Christmas ad analysis


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A lesson used to discuss propaganda techniques in Christmas commercials for 6th grade.

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Christmas ad analysis

  1. 1. ChristmasCommercialism Palmetto Middle Mrs. Cox
  2. 2. Retail Alphabet
  3. 3. Think about…• Who creates commercials and for what purpose?• What techniques do the creators use to make a product appealing? How do they know who might be their "target audience”?• How do advertisers determine which television shows to buy time within to show the ad?• How are camerawork, lighting, music, editing used to tell the story?• How do I feel after seeing a commercial? How does it appeal to my emotions?
  4. 4. Advertising & Propaganda Techniques• Bandwagon -- The consumer is persuaded to “follow the crowd” rather than to use “evidence” to justify a choice.• Plain Folks – When an advertiser implies that the product is a great value for everyday, “plain folks.”• Testimonial – When an advertiser connects a famous or respectable person with a product through the use of quotations or endorsements from that person.• Fear- Using a product to solve something you worry about, like bad breath.• Name Calling- The use of derogatory language or words that carry a negative connotation when describing an enemy.
  5. 5. Be Ad AwareAD What company is What does the What is the ad responsible for the ad say or trying to get ad? suggest about you to buy, the product? do, or think?123456
  6. 6. Name That Jingle• Do the Dew• Have it your way.• Need a moment.• Zoom, zoom.• I’m loving it.• Eat fresh.• Open happiness.• Let’s build something together.• Refresh everything.• Drive one.• Taste the rainbow.• It’s way better than fast food.• A simpler way to ship.• Moving forward k-12/articles/39189.aspx