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Historical information about evros river and Evros Delta


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Historical information about evros river and Evros Delta

  1. 1. HISTORICAL INFORMATION ABOUT EVROS RIVER AND EVROS DELTA Evros River was known as “Romvos” in mythology. It took its name after Evros, son of Cassander, king of Thrace, who drowned in its waters, after having been defamed by his stepmother because he has rejected her love. Cassander, who did not believe Evros, pulled out his sword to kill him. Evros, who could not avoid death, plunged into the river waters and drowned. Evros River was also named by Euripides as “argiroritis” (silver- carrier) because it crossed and integrated the land making it rich and fertile. It is finally worth mentioning that during the Persian wars Xerxes, supplied and offered some rest to his army next to Evros River; an incident revealing the great richness of the river. Nowadays, Evros River is called “Maritsa” by the Turks and Bulgarians. This name is mentioned for the first time by Isaak Comnenos who erected the monastery Virgin Kosmosoteira (Saviour of the world). However, there is another version. The Slavs
  2. 2. trace the etymology of the name Maritsa to Moritsi or Movaritsi which according to the Slavic language means peace and tranquility. In the southeastern part of Evros prefecture, next to the border with Turkey, Evros River creates an extensive delta with a total surface are of 188km2. Evros River is the second biggest river in Eastern Europe and is characterized by the large amount of sediment that it transfers and deposits on its delta. Evros River springs from the mountains of Rila in Bulgaria. The total length of the river is 528km, of which 310 km belong to Bulgaria, while 218km determine the borders of Greece with the countries of Bulgaria and Turkey. Evros Delta is an important wetland on a national, European and international level. For many years it is a Protected Area, as it has a big value for wildlife and humanity. In Evros Delta hundreds of thousands of birds find shelter and food all year round, while it constitutes a very important natural resource for the local community, because of its value for fishing, stock breeding, agriculture, climate, flood protection, education, recreation and science.