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How to choose the perfect organic bamboo bedding


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To buy bamboo bedding that meets these high standards, check out Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and comforters today!

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How to choose the perfect organic bamboo bedding

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  2. 2. 855-222-2699 • How to Choose the Perfect Organic Bamboo Bedding • After reading Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets Keep Germs out of Your Bed, you know all about the health benefits of organic bamboo bedding and you’re so excited to buy a new set of organic bamboo bedding. Yet, how do you know which organic bamboo bedding set to buy? There are so many options out there and it can be a little overwhelming. • However, we’re here to help you choose the perfect organic bamboo bedding for you. This guide will answer all of your questions about organic bamboo bedding such as should you buy 100% bamboo bedding or a bamboo blend? What quality of bamboo should you buy? You will have the answers to these questions and more by the time you finish reading this article.
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  4. 4. 855-222-2699 • 100% Bamboo or Bamboo Blends? • Most companies only offer bamboo blends instead of 100% organic bamboo bedding. These blends are often bamboo-cotton blends. While bamboo-cotton blends are cheaper, 100% bamboo will give you the full benefits bamboo has to offer. • For example, 100% bamboo sheets, like Cozy Earth bamboo sheets, wick moisture away twice as fast as cotton. This reduces the humidity and makes your bed more comfortable despite extreme temperatures. The reduced humidity also makes your bed less hospitable to bacteria and dust mites, creating a healthier sleeping environment for you. • Bamboo-cotton blends significantly reduce these beneficial effects so if you want optimal comfort and health from your bedding, choose 100% bamboo over bamboo blends.
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  6. 6. 855-222-2699 • Quality of Bamboo • In addition to the importance of choosing 100% bamboo, the quality of the bamboo is also an important factor. You want premium bamboo in your organic bamboo bedding. Lower grades of bamboo won’t be as soft and comfortable as organic bamboo bedding made from premium bamboo. • Also, premium bamboo only includes the long strands produced by bamboo. Long- strand bamboo threads are less likely to pill and tear than lower quality bamboo or cotton fabrics. By buying premium bamboo, your organic bamboo bedding is more durable and will last for years to come.
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  8. 8. 855-222-2699 • Dyes and Harsh Chemicals • When shopping for organic bamboo bedding, you want to avoid any bedding that has been dyed. Bamboo is naturally unabsorbent so harsh chemicals must be used to alter the bamboo and force it to absorb the dye. By altering the bamboo, these companies negate many of the organic qualities you’re looking for when you buy organic bamboo bedding. • Instead, look for organic bamboo bedding from a company that guarantees it never uses harsh chemicals and dyes. Without the residue of these harsh chemicals, you can breathe easier and get a better night’s sleep with organic bamboo bedding.
  9. 9. 855-222-2699 • Conclusion • To find the perfect organic bamboo bedding, look for bedding that is made from 100% premium bamboo and has never been treated with harsh chemicals or dyes. By buying this high-quality bamboo bedding, you will ensure that your bamboo bedding is the softest, most comfortable, and has the most health benefits than any other bedding on the market. • To buy bamboo bedding that meets these high standards, check out Cozy Earth bamboo sheets and comforters today!
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