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Valet Media and Marketing guide


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Valet Media and Marketing Guide - Who is Valet Marketing and What Services do they provide Northern Nevada Business

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Valet Media and Marketing guide

  1. 1. Valet Media & Marketing A Media Solutions Company For Local Business
  2. 2. Mission Valet Media represents a new wave of business services. Business Services that flex with the client & boldly design solutions that attract the right audience and the right time to expedite success and growth in any business. Valet Media Delivers the right message to to the right audience at the right time.
  3. 3. Valet Marketing Services Full Service Marketing Agency: ● Media Buying ● Media Creation ● Media Coaching Media Specialities: ● Print ● Social Media ● Web design ● Digital Markets ● Content Creation Cost Effective solutions in: ● Printing / Publishing ● Media Planning ● Social Media Launch and content Creation ● Mobile Applications ● Web design ● Sales Management ● Business Management ● Business consulting
  4. 4. Valet Marketing Media Buying Valet Media provides Media Buying and Fulfillment services for all sizes of business and media models. ● Over 20 years of Media purchasing, scheduling, contract negotiations, annual planning, event creation in print and web marketing. ● Our clients enjoy our ability to break down audience in each media and target the proper audience and the right time with the right media. ● Our Team will help you target the right media and save you marketing expense in coaching you on the finer sides of contracts and media frequency to ensure greatest value in marketing
  5. 5. Valet Marketing Media Creation - Creative solutions in design, content, lead generation ● Full service print and digital media creative production ● Website and landing page creation, updates, social plugins ● Content Development Services : Print, Web, Blog, Social Media ● Mobile App platforms ● Digital Distribution / E-Readers for magazines,newspapers, marketing reports, sales collateral etc...
  6. 6. Valet Marketing - Media Coaching Media / Business Coaching - Part of what sets Valet Marketing apart is our desire to coach our partners. Not only consult on the best plans and programs to help their business grow, but coach them and their team on how implement the plan and execute services better and in many cases cheaper than currently running. ● Print Media Coach ● Media Planning Coach ● Social Media Coach ● Mobile Application Coach ● Lead Generation Coach ● Content Creation Coach ● Business Development Coach ● Start-up Business Coach ● Sales Coach ● Sales Management Coach ● Change Coach
  7. 7. Valet Media - Print Solutions A Print Broker for some the nations largest and most respected printers. Valet Media gives our clients the opportunity to save on printing of hundreds of different items: ● Magazines ● Brochures ● Flyers ● Business Cards ● Banners ● Posters ● Rack Cards ● Custom Printing ● Marketing Material ● Direct Mail ● USPS Every Door Direct Mail Program ● Inserts for Newspapers ● White Labeled Printing Solutions ○ This service is for other media companies looking to grow insert of printing revenue streams with current sales staff.
  8. 8. Valet Media - Web Solutions Website Design and updating - Valet Media team is capable of building you a new Responsive Design website or in many cases updating your current website so that it is current and is connected to the social media channels of your choice for digital audience optimization. ● Responsive and Mobile Friendly Web design services - We will build you a website that fits and works on all mobile device screen sizes ● Wordpress web updates, plug-in adoption services ● Google Analytics Reports, Set-up ● Social Integration into your company website ● Website Content Creation - Pages and Blogs ● Video Integration ● Lead Development integration
  9. 9. Valet Media - Social Media Social Media Coaching, Integrations, Set-up and Content Creations Services: Basic Services Set-ups ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Pinterest ● Google + ● Linkedin ● YouTube ● Vimeo ● Slideshare With channels being developed monthly Valet Media’s focus is helping you set up and us the right channels, the right way at the right time. We will develop you a social media action plan for any social channel you choose. Set those channels up, coach your team on content strategy, Integrate with website and print services if needed and set up promotions for audience growth.
  10. 10. Valet Media - Mobile Content Distribution Digital Distribution and Digital Audience Development ● Mobile App Development ● Social Media Content Plans ● Article submission ● Landing page development ● Lead Generation ● Email List building
  11. 11. Contact us today Valet Media & Marketing 775-392-1289 Minden Nevada Connect today for a free 1to1 consultation and review.