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  1. 1. magazine of the year 2010the world’s biggest movie magazine* The UK’s most influential brands
  2. 2. “Emp best mov ire is the in the wo ie magazine rld Quite sim. Bar none. pl peerless y, it’s Stev .” en Spie lbergTHE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviEmagazinE why ADVeRTiSe? l Empire is the world’s largest movie magazineCirCulation179,064* l unrivalled access to iconic, A-List film talent, giving advertisers the opportunity to position themselves alongside influential brands andreadership personalities844,000** l world exclusives on the biggest and most exciting new filmsabC1 profile l authorative coverage on all aspects of home entertainment: DVD, TV,70%** games, hardware etc. l dominates the uK film market with 70% circulation share, outselling itsmedian age nearest competitor by 103,000 copies.28** l unprecedented loyalty and trust – 70% of readers buy every issue. l Empire has over 55,000 subscribers - this is up over 25% y-o-y. Empiremale/female has more subscribers than it’s nearest rival sells copies on the newstand.70/30** l The magazine, empireonline.com and our international editions now reach over 2.5 million of the most dedicated movie fans on the planet.* ABC Jan - Jun 2010** NRS Apr - Sept 2010 The UK’s most influential brands
  3. 3. THE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviEmagazinE The EmPiRE ReADeR Tim is 29, living and working in London. he is funny, smart and ahead of the curve. Amongst his friends he is the source of knowledge for all things entertainment. he’s tech-savvy and was the first of his friends to get an iPhone. his mates always come to him for advice on new technology – TVs, projectors, Blu-ray, surround sound etc. They know it won’t be a one-word answer – it will be well thought-through, based on research, from the internet and magazines. Tim is very active on the net, blogging daily, and is a sponge for new information. he likes a challenge and is open to change – always up for trying new products. he’s a keen gamer and although he has an Xbox, he bought the new PS3 to double as a Blu-ray player – a clear sign of his high disposable income. On long journeys there is always a fight to sit next to him so you can watch the latest series of entourage and Mad Men that he’s downloaded on his iPad. Movies are his social currency – Tim is always called upon to settle his mates’ film arguments, knowing precisely why The Godfather Part ii is the superior film in the trilogy. The UK’s most influential brands
  4. 4. THE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviEmagazinE ROLL Of hONOuR l PPA Consumer Magazine Of The year 2010 leditor-in-Chief Mark Dinning won BSMe entertainment and Celebrity Magazine editor of the year award for an astonishing 4th year in a row. No other editor has won this award this number of times l James Dyer won website editor Of The year 2009 for the 2nd time l PPA Creative Production initiative Of The year 2008 l PPA Consumer Magazine Production Team Of The year 2008 “with so much white noise around in terms of blogs and everyone expressing their own opinion, a quality brand like Empire is more necessary than ever. if you really want to know about movies, Empire is your only natural destination.” Mark Dinning, Empire Editor-In-Chief The UK’s most influential brands
  5. 5. ‘Movies arTHE WORLD’S religion ae mybiggEST mOviE Empire i ndmagazinE sm church. y Quen ’ tin Tara ntino BRAND iNfLueNCe The constant quest to deliver the best movie coverage on the planet is underscored by amazing relationships between Empire and the biggest filmmakers in the world: steven spielberg, James Cameron, Quentin tarantino, peter Jackson and guillermo del toro, just some of its most influential fans and readers. ‘Empire’s enthusiasm, honesty, wit and intelligence are contagious. I salute it - George Lucas After 20 years of being the world’s best movie magazine, last year saw Empire become the biggest movie magazine in the world. This international domination – outselling all of its rivals globally by an average of 2 to 1 – is down to Empire’s continued commitment to delivering movie fans the greatest monthly experience, telling them which movies to get excited about and why. The UK’s most influential brands
  6. 6. THE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviEmagazinE ReADeR iNfLueNCe Empire is a mainstream brand straddling the lifestyle and more specialist magazine categories. this means Empire readers are advocates and opinion leaders in all areas of their lives – not just film. Empire readers over-index as “influential consumers” vs. all other men – making them a highly desirableaudience to target.* notable consumer brands that have used Empire in the last 12 months include:*tgi 2010 Q2: word of mouth scores: Connectors, salespeople &mavens 15-54 men The UK’s most influential brands
