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9 lessons from CFOs who lead

How to get ahead in finance

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9 lessons from CFOs who lead

  2. 2. To get ahead in finance, the best advice is from those who are already there. Read on for 9 big lessons from talented CFOs. LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  4. 4. Many people think finance is the domain of the bean-counters, but finance is really everybody’s business. It’s about leadership, bringing people on a journey and all contributing to that one outcome. LEARN MORE Lily Viertmann FCPA CFO, Department of the Environment, Australia Finance LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  5. 5. You have to be motivated, passionate and persistent to get where you want to go. Once you’re there, you have to be patient, focused and engaged with stakeholders. If you don’t do both, you might get there, but you’ll fall over pretty quickly. LEARN MORE Wayne Stokes FCPA CFO, Carnival Australia LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  6. 6. Make sure you understand what’s going on across the business, outside of finance, then use the numbers to tell that story. You add value by providing insight around the future implications of what’s happening and its impact on performance. LEARN MORE Kylie Archer CPA CFO, Seafolly LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  7. 7. Have a positive mindset and attitude – and never wait for your boss to give you instructions. Be proactive as it’s always easier to set the pace rather than run after another person. Never be insecure or defensive. Be sincere, gracious, patient and confident.  LEARN MORE Tan Wee Ko FCPA CFO, Challenger LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  8. 8. Most good things are harder than they might appear at the outset; there will always be hard yards ahead. Show trust and let good people do good things. Also, you have to connect the story to the numbers. LEARN MORE Scott Dilley FCPA CFO, Department of Social Services LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  9. 9. Take on the challenges others won’t. Don’t be put off because it’s hard or dirty – it will become an opportunity. If you get bored, get out. LEARN MORE Andrew Clark FCPA CFO, Airservices Australia LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  10. 10. Be bold. Have the courage to change industries because skills are transferable. You’ll learn about a whole new world. LEARN MORE Nicole Peck CPA CFO, Barwon Health LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  11. 11. You need a great team. How to build a great team, with diversity of thinking – you don’t want a bunch of “yes” people – is one of the most important things to learn as a leader. LEARN MORE Laura Lillas FCPA CFO, Partners in Performance LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
  12. 12. One of the worst things you can do as a senior leader is not be approachable. You become like the emperor with no clothes – no one tells you what the problems are, they only tell you the good news or what they think you want to hear. LEARN MORE David Spong FCPA CFO, Ericsson LEADERSHIP .STRATEGY . BUSINESS
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