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Internet safety


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Internet safety

  1. 1. Safer Internet Day 2011 It’s more than a game It’s your life! Acrostic
  2. 2. I nternet is used by everyone T orrents, gaming and S ocial networking
  3. 3. M etin2 is a craze in Romania now O ver and over played R educing everyone’s free time E ven their intelligence
  4. 4. T witter, Facebook H i 5, MySpace A nd N etlog
  5. 5. A re G rasping, Greedy A nd M onstrously E xhausting networks
  6. 6. I nfinite number of online games T ear up your reality and S hadow it
  7. 7. Y ields your life to O af, U nspirited R etrieval from the real world
  8. 8. L ive your real life I nformation, technology, are great but F ractures your reality perception and E mbroils you in confusion