  7. 7. The MAGAziNe the slate The films and faces that are on empire’s radar right now. Real focus on new films and hype around what’s coming up. Regular features include My Movie Mastermind and Pint Of Milk. in Cinemas The heart of the magazine. home to empire’s theatrical reviews and one of the main reasons readers buy the magazine month in, month out. The readers will use the reviews to plan their cinema trips, according to the famous five-star system. Trusted and influential, theTHE WORLD’S reviews are a source of much debate.biggEST mOviEmagazinE main features Covering all the big films, this is where empire shows the power of its access to actors and directors, with set visits and comprehensive detail. As well as covering the big releases, empire explores fascinating, often overlooked stories from the history of cinema within the Back Story. re.view Devoted to the latest DVDs, Blu-rays, soundtracks and books, this section reviews all the latest releases. it has recently been beefed up with news and interviews, and ensures the quality of empire is maintained throughout the magazine. The UK’s most influential brands
  8. 8. The EmPiRE BRAND Empire is the uK’s premier movie media destination, providing indispensable insight both online and in print, from blockbusters to classics.THE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviEmagazinE SPECTaCULaR 20TH annivERSaRY, gUEST-EDiTED bY STEvEn SPiELbERg — JUnE 2009 WORLD’S FiRST 3D 250TH iSSUE — COvER — JUnE 2008 aPRiL 2010 Empire is a truly multi-platform brand, using magazine and online to connect with 1.4 million of the smartest film fans on the planet. Reaching consumers with high disposable incomes, Empire readers are early adopters, media-savvy and invest in technology. The UK’s most influential brands
  9. 9. EmPiRE AwARDS 2010 ‘Thanks to Jameson and Empire,THE WORLD’S I can now be a hero for one day,biggEST mOviE like David Bowie’magazinE Jude law, empire hero, empire awards 2010 The annual empire Awards have been held since 1995, the uK’s premier movie honours that are voted for by the movie-going public. Since 2009 this prestigious event has been sponsored by Jameson, a brand with strong associations with film across international markets (Dublin film festival, Tribeca etc). The UK’s most influential brands
  10. 10. BRAND eXTeNSiONS empire iphone reviews app Launched in Nov 2009, priced £2.99, and one of the most popular Christmas downloads. hit the top 25 downloads on week of releaseTHE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviE empire movie-ConmagazinE Now in its third year, empire Movie-Con is a now three-day movie preview event with Q&As and unseen, world-exclusive footage. Selling out its ticket allocation in four hours, the 2009 event saw Robert Downey Jr., Terry Gilliam, Kathryn Bigelow and Guy Ritchie attend and showed exclusive footage of Avatar a week before world Avatar Day1.5 millionuniQue users empireonline.Com19.5 millionpageimpressions70,000emailsubsCribers20,000faCebooKfans*42,000twitterfollowers**all stats as of nov 2010 The UK’s most influential brands
  11. 11. CASe STuDieS Empire promotionTHE WORLD’SbiggEST mOviE seT To sTun The new Sony Bravia LX903 brings 3D to your living roommagazinE A s BoB DylAn Thrill to 3D with the technology of Full HD 3D — plus once sAng, “The sleek, sexy Sony high-tech Active Shutter glasses Times, They Are A- Bravia LX903. — to create an experience so real, chAngin’.” From you’ll feel you’re actually there. AvATAr To Alice The TV can display moving In Wonderland and Clash Of images at a frame rate four times The Titans, the biggest and faster than conventional LCD most exciting movies of the sets, meaning a super-smooth, moment are being released in pin-sharp picture and amazing 3D, giving audiences a whole illusion of depth. If you’re more new dimension of thrills. But just of a gamer, you’ll soon be able where does this leave the home to update your Sony PlayStation entertainment experience? Will 3 to play 3D titles — and use our return visits to Pandora, the it to view the imminent wave of rabbit hole or Argos have to be 3D Blu-rays. in boring old 2D? But even without the element Not if Sony has anything to of 3D, with a Bravia you’ll find do with it. Fusing astounding there’s a whole new world of technology and a sleek space-age entertainment to explore. Bravia design, its brand-new Bravia Internet Video allows you to LX903 television creates a whole stream