria to ban cow-slaughter. In Khumbh in Haridwar, hehoisted a flag with„Pakhand KhandiniPatakha‟ & started hisdiscourses. People started to listen &understand his logic.
    14. 14.  A brahmin, angered bySwamiji gave poisonousbetal but he recoveredthrough yoga practices. He let the culprit go free ashe said, I have come to freepeople from bondage. He wanted to create unityin Hindu Society and toeliminate restrictions onsharing meals as heaccepted food from alower caste person.
    15. 15.  He defeated a lot of punditsin discourses (shasatrathas).They were influenced by hislogic and drowned theiridols in rive Ganga. Thisbrought great name andfame to Maharishi. In Kashi as well, the punditscould not produce anyevidence of Idol worshipfrom Vedas.
    16. 16.  He devoted his life for therevival of the Vedas, for theremoval of the social evils,bad customs and blindbelief. On 7th April 1875, AryaSamaj was established inBombay with 10 principles. Motto – Krinvanto VishwamAryam – i.e. Make the worldnoble.
    17. 17.  He was the first person toask about Swaraj. He said“However nice a foreigngovt. may be, it can nevercompete with Swaraj.” He stressed on people touse articles prepared bytheir own country men. He also stressed Hindi to bemain language of India.
    18. 18. Works of Swami Dayanand Sandhya Satyarth Prakash Yajurveda and RgvedaBhashya Sanskrit Vakya Prabhodha Bhranti Niwarana Gokaruna Nidthi Vedanti Dhvant Niwarana Panch Maha Yajna Vidthi Advaita Mat Khandanam
    19. 19. Arya Samaj movement paved the way for upliftmentof women through educational opportunities,removal of social evils like smoking, drinking, satitradition, purdah system, animal sacrifice, ancestorworship, pilgrimages etc.The United States, Canada, Trinidad, UnitedKingdom, Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa, Malawi,Mauritius, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia aresome of the countries where the Samaj has itsbranches.
    20. 20. Pictures & story inspired from & various other online sources