Selling Digital sponsorship: 7 ways to demonstrate value


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Many sports teams need help selling digital assets within sponsor programs. I used these slides to illustrate points in a talk I gave at NBA sales meetings in Oct 2012. If your team needs help capturing revenue from digital, drop me a line. I can help:

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  • Teams sellers are not digital experts, but neither are most sponsors. Sponsors need sellers to show them how to utilize digitalSelling is a craft, and salesmanship is needed to change sponsor behavior
  • Sponsorship think arena and they get emotional = bigger investment,higher profit margin for teamSponsors think of digital as media, which is a logical purchase – lower profit marginIrony – team websites are largest fan channel, so logically they should command biggest dollars – but they don’t.We must integrate digital into sponsorship
  • If sponsor wants to reach heart of sports fan, it has to go through digital (not just broadcast or arena)
  • Reach more fans more often
  • Arenas are fantastic experience environmentsBut games are small portion of fan’s time / attentionFans engage more hours via digital than in-personSponsors need a digital component or risk lost opportunity
  • Simple supply and demand. Team websites have fewer visitors than metro daily sites, but team sites are 100% team content, 90% fans of team, safe most effective context for sponsors to activate.
  • Don’t quote traffic figures without emphasizing that numbers represent FANS – which is who sponsor wants to reach
  • Bringing it together – team’s job is to understand fan motivators and help sponsors leverage fan understanding to drive sponsor goals.
  • Most sponsors run product ads in team media (banners, pre-rolls). Big mistake. Waste of opportunity.
  • Simplest way to sell digital is to correlate with traditional.Show sponsors how their existing sponsorship goals can be supported by digital
  • Sellers need to get over their fears of selling digital. Sponsors need info and help…and sponsors will be more effective with smart digital components in their deals.
  • Selling Digital sponsorship: 7 ways to demonstrate value

    1. 7 Ways to Demonstrate Value Pat Coyle
    2. How Do You Sell Digital?I suggest the Merlot. It is complex, and fruity… You want fries with that?
    3. #1 Understand that Sponsors Think & FEELSponsorship Media $
    4. #2 Re-Position DigitalSponsor TV Radio brand Arena Digital Web Social Mobile Fan Digital is important to fans It is important to sponsors too
    5. #3 Know Your Numbers – but explain benefits: Reach & Frequency
    6. Only Digital does ALL this - EVERY DAY 1. Reach fans at home 2. Reach fans at work 3. Reach fans on vacation 4. Reach fans before, during and after games 5. Reach fans 24/7/365 8,400 6. Allow fans to click, register, buyCan you afford to leave digital out of sponsorship? 7. Allow fans to share with ALL their online friends
    7. #4 Flip the script – sell quality over quantity Metro Daily Unique Visitors Website4,500,0004,000,0003,500,0003,000,0002,500,0002,000,0001,500,000 Team1,000,000 500,000 Website 0 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12
    8. #5 Bring Numbers To Life – with fan faces 2.6 million Annual Unique FANS (web) (5,000 FANS per day, every day)! 100K Opt-in FANS via E mail 500K Facebook FAN likes 165,000 Twitter FAN followers
    9. #6 Teach Partners How to Activate - digitally • Fans want: • Sponsors want: – Camaraderie – Attention – Recognition – Consideration Digital – Access – Action ActivationTeam wins by helping (both) sponsors and fans get what they want…
    10. #6 (con’t) Manage expectations - measure results What’s missing? - co-branding (sponsorship) - relevance (to fans) - call to action (in context)
    11. #7: Sell 360-Degree Experience Arena DigitalSignage Branding Sponsor SectionsPromotions Call to Action Banners, Landing PagesScore board Multi media Video PlayerPA Announcement Push Message E mail, Social, SMS
    12. Remember, your clients need digitalContact:Pat Coylepat@coylemedia.com317-332-7878