online videos, or catch new kind of viewing experience. up on your favourite shows For the first time ever you’ll whenever you want, meaning no be able to become completely more squabbling over the remote immersed in your favourite movie control ever again. On-screen without leaving the comfort of widgets can update you on what’s your own sofa. 2010 will go down going on over at Facebook, Twitter in history books as the year in or Flickr. And built-in Freeview which TV changed forever — and the LX903 is right at the forefront of the revolution. Forget the blurry images and With a Sony Bravia you’ll find there’s a whole cardboard glasses of yesteryear. Sony uses the advanced picture new world of entertainment to explore... REASONS TO GO 3D AVATAR (2009) James A CHRISTMAS CAROL (2009) ALICE IN WONDERLAND TINTIN (2011-’12) When Cameron’s sci-fi spectacular is Jim Carrey plays a mo-cap (2010) Tim Burton’s most eye- Steven Spielberg and Peter the biggest movie of all time. Scrooge (plus all the ghosts) in popping movie to date (and Jackson team up, it’s wise to Watch its space-age wizardry this high-tech re-imagining of that’s saying something) saw pay attention. Their adaptations at home as it was intended to the classic Yuletide tale. With him embrace not just CGI but of Hergé’s adventure series be seen — in stunning 3D. 3D glasses donned, you can 3D. Watch it with specs on for will see the boy detective CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF create a blizzard in your living optimal effect and a Cheshire roaming the globe in what’s MEATBALLS (2009) One of room at any time of the year. Cat in your face. bound to be mind-blowing 3D. the funniest animated comedies CLASH OF THE TITANS (2010) TOY STORY 3 (2010) Pixar’s STREETDANCE 3D (2010) for years, it’s also one of the Rampaging Gorgons, giant first properly 3D movie (Up was Friends round at yours? Feeling best for 3D, with meteorological scorpion beasts and the mother converted mid-way through energetic? Soon you’ll be able phenomena including spaghetti of all sea-monsters. This 3D production), this is bound to put on this, Britain’s first 3D twisters, meatball storms and update of the 1981 creature to be visually blissful. Who movie, and show off your ice-cream snow bursting out feature will turn your house into doesn’t want to see a digitally breakin’, poppin’ and lockin’ of the screen. a mythical menagerie. dimensionalised Slinky Dog? skills. Or skillz. sony bravia and empire A through-the-brand execution for Sony to launch their newest Bravia TV, a flagship for the brand as it was Sony’s first foray into internet-enabled and 3D TV. The campaign was a combination of sponsorship of an 2010 empire Award (Best film), presence for the TV at the pre-Awards drinks reception and a three-page bespoke feature shot and directed by the empire design team. The Best film award was won by Avatar and collected by Sam worthington at a prestigious event held at the Grosvenor house. Over 400 guests were able to see and play with the TV at the pre-Awards drinks reception. The empire imagery for the advertorial was used by Sony to push the launch outside of the brand and a competition to win the TV generated over 10,000 entries. The UK’s most influential brands
  12. 12. CASe STuDieS Empire promotion Jameson Cult Film the winner: moon (2009) Club St. Patrick’s Day screening blasts off to Duncan Jones’ Moon To dATe, The JAMeson culT FilM club hAs orgAnised screenings oF horror FilMs in A sPookY chAPel, showcAsed sPinAl TAP in The legendArY clAPhAM grAnd, And oFFered The besT oF boYle in edgily hip Shoreditch, as well as brought you competitions, features, reviews and more. But, as you’d expect, they’ve surpassed themselves for the St. Patrick’s Day science-fiction screening, set to be held in the spectacular surroundings of London’s Royal Institution — where the famous Christmas lectures take place every December, and where scientists, explorers and thinkers have met and argued and changed the world for over 200 years. It’s the first time such an event has taken place there, and the audience’s destination will, appropriately, be the moon. Or at least, Duncan Jones’ Moon, starring Sam Rockwell as a lone astronaut on a remote lunar base. Sounds fun? Well, pat yourself on the back, Duncan Jones’ brilliant debut film crept up on everyone to go home. Is he going mad, or is something more because it was Jameson Cult Film Club members last year and met with a flood of acclaim — culminating in sinister at work? With an astonishing double who voted for their sci-fi choice and decided on a BAFTA nomination for Outstanding British Film, plus a performance from Sam Rockwell in the main role, and Moon — a movie, after all, that keeps the ‘science’ nod for Jones himself for Outstanding Debut By A British Kevin Spacey as the voice of his robot companion, this is in ‘science-fiction’. Jameson swung it so that Writer, Director Or Producer — and this vote now shows a quiet film that nevertheless echoes long after you’ve you’ll be watching it in the Institution’s beautiful that it’s also won over you, the discerning filmgoing seen it — the very definition of a cult movie. No wonder it theatre, and afterwards there’s an after-party public. It’s the story of a lone astronaut, stationed on the won out over strong competition from Donnie Darko and in the equally historic Library, where you can moon for three long years, who starts to doubt his sanity the original War Of The Worlds: this is at least as clever as tickle your tastebuds with a Jameson Irish after his own doppelgänger appears just before he’s due Darko and at least as thrilling as War. Mule and meet your fellow film fans. Everyone attending the screening gets two drink tokens for use before and during the screening, and another one for afterwards. Hey! It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so this is a quiet film that nevertheless it’s practically the law that you must have a good time. See below for details on how to get a ticket. echoes long after you’ve seen it... Empire promotion Join Jameson cult film club online... Empire and Jameson team up to bring the staR WaRs pRovokes The screening To apply for tickets to this fantastic event, head no doubt know by now, it wouldn’t be a Jameson cutting-edge world event without a hell of a party to go alongside all devotion, But it is NONE OF THE FILms OR aRTIsTs FEaTURED ENDORsE JamEsON. to jamesoncultfilmclub.com, where you’ll find all the details you’ll need to claim your place at the the cult entertainment. This particular shindig’s ultra-cool headline refreshment will be the of cult movies to life too populaR to Be a cult film... screening on March 17. But that’s not all: by signing up Jameson Irish Mule, the tasty cocktail invented by to the site and becoming a member of the Jameson former Lab Bar mixologists Ed McAvoy and John Cult Film Club, you’ll get all the latest information Gakura. Created in London in 2003, with itsIf you love fIlm — truly love mix of about other great screenings and competitions that Jameson, ginger beer, Angostura bitters and a dash— then at some stage In your fIlm will be happening this year. movIe-goIng lIfe you wIll enter of lime, the Irish Mule offers the perfect blend of sophistication and spice to sample alongside yourworld of cult fIlm — a the PArTY TiMe twIlIght zone of movIe magIc sci-fi. You might say the Jameson Irish Mule is Of course, there’s more to the St. Patrick’s everything a cocktail should be: simple to make anything and everything goes. What’s where Day screening of Moon than just a film. As you’ll and even easier to drink. special about the cult film genre is that cult is a label that can only be bestowed by the public. It is not the studios. It is not the high-minded apply for your ticket at www.Jamesoncultfilmclub.com that decides critics. It is the passion of film fans to rally around a film, debating it endlessly, quoting its dialogue, copying its dress sense or world view, or , in the case of The Rocky ENJOY JamEsON REsPONsIBLY Horror Picture Show, interacting with it as it plays. It is this communal atmosphere that makes watching a cult movie so exciting: it is an experience that just has to be shared. But it is one thing to watch a cult movie in It’s a topIc guaranteed to Runner); they can also be so bad they are a plush, newly refurbished multiplex or on DVD, detonate an argument between good (Showgirls); they often explode genres surrounded by creature comforts in your own fIlm fans: what actually makes by combining them (Donnie Darko); they home. It’s a completely different experience to a cult fIlm? to earn the badge transgress taboos and filmmaking norms of honour of a cult movIe, a fIlmTHE WORLD’S watch your favourite cult movie in a location (Pink Flamingos); and they boast dialogue so and atmosphere that make you feel that you has to provoke fierce devotion amongst quotable or a dress sense so delicious that they have stepped into the world of the film. This is a small band of like-minded people (Star Wars make you want to become or ape the characters where Jameson Cult Film Club comes in. provokes devotion, but it is too popular to be (The Rocky Horror Picture Show, This Is SpinalbiggEST mOviE Over the next few months, Jameson Cult Film a cult). Often they are films that have failed on Tap, Reservoir Dogs). However you define it, Club gives you the chance to sample some of their initial release, only to be rediscovered by cult films provoke passion. And here are the cult the funniest, craziest, scariest, most challenging fans (The Blues Brothers); they create their own classics that the Empire staff will watch again. films around, in surroundings that will blur the worlds that viewers want to inhabit (Blade And again. And again.magazinE boundaries between the cinema seat and the action on-screen. It is a unique, immersive film- going experience that, for any real movie fan, will make one thing abundantly clear: you enteR a tWilight zone of movie magic haven’t really seen a film until you’ve seen it at Jameson Cult Film Club. WheRe anything and eveRything goes. Withnail & i (1987) Blade RunneR (1982) eRaseRhead (1977) “the greatest film about friendship ever made, “It could be the paranoid genius of sci-fi author Philip “David Lynch’s debut is the closest cinema has ever with Richard E. Grant exceptional as the titular K. Dick. It could be Ridley Scott’s vision of a dark future come to recreating the twisted logic of a nightmare. foul-mouthed, booze-drenched thesp. His railings- layered with the past. It could be Rutger Hauer’s elegy a mutant baby, a bleeding chicken and a women who in-the-rain rendition of Hamlet is one of cinema’s to lost memories of C-Beams and attack ships. But lives behind a radiator are just some of the ingredients purest heartbreakers.” something about Blade Runner never, ever leaves me.” in the most bonkers 89 minutes you will ever see.” nEv PIERCE, EDItoR at LaRGE Ian natHan, ExECutIvE EDItoR Ian FREER, aSSIStant EDItoR Jameson and empire Jameson launched their Cult film screening programme in 2008 with the aim of targeting 25-34 year old ABC1 men. empire was the natural partner for this campaign, as they strove to build a strong brand association between Jameson and an authority on film. The empire approach was to give the drink further inspiration and personality, thus reinforcing its link to film in press. This was executed through 12 advertorials, designed and written by the empire team explaining Cult film. The media elements to the campaign supported a series of screenings. each film screened in an environment that would in some way relate to the content of the film, with a final screening at the Royal institution for Duncan Jones’ BAfTA-winning film, Moon Over 2000 people attended Cult film screenings in 2009 thanks to this activity, recruited from empire as the sole media partner. The online voting delivered 1.2million page impressions in a 2 week period, with some of the highest click through rates achieved across the whole of 2009. The UK’s most influential brands
  13. 13. BuSiNeSS AD SCheDuLe COPY COvER DaTE On SaLE DEaDLinE feb 2011 04 Jan 2011 10 dec 2010 march 2011 03 feb 2011 13 Jan 2011 april 2011 03 march 2011 10 feb 2011 may 2011 05 april 2011 15 march 2011 June 2011 05 may 2011 11 april 2011 July 2011 02 June 2011 11 may 2011 aug 2011 07 Jul 2011 16 June 2011 sep 2011 04 aug 2011 14 July 2011 oct 2011 01 sept 2011 10 aug 2011 nov 2011 06 oct 2011 15 sept 2011 dec 2011 03 nov 2011 13 oct 2011THE WORLD’S Jan 2012 01 dec 2011 10 nov 2011biggEST mOviEmagazinE AD SPeCS HaLF PagE HaLF PagE FULL PagE vERTiCaL HORizOnTaL trim 285 x 220 trim 285 x 108 trim 142 x 220 bleed 291 x 226 bleed 291 x 114 bleed 148 x 226 type 265 x 200 type 265 x 93 type 132 x 200 ADVeRTiSiNG RATeS DiSPLaY FULL PagE FH £8,476 PRODUCTiOn FULL PagE ROP £7,705 SUPPLiED imagES £2,000 net HaLF PagE £4,238 PHOTOSHOOT £3,000 net ibC/ObC £10,016 DPS FH £16,104 inSERTS DPS ROP £14,640 bOUnD-in £65 per ’000 TiP-On £65 per ’000 aDvERTORiaLS LOOSE inSERT £45 per ’000 FULL PagE £10,017 DPS £16,104 HaLF PagE £5,509 The UK’s most influential brands
  14. 14. CONTACT EDiTORiaL TEam editor-in-Chief eXeCutive editor mark Dinning ian nathan assistant editor editorial assistant ian Freer Lucy Quick 0207 182 8781 aDvERTiSing head of assoCiate media magazines direCtor abby Carvosso Fiona Senior brand filmTHE WORLD’S direCtor managerbiggEST mOviE Rob Walsh Ethan HallmagazinE 0207 295 8591 0207 208 3702 games & lives Consumer senior eXeCutive sales eXeCutive irfan Khan Stefanie Feldman 0207 295 8560 0207 295 5483 musiC aCCount media manager planner martin bojtos Joel Hopkins 0207 295 5427 0207 295 5474 Creative solutions Creative solutions eXeCutive direCtor Lauren Shrigley mark Stephens 0207 295 6721 0207 295 8589 PRODUCTiOn CLaSSiFiED bob Soper Karen gardiner 0207 182 8068 01733 468539 REgiOnaL SaLES OFFiCE LOOSE inSERTS media sales Howard Foster networK 0161 877 7455 graham Roby 0161 874 5757 The UK’s most influential